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Rings Of Fate

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Two-Dollar Green Lanterns". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: When two dormant Green Lantern rings are sold for two dollars at Ethan's, life in Sunnydale won't be the same. Response to Challenge 3146.

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DC Universe > Green LanternRubyPaladinFR13510,89323920,5936 May 096 Jun 09Yes

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15




Dawn held the power ring in her hand as she sat alone in her room. She knew exactly whose ring it was which only brought forth bad memories for her. This ring had flown from Xander to her before his death and automatically took her through space all the way home. The ring was one of the most powerful weapon in the universe and it was in her hands. Someone knocked on her door.

“Come in.” She said.

Arisia walked into the girl’s room and sat down on the bed next to the girl. Dawn had met her when she had returned to Sunnydale but she never had the chance to talk to her since then.

“Thinking about Xander?” Arisia asked.

“Every night since Zamaron.” Dawn replied.

After giving her a moment, Arisia said. “I was about your age when I first became a Green Lantern. I inherited the position from my father when he died. All my life I had dreamed of taking up the mantle of the Green Lantern of my home sector of 2815. But when the moment finally came, I was overwhelmed.”

“Why are you telling me this?” Dawn asked.

“Let me finish.” Arisia replied. “I met the cutest guy that I’d ever seen. He was a Green Lantern as well but he wouldn’t even give me the time of day. He was my Xander.”

“What did you do?” Dawn asked.

“I used my ring to will myself to how you see me now. Even then, he didn’t return my affections. At least, not for a while.” Arisia explained.

“Why are you telling me this?” Dawn asked with a tear beginning to roll down her right eye.

With a green tissue construct, Arisia wiped the tear off of Dawn’s cheek. “Because no one found Xander’s body.” Arisia told her. “First rule in this business, they’re not dead unless you find a body. Second rule, if there is no body then they were probably thrown into some other dimension.”

“You don’t know that for sure.” Dawn told her.

“You’re right, Dawn. I don’t but where are we without hope?” Arisia asked.

Dawn stood up and walked over to a window only to have her eyes widen as she saw what was out there. She spun around.

“Why is half the freaking Green Lantern Corps here?” Dawn asked.

Arisia smirked and stood up. “It isn’t exactly half the Corps.” She informed the teenager.

“Same question please.” Dawn said.

“They’re here because one of the Guardians wanted to explain a few things to your mother.” Arisia answered her.

“Explain what exactly to my mother?” Dawn asked.

“They want to ask you if you want to take up Xander’s ring as your own and...” Arisia said before Dawn interrupted her.

“Become a Green Lantern.” Dawn said finishing Arisia’s sentence.

Arisia nodded and they headed downstairs to see Joyce handing a steaming green mug to the male Guardian who was sitting down on the living room couch. Dawn looked over to see a human Green Lantern who’s uniform top looked more like a jacket almost cracking up laughing at the sight which Dawn began to smile as she too realized the humor. Her older sister seemed to be trying to stare down the Green Lanterns as if she was ready to fight at the drop of a hat.

“I will admit, Miss Summers, that there was an ulterior motive for my visit but it was also for Dawn’s protection.” The Guardian said to Joyce calmly. “I’ve come to ask your daughter if she would like to join the Green Lantern Corps.”

Buffy launched herself at the Guardian but she was halted as an emerald field of energy enveloped her before she was brought to the floor away from the Guardian. The Slayer turned to see who had done it to see Dawn pointing her right fist at her with the green power ring on the middle finger of that fist. The Guardian nodded at Dawn.

“Thank you, Dawn.” The Guardian said congratulating the girl.

“I’ll say.” The jacketed Green Lantern said. “Kid’s got a quick trigger finger.”

“Lantern Gardner, please let me continue.” The Guardian said before he continued. “Contrary to how you may feel, this isn’t your choice but your sister’s.”

“You got Xander killed and now you’re going to try to get my sister killed as well!” Buffy exclaimed.

