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Baby Daddy

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Summary: Third time's the charm. Cordelia is pregnant after a one night stand with...Alec!

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The Happy Ending They Deserve

FFA 2009

Title: Baby Daddy

Chapter 10: The Happy Ending They Deserve

FFA response to Cordelia/Alec

Summary: Third time’s the charm. Cordelia is pregnant after a one-night stand with…Alec!

Disclaimer: This may get a little confusing if I forget to change the fandom information, so please be patient. None of these characters are mine, obviously BtVS/AtS is easy – Joss Whedon’s of course. Dark Angel – James Cameron

As always, thank you to MaraLiz for your lovely beta assistance!

Timeframe: Post-Season 5 AtS (Note: Cordelia didn’t die. When Connor killed Jasmine, Cordelia miraculously came out of her coma!); S2 DA (Note: The Pulse happened.)


It was two days after Benjamin Chase McDowell was born. He didn't have a birth certificate, a Social Security number, a tail or a barcode, but he did have two parents who would fight for his freedom and his happiness...if they ever had a full night's sleep again.

Alec woke at the first hint of unrest in his son. He always did. Other men might complain about getting up in the middle of the night to take care of their children, but he never would. He knew that there were so many reasons why he never should have had the opportunity. If any one of the events in his past had gone just a little bit differently, he knew there was a good likelihood that he wouldn't be standing there, lifting his baby out of the cradle Angel had made for them. In his bleaker moments he wondered if he and Max had actually followed orders and become breeding partners, if he would have even known it when his son or daughter walked past him at Manticore. He would never have to worry about that again, he realized as he cuddled Ben close.

Ben's whimper turned into a full-on cry after a moment and Alec went through his mental checklist: Ben had been fed, burped, and changed, and he didn't seem to be hurt anywhere, so Alec decided that he must be looking for comfort. His son was, after all, part-cat and the animal kingdom had a very different approach to child-rearing than humans did. He suspected his son simply didn't like being apart from his parents. In truth, Alec didn't blame him one bit.

Cordelia, exhausted from thirty-one hours of labor, began to stir, so he quickly moved into the next room with the crying infant so his mate could sleep. Even clearly pushed almost beyond her limit, she was still the most beautiful woman in the world to him. She had given him everything he never knew he needed and had promised him even more in the future. The least he could give her was a little bit more sleep, especially since Ben would need to nurse again in an hour or so.

"Shh...," Alec crooned to his newborn son. "You'll wake up Mommy and that is rarely a good thing."

He held his child close to his heart, hoping that Gem was right and Ben would be able to hear his heartbeat, even though he wasn't fully Transgenic. After a few minutes it seemed to work, Ben was calming down. His heart swelled as he realized that the baby in his arms was his little miracle.

Alec heard rustling behind him and realized that Cordelia had woken up after all. He continued to rock Ben in his arms as she came up beside them, pressing a kiss to Ben's head.

"You should sleep," Alec told her, even as he wrapped his free arm around her and pulled her into his shoulder.

"My family was too far away," Cordelia told him, tucking her head into his neck and breathing deeply.

Although he knew it wasn't really a physical reaction, the spot on his lip where she bit him in her claiming tingled and he, once again, felt the need to claim her in return. He pushed that instinct back, knowing that she wasn't healed yet from having given birth, and even if she was, he had no intention of putting his son down to act on that impulse anyway. He did wonder, though, if her comment and reaction meant that she had retained some of the feral properties she had been exhibiting while pregnant or if that, too, would dissipate over time. So far, she said she didn't feel any different, and Wesley thought it might be possible that Cordelia's some portion of her demon side still remained in a latent form and was able to connect on a primal level with his Transgenic side to form a permanent bond. Alec really hoped that was the case. He didn't know if they would ever marry—there seemed to be just as many reasons for it as against it—but he wanted her as his mate and he knew he would never create life with any other woman.

A soft snore interrupted his musings and he looked down to see Cordelia, once again fast asleep, against his chest. Not wanting to wake her again, he stood there and held his family as they slept, thinking that his Manticore training was finally good for something that he truly appreciated.

As time passed after Ben’s birth and they had settled in a comfortable routine.

"Is he asleep?" Alec asked as Cordelia stepped out of the bedroom, closing the door behind her.

She shook her head as she switched on the baby monitor. As soon as she did, he could hear the sounds of his son settling down for the night. Listening to Ben's baby babble always brought a smile to his face and he pulled Cordelia down onto his lap so they could listen together. Max had told him once that Ben used to tell her unit stories at night and it seemed that their Ben was continuing the tradition. Every night since he had started making sounds at the ripe old age of one month old, Ben held court with his captive audience of the various stuffed animals he had received. Every once in a while, he would giggle or squawk. Eventually, his 'story' would taper off and they would hear his regular deep sleep breathing take over.

Alec felt the most content that he had ever been in his life. He held Cordelia close as she curled up into his chest with her head nestled into his neck. Shortly after Ben finally fell asleep, he felt her soft breath shift across his skin and it sent a shiver through him. They had gotten the 'all clear' a couple of weeks ago, but having a newborn was actually much more work than he realized and taking care of their son had left Alec tired and Cordelia just plain exhausted most of the time. Now, he could feel the need to be with her—to claim her as she had claimed him—growing and he knew they couldn't wait much longer.

