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Rings Of Fate

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Two-Dollar Green Lanterns". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: When two dormant Green Lantern rings are sold for two dollars at Ethan's, life in Sunnydale won't be the same. Response to Challenge 3146.

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DC Universe > Green LanternRubyPaladinFR13510,89323920,5076 May 096 Jun 09Yes



Chapter Three


Drusilla woke up on Zamaron in shock. Not the shock of waking up on a planet over 1,398 sectors away, but that the fact that her heart was now beating. Actual tears, not blood tears, fell from her eyes as she realized that the violet ring had done what many had thought was impossible.

“Not impossible.” A voice said from behind her.

Drusilla turned to see a very regal looking woman standing there smiling at her. From what she could tell about the woman, she appeared to be showing the love a mother would have for her child.

“But very difficult.” She continued. “It was hard work that required us to bring you to Zamaron and we combined our power to not only release you from the demon but to restore your soul and your life. The combined powers of your new sisters surprised even me.”

“Thank you.” Drusilla said.

Queen Aga’po watched as anger coursed through the new Star Sapphire. Drusilla’s power ring sparked with energy and the ring seemed to automatically begin to holographically render her more horrific memories from when Angelus had driven her crazy before turning her into a vampire.

“I know what thoughts you are thinking about, child.” Aga’po said. “Remember, all we ask is that you follow your heart.”

Drusilla smiled. “I just hope that the Key’s ray of emerald light doesn’t stop me.”

“The Key?” The queen asked.

Buffy was fuming at Xander when her mother and her sister walked into the library. It was when they claimed they knew what happened was when she went off.

“How could you, Xander?” Buffy asked. “How could you tell them about me being the Slayer and the patrols and the vampires and all the evil and demonic things that would just love to disembowel me and wear my guts?”

Buffy was almost in tears and continued the ranting and the raving until Dawn managed to cut her off.

“Buffy, Xander literally ran into us last night when he was battling that Sinestro Corps alien.” Dawn exclaimed. “Why do you think Mom’s driving a rental?”

“You seem to have stuck your foot in your mouth, Buffy.” Giles informed her. “I believe you owe Xander an apology.”

“But he put my mom and Dawn in danger.” Buffy said trying to argue with her Watcher.

“And had he not defeated that Sinestro Corpsman, many more people would have been killed.” Giles told the slayer.

“Sorry, Xander.” Buffy said.

Xander shrugged. “It’s alright, Buffy.” He said. “Just as long as nothing else happens till I at least get a good night’s sleep.”


Everyone in the library ran outside to see a group of violet-clad women step through a boom tube. Xander stepped ahead of the group and his ring informed him of who they were as well as who the tall alien woman wearing the funny looking helmet who was with them.

“Your highness, what do we owe the pleasure of your visit?” Xander asked not wanting to annoy the Queen of the Zamarons.

“Green Lantern,” Aga’po said. “We are here to assist my newest daughter in having her revenge against the vampire known as Angelus.”

Buffy then ran right up into the face of Queen Aga’po which horrified Xander. The Queen was surprising calm until Buffy opened up her mouth.

“You and your purple sluts aren’t going anywhere near Angel!” She yelled in the Queen’s face. “I love him and I’m not going to let some violet bimbos hurt him!”

When Xander saw the flash of violet, he had thought he was too late but thankfully Oz was quicker as the other rookie Green Lantern yanked Buffy out of the violet blast that came from one of the Star Sapphires. He quickly formed his uniform as did Oz and Willow and shouts were made for everyone to get out. Cordelia, however, had reacted using her newly endowed Amazonian abilities by ducking a blast from one of the Sapphires before laying a haymaker of a punch into her jaw. Remembering from the news when he seen footage of Wonder Woman wearing a golden suit of armor, Xander fired a beam of emerald energy that enveloped her. Emerald Amazonian armor formed around her and the May Queen gave him a confused look.

“If you’re so damned intent on fighting them, I have to at least help level the playing field.” Xander said. “The armor works just like my ring. All you need is willpower.”

Cordelia formed a sword in her right hand and flew into the air after another Sapphire. She leveled the alien woman to the ground. Etrigan tried to attack one of the Sapphires but the clever girl bound him using an iron streetlight.

“Just one of those days.” Xander said as he dodged another attack.

Angel walked over to the door and opened it to see someone he hadn’t expect to see in the light of day. Drusilla fired a beam of violet energy into his chest which hurled him against the wall. It wasn’t enough to kill him but it did hurt like hell. He looked to get a better look at her and saw she was in a skintight violet uniform with some kind of star symbol on her chest. She also had some kind of crown on her head as well and as he watched her, he quickly became nervous about her laughing.

