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Rings Of Fate

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Two-Dollar Green Lanterns". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: When two dormant Green Lantern rings are sold for two dollars at Ethan's, life in Sunnydale won't be the same. Response to Challenge 3146.

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DC Universe > Green LanternRubyPaladinFR13510,89323920,5146 May 096 Jun 09Yes

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Fate of Love


Chapter Four

Fate Of Love

“The entire attack lasted only a matter of minutes.” Batman informed them as he tried to land the Javelin. “We only received scattered reports but it appears to be the work of the Star Sapphires.”

Diana, otherwise known as Wonder Woman, was staring out onto the town with an unshakable feeling of deja vu. Granted, this town looked no different that any she’d ever seen but she couldn’t shake the feeling that she’d been here before.

“What is it about this town?” She asked herself. “I feel like I’ve been here before.”

“According to Doctor Fate, this town was built on an active Hellmouth.” Batman began to explain before he was interrupted by the Amazonian princess.

“You mean that there is a Mouth of Tartarus with a town built over it.” Diana exclaimed not believing what she was hearing. “Do you realize how dangerous this town is?”

“Com’n Diana, we’re the Justice League of America.” Wally said from his chair. “What could possibly be down there that could be dangerous to us?”

“Vampires, werewolves, succuba, demons of every shape size and color can be found on a Mouth of Tartarus.” She explained. “The death rate of this town would make Gotham City look like Mayberry.”

Wally’s eyes widened from this bit of information. “If that’s true, who’s making sure that people down there don’t become an all-you-can-eat buffet?” He asked.

“According to John, Kyle, and Guy, a pair of Green Lanterns and a Blue Lantern as well as a girl who appears to share the very same gifts you possess, Diana.” Batman answered him.

“How could that be possible?” Diana asked.

“Again according Doctor Fate, a Chaos Mage cast a spell on the Halloween costumes in his shop.” Batman explained. “The spell transformed those who purchased their costumes from his shop into their costumes.”

“So it wasn’t a dream.” Diana said with a hint of realization.

“Dream?” Wally asked.

“Last night, I had dreamt I was in someone else’s body.” Diana explained. “I was fighting against demons at night in a suburb when I was assisted by a furry beast. A human Green Lantern appeared and defeated the beast and we were soon forced to help find a ‘friend’ that had ran out into that chaotic night. We ended up facing off against a master vampire but then I woke up.”

“It must have been when the spell ended.” Batman said. “We’ve landed.”

Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Steel, and Red Tornado exited the craft and proceeded to help with recovery efforts. Diana walked over to a destroyed building to see an emerald gauntlet emerge from the rubble. The gauntlet glowed with what the Amazon Princess thought reminded her of the same energy given off by the Green Lantern’s ring. A blast erupted from the gauntlet hurtling the debris away. The only thing that protected the Justice Leaguers was an emerald force field that formed around them.

“Cordelia!” Oz yelled.

The dust cleared and Diana saw a young woman clad in emerald armor quite similar to her more formal battle armor. She could see Wally’s eyes widen with a look that seemed to scream that the scarlet speedster was freaking a bit out. The young brunette woman seemed rather enraged at those who had attacked her. If this was the same girl that she had possessed last night, then Diana knew just how to handle this.

Stand down!” Diana ordered, speaking to the girl in Themysciran.

This seemed to snap the girl out of her rage and the girl seemed a bit embarrassed by how she had been acting.

I’m sorry, Princess.” The girl said looking a bit mystified. “How in the hell do I know this language?”

It could be that I was using your body last night because of the chaos mage’s spell.” Diana replied. “What happened?”

We were in the library discussing the events that had occurred last night.” Cordelia said to her. “We then heard a boom tube open up and we rushed outside to see who approached to find the Star Sapphires had used the boom tube to arrive.”

How many were there?” Diana asked.

All of them, I think.” Cordelia said. “Xander approached Queen Aga’po with a great deal of grace and dignity to how he treated her. Then, Drusilla, a female vampire who the Zamarons somehow made human, appeared and announced her plan to get her revenge on Angel, another vampire who’s also in love with Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

Cordelia pointed over to the wall where Buffy was being helped up by Red Tornado. Diana couldn’t understand how a vampire could love anyone but then she thought that she’d seen a few stranger things since she’d joined the League.