“Buffy, if anyone is to blame for Xander’s death; it’s me.” Dawn said. “If the Star Sapphires hadn’t captured me, then Xander wouldn’t have been caught by them as well. If Xander hadn’t been caught, he wouldn’t have been killed by Mongul.”

“Besides, Dawn is better off with the Green Lantern Corps than on her own.” Arisia said to Joyce.

Joyce shot a glare at the Guardian that could have killed had the mother had that ability. The Guardian seemed to tense up from the glare and quickly answered the unspoken question.

“Lantern Arisia is correct.” The Guardian said. “On Zamaron, Dawn demonstrated the abilities to control the aspects of fear, love, and willpower. There may have some rage there but it wasn’t enough for the Red Lantern Corps to be alerted. Miss Summers, while joining the Green Lantern Corps is voluntary, both the Sinestro Corps and the Star Sapphires have been known to ‘draft’ members into their ranks. Queen Aga’po is quite fond of your daughter and would have been quite eager to have had her stay on Zamaron as a Star Sapphire. The Sinestro Corps would stick her in a pod and force her to witness her own fears before they psychologically and physically manipulate her into one of their own. I do not want this future for your daughter and I doubt you want that either. That is why I am offering her membership into the Corps.”

Joyce caught on to what the Guardian was saying. “But it sounds like you’re trying to force my daughter in anyway.” She informed the Guardian.

“Don’t take this the wrong way, Miss Summers, but if I so chose to, I could have my Lanterns take your daughter into protective custody back on Oa. There would be nothing anyone on this planet could do to stop me from doing this.” The Guardian said. “But I’m not going to. If Dawn agrees, Lantern Arisia will stay here and train her in the use of her ring so that Dawn will be able to become a Green Lantern.”

Buffy was about to say something to the Guardian when a green gag formed on her mouth. She glared at her sister who glared back at her.

“Buffy, I’m doing this.” Dawn informed her.


Spike tore Atrocious’ head off his body and chucked it into the lake of blood with a laugh. This demon/alien thing tried to think that he could tell the master vampire what to do but he was proven quite wrong. Spike turned to see the other Red Lanterns approach him and he shifted to his game face.

“Anyone have a problem with a change of leadership?” He asked.


Drusilla stared at the Zamaron Central Battery while she cradled a violet construct of Ms. Edith in her arms. Fatality stood next to her as the seemingly insane former vampire had said that something would be happening that would help all the Star Sapphires. She saw the doll construct fade away as Drusilla’s lips formed into a smile.

“Ms. Edith told me that my little emerald kitten would come back with violet fur.” Drusilla said to Fatality.

She was about to remark about how crazy this made her sound when energy crackled out of the Central Battery. The Zamarons and the remaining Star Sapphires were now gathering around to see the brightly violet figure emerge from the Battery. It was almost blinding to even look at the figure until Drusilla fired a beam of violet energy at the figure which caused it to assume the form of a medieval knight clad in violet full plate armor. The violet knight walked over to Queen Aga’po and went to his knees. His hands raised up towards the Zamaron Queen where a violet broadsword formed in his hands. Aga’po seemed a little confused.

“He’s offering his sword to you.” Carol explained. “I use to read stories about knights when I was little. He’s showing his loyalty by offering you his sword.

Aga’po took the offered sword from the knight as it dawned on her what might have happened that created the knight in the first place. This was something the Star Sapphires needed. This knight had the potential to be their Ion, their Parallax.

“Rise, Knight.” Aga’po said placing the sword back into the knight’s hands.

The knight rose to his feet and sheathed his sword. While the other Star Sapphires gathered around the knight with curiosity, Miri however flew away to see at a cliff to watch the sun set. She didn’t even realize she was followed until she heard the person talk.

“He meant it, you know.” Drusilla told her. “When he called you one of his girls, he really meant it.”

“But why do I feel like I did when my husband was killed?” Miri asked her. “I sent him against Mongul. I did that to him.”

“I know but I wonder about what the second round will be like.” Dru said as she walked away.

The End...

The End

You have reached the end of "Rings Of Fate". This story is complete.

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