“Isn’t this a fun game, Angel.” She said. “You cowering on the floor like a pathetic waste of flesh looking at the very thing that would kill you. It must be quite frightening.”

With that, she fired a violet stake construct into his right ankle. The vampire screamed in pain and Drusilla laughed. Angel stared up at her with his game face on because of the pain. He reached down and yanked the construct out of his ankle and tried to attack her with it only for it to vanish in his hand. For his trouble, another violet construct stake was quickly embedded in his other ankle.

“Don’t you know anything?” She asked. “That was my construct powered by the love I sent to it.”

She fired a pair of arrow constructs into each of the master vampire’s hands. Angel growled in pain and Drusilla laughed at the sight.

“Now you have some idea on how I felt that night when you turned me into a bloodsucking monster.” Dru said before firing another arrow construct into his left arm. “You turned me into something that has no right to exist.” Another arrow construct hit his left arm. “You honestly think that you can redeem yourself for what you did when you didn’t have a soul. Such a pitiful creature you are, blind to the truth.”

“What truth?” He asked trying to keep her talking.

“You can’t redeem a demon.” She said. “You could save every living soul in the universe but you’ll always be damned for what you did. All the gypsy curse did was torture a soul and yank it from its eternal resting place. Had they merely tried to merge the demon with your soul, you may have had a chance but no now.”

Drusilla then did something that surprised even him. She knelt down and grabbed his right hand after dissipating the arrow constructs and placed the hand over her heart. His eyes widened as he felt the beat of her heart.

“How?” He asked with the question.

“Love conquers all, Angel.” She said. “My sisters helped do what many would think was impossible and know I shall take one of my new sisters’ advice.”

“That is?” Angel asked.

“I’m going to ‘forgive’ you.” She informed him.

Oz formed a barrier around himself as a trio of Star Sapphires fired energy beams at him. He tried to attack when he could but the violet women were truly a force to be reckoned with. Willow wasn’t having that great of luck either as her constructs mainly focused on her target’s psychosis rather than her own. The only two Sunnydale residents that had been effected by Ethan Rayne’s spell were Xander and Cordelia. The way Xander was battling made the guitarist think that the Green Lantern who had possessed him last night had left more behind than an active ring. Cordelia seemed to have inherited Wonder Woman’s abilities and using that in combination with the armor that Xander had made with his ring, she was holding her own against the alien women. After dodging a blast from one of the Sapphires, he saw Queen Aga’po staring at Buffy’s little sister who was running away from the battle.

“This can’t be good.” He said to himself as he tried to keep up his defense.

Aga’po stared at the human girl before realizing what exactly she was. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing but she wasn’t mistaken. She remembered what Krona had used in order to view the beginning of the universe and somehow it had manifested in a young human female.

How could the Guardians be this stupid? She thought. Leaving Krona’s Key on this planet unguarded on a dimensional tear, what were they thinking?

“Fatality, bring me that little girl.” Aga’po ordered.

Fatality flew towards the little girl that the queen indicated. She grabbed the girl and backhanded the blonde teenager through a wall. The mother of the two girls found herself wrapped in violet chains as she fell to the ground.

“BUFFY!” The girl yelled. “MOM!”

Fatality turned to see the clearly more experienced Green Lantern fly at her before he was blind sided by a trio of violet beams from Carol, Miri, and Drusilla. The beams formed into chains as the Green Lantern was forced unconscious and Queen Aga’po walked over to Drusilla.

“You’re from this town.” She said to Drusilla. “How long has this one been a Green Lantern?”

“Kitten has just became one last night.” Dru informed her.

Carol began to shake her head. “That’s not possible.” She contradicted. “Some of what I’ve seen him do reminded me of what I’ve seen some of the Green Lantern Honor Guard do. He can’t be that good and only been a Green Lantern for a day.”

“But it’s true, Big Sister.” Drusilla pleaded with her. “My Kitten only became a Green Lantern because of the bad man who cast the spell.”

“This bears further investigation.” Queen Aga’po said. “Come, we return to Zamaron with both the Green Lantern and Krona’s Key.”

Dru latched onto Xander’s chains with a violet beam and he floated behind her. The Star Sapphires gathered as Miri pulled out a Mother Box. Oz, Willow, and Cordelia flew to the ground.

“Hey!” Cordelia shouted. “The only way you’re leaving here is over us!”

Carol laughed. “Don’t you know anything?” She asked. The Star Sapphires pointed their rings at the trio. “Love conquers all—WITH VIOLET LIGHT!!!!!!”

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