When those plans were revealed, Buffy revealed the extent of her stupidity by getting into the face of the Queen and acted like just because she was the Slayer that people should always do what she said. Fortunately, Oz managed to get her out of the way before Buffy was attacked. Xander made this armor with his ring and he, Oz, Willow, and I tried to fight them off. Then, Queen Aga’po kidnaped Buffy’s little sister and Xander tried to rescue her only to be captured as well. We tried to stop them but they were too much for us.” Cordelia said to the Princess.

“Do not blame yourself.” Diana said to her switching back to English. “You did what you could.”

“I just hope Xander is figuring out someway to get himself out of this mess.” Cordelia replied.

Queen Aga’po couldn’t believe the memories she had gleaned from the young human’s mind. When she tried to get a sense of his radiance in the emotional spectrum, she had almost been blinded. Normally, sentient beings tended to radiate in a specific spectrum. Having a power ring tended to focus a person’s radiance into a specific wavelength. The teenage Green Lantern however radiated in all the aspects of the spectrum. The Zamaron Queen could see the green, red, blue, yellow, indigo, love, and a little orange in his radiance. Everyone of these wavelengths tried to fight for dominance over the other but to no avail. This was inconceivable to every theory about the wavelength that they had but the young human was the very proof of it.

“Did you have to take my pants?” The young human asked.

“Did you have to take my pants?” Xander asked.

He had woken up to find himself shackled to a violet crystalline wall. Checking himself over the best he could, he found that he was in a situation that only one Captain James Tiberius Kirk could find himself in. Hearing a giggle, he looked over to see the source of the small outburst. A rather cute blue-skinned woman with red hair clad in the uniform of a Star Sapphire was the source of the rather pleasant noise.

“What’s your name?” He asked with a smile trying to at least cheer himself up given the circumstances.

Realizing that he had been referring to her, the woman seemed to stiffen up nervously. Xander smiled and decided to press the issue.

“Come on, tell me.” Xander said with a smirk. “If you don’t tell me, I’ll just make one up and I bet it won’t be as appealing as your real one.”

“Miri Riam.” She answered him.

“Lovely name.” He replied. “Name’s Xander Harris and now that the pleasantries are out of the way, where’s Dawn?”

“Who?” Miri asked a little confused.

“Little human girl about twelve years old that you kidnaped along with me back in Sunnyhell on Earth.” Xander explained.

Queen Aga’po walked into Xander’s cell. She was rather curious about the human and while probing his mind had provided some answers. Some answers could not be gained so easily.

“Why does it matter?” Aga’po asked. “What is she to you?”

Xander stared at the Queen pushing all thoughts of modesty aside. “It matters because no one messes with my girls.” He told the Zamaron Queen.

Fatality had been leaning against the wall and couldn’t help but laugh at the remark that the teenage Green Lantern had made.

“And what parameters would constitute being one of your girls?” She asked with a mocking tone to her voice.

“Being a woman that I care about who is also more powerful than I who I would die to protect.” Xander told her. “I don’t care what I’m facing but if it threatens the life of one of my girls, then I will fight it to save her from it.”

Aga’po could see a few tears running from the eyes of Miri as the memories of her late husband were brought forth by Xander’s words. The Zamaron Queen then focused her attention back on Xander.

“Much like you did when you forced the vampire named Angel to lead you down the tunnels to try to save Buffy’s life.” She said to him giving him an example of what he had done in the past.

“How did you know that?” He asked.

Aga’po tapped her head a couple of times to let him have an idea of how she knew. Xander’s eyes widened at the realization.

Mongul had gathered several of his “loyal” members of the Sinestro Corps above the planet, Zamaron. He knew of Sinestro attempting to rally the members loyal to him as well as the orders to rescue the captured members held by the Guardians of Oa and the Zamarons. With a gesture, he signaled the attack. The yellow clad ring bearers flew down into the planet’s atmosphere firing yellow energy beams towards the surface without any synchronization between any of them but that was okay because fear couldn’t be predicable.

“Love is for the weak.” He remarked before descending himself.

Drusilla ran over to where Kitten’s ring was being kept. The ring didn’t seem to happy to be where it was because it was bouncing against the sides of the violet field it was being kept behind. Ms. Edith had told her that without Kitten’s help, all of the lovely points of violet light would be snuffed out. This was not to say that she was insane but when you are stressed, you tend to cling to familiar concepts even if said concepts might make you appear to be insane. She pointed her ring towards the field and with a flash of violet, the field faded and the ring zoomed out towards its master.

“Good luck, Kitten.” She said.

Xander had been trying to will his ring to himself since the Queen and her Sapphires had ran off when the explosions began to be heard. It wasn’t easily as he wasn’t even sure if the Star Sapphires had left his ring intact but he knew he had to try. A bright green glow hit him suddenly almost blinding him before it subsided revealing his ring on his finger. Green construct bolt cutters snapped his shackles off and he landed on the floor.

“Now to find Dawn.” He said to himself.

Before he could reach the door to his cell, a Sinestro Corpsman appeared through it only to have a gladius construct shoved into his chest. The Sinestro collapsed to the floor as Xander frowned.

“Great, not more of these guys.” He said.

Xander ran down the hallway not exactly sure where he was going. Every time a Sinestro would pop their ugly head out, it got blasted off their shoulders. He wasn’t playing around and now he had to hurry otherwise Dawn might get caught in the crossfire. Xander ran out into what seemed like a “grand hall” type area of the palace to see Miri hunched over a broken column. Blood dripped from a cut on her lip and she seemed to be terrified. He knelt down to her.

“Miri, what’s wrong?” He asked her.

“It’s him.” She said. “The monster that killed my husband. I thought I could try to avenge him but I got so afraid that I...”

“Don’t worry about that.” Xander told her. “It’s only natural that you would be afraid. Go find Dawn and keep her safe.”

Xander turned and ran down the hallway. Miri thought she heard him saying something else as he ran off.

“No one hurts my girls.”

Mongul laughed as he entered the throne room. The Star Sapphires had been easily dispersed by his henchmen and he was going to move in for the kill on the Zamaron Queen. That was the plan until an emerald axe construct was embedded into the head of one of his henchmen. The alien warlord turned to see a Green Lantern moving through his henchmen like a hot knife through butter. This actually impressed him as he had always viewed the Green Lanterns as a group of sanctimonious ring bearers who tried to tell others how to live. Green Lanterns seemed to only go for the kill when necessary. Not this Green Lantern though, he was going straight for the kill. Even if he hated every Green Lantern that he had every came across, he had to respect this one for being willing to win the battle as quickly as possible. The obviously human Green Lantern flew across the room and landed between him and Queen Aga’po and her Star Sapphires.

“Star Sapphires, I suggest you protect your queen.” Xander said. “I will handle them.”

“Good luck, Xander.” Queen Aga’po said acknowledging his request.

Queen Aga’po and the Star Sapphires began to make their way out of the throne room via a rear entrance and Mongul seemed a bit infuriated by this. He took a step forward after counting how many Sinestro Corpsmen he had left.

“Hey Green Lantern!” He yelled. “Can’t you count? You’re outnumbered five to one.”

Xander smirked. “Then I guess you should get five more guys so that this could be an even fight.” He replied.

Mongul’s four remaining Sinestro Corpsmen charged the Green Lantern who somehow managed to destroy them in a quad blast of green energy. Mongul was even more impressed by this and charged at the Lantern who began to backpedal away from the raging brute. The alien warlord followed him dodging the foolish Green Lantern’s attacks as he did. It didn’t take long before the Green Lantern stopped.

“Why here, Green Lantern?” He asked a little curious.

“I just want to get far enough away so the my girls can escape.” Xander explained before a thought crossed his mind. Did I just say that?

“Noble.” Mongul said. “Foolish for they will die as well but still noble.”

“Not on my watch.” Xander said before he attacked again.

Mongul dodged the attack and elected to close the distance on the human leveling a punch into his chest sending the teenage Green Lantern hurtling through the air. The human roughly landed on the ground clutching his chest.

“Fuck, that hurt.” Xander exclaimed.

“Glad you approve.” Mongul said before firing a yellow energy blast at the human who hastily threw up a shield to protect himself.

Dawn could watch the battle that took place between Mongul and Xander from where she was in the Zamaron Palace. She knew only one thing then with absolute certainty. She would never forget the screams she heard when Mongul grabbed Xander by his right leg and hurled the teenage Green Lantern into the Zamaron Central Battery. She wasn’t sure if those screams where Xander’s own or hers.

Author’s End Notes: Ain’t I a stinker? Epilogue comes up next.
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