"I think I want a bath," Cordelia informed him, dragging her hand across his chest to catch in the collar of his shirt. He could feel the tip of her index finger tickling his skin and when he moved enough to look at her, she leaned up and kiss him deeply. He felt a growl rumble up from his chest when she asked, "Join me?"

He didn't answer her, but stood up, his Transgenic strength allowing him to lift her into the air easily. He didn't object when she shifted in his arms to wrap her legs around his waist. He could feel her heat through every layer of clothing that separated them and suddenly the bathroom was too far away.

"Bath later," he rumbled, turning and dropping them both down onto the couch again. This time he was lying on top of her and he reveled in the feel of her body flush against his. "I want you now."

It wasn't a question; her answer was already known. He had promised her a thorough claiming once their son was born and he had every intention of delivering on that promise immediately. Apparently, his mate agreed because she was already trying to pull his shirt up and over his head. With a little assistance from Alec, she succeeded and grinned at him wickedly as she leaned up and caught his lip in between her teeth, nipping at the place she had marked him as hers. Something primal in him snapped and all he could hear was blood rushing through his veins. It was a challenge; she was daring him to claim her as well.

Without regard to the buttons flying through the room, Alec took the ends of her shirt and yanked them apart to reveal his mate's full breasts. TC was lacking in certain amenities and special bras for lactating women was one of them, so it didn't surprise him that she hadn't put her bra back on after feeding Ben the last time. A small part of Alec thought the knowledge that his mate had just been able to provide nourishment to their child from her own body should have killed the moment, but instead, all he felt was love and a completeness he didn't think was possible—had been trained not to even consider wanting. He wasn't in Manticore anymore. He had a life of his own choosing, a mate and a family and he could finally lay his past to rest. He leaned over and pressed a reverent kiss on her lips. "I love you, Cordy."

The smile he was rewarded with warmed every part of him. She reached up and brushed his hair back lightly. "I love you, too, Alec," she told him, "more every day. Magic or not, we're exactly right for each other. Now prove it to me."

The challenge was back in her eyes and Alec felt the animal within rising to meet the challenge as he pushed her back down on to the couch, covering her with his body even as he reached between them and unfastened both of their pants. He sucked lightly on her neck, running his nose along the smooth expanse of her skin, already looking for the perfect place for his claim.

A claiming was a powerful thing. To put one on someone required a bit of dominance and submission. He had already submitted to her claim weeks ago and now it was time to even things out again. The alpha male rose to the surface and he fixed her with a dark look that was tempered with all of the desire and love he felt for her. She obeyed his unspoken command and stayed where he left her on the couch as he moved down her body, pulling her jeans and panties off together. She still didn't move as he pushed down and kicked off the rest of his clothes.

When he returned to the couch, he reversed his course and started to slide up her body. Her legs were still open to him and he paused to inhale her powerful female scent when he encountered her center. Unable to resist, he enjoyed one long lick up her incredibly moist folds with a low rumble rippling through his chest and a throaty moan sprung from his mate. He felt the need to claim her getting stronger and knew he would need to get on with it before he accidentally hurt her because he was too far gone. First, though, he nipped playfully at her inner thigh, encouraged by her lust-filled whimper.

The sound was his undoing and he moved quicker than the human eye could see. In less than a second, he had pulled her—a little more roughly than he had intended, but she didn't seem to mind—over to the middle of the couch so her shoulders were resting against the back of the couch and her hips were balanced on the edge of the cushion with her thighs splayed around his. A moment later, they were both keening as he pressed his way inside of her. There would be no thought to birth control this time as they both fulfilled their need to be as close to one another as possible.

He felt the bite of her nails scratching down his back and was pretty sure she had just drawn blood. A moment later, the metallic scent sent him into an even more frantic pace that had Cordelia crying out and her walls spasming around him as an orgasm suddenly ripped through her. Not satisfied yet, Alec demanded more of her body, bringing her to the edge and over twice more until she was begging for him to finish with her.

Alec was beyond smirking or revelling in his mate's need for him because he needed her just as much. The claim on his lip throbbed in time to their combined heartbeat and it was completely instinctual when his teeth broke the skin on her shoulder, cementing their mating, and pushing them both into one final orgasm that they seemed to share as though they were not two beings, but one.

They rode out the aftershocks together and Alec collapsed for a moment on top of her. He could smell the blood he had drawn on her shoulder and licked at the open wound, watching in awe as it started to heal almost immediately. He didn't know if that was normal for Transgenics or if that was because of Cordelia's now latent demonic side—or maybe a combination of both—but he couldn't help but be grateful that she wouldn't be in pain as it healed over time. The scratches on his back had already stopped bleeding and were on their way to healing.

Finally, he realized that he was still lying on top of her and his weight couldn't be comfortable, but when he tried to pull himself up, she protested and latched onto his body tightly. In this moment, he didn't need words to know what her needs were. As he pulled her up with him so that he was still kneeling on the rug and she was now loosely straddling him with their chests pressed close together, he wondered if it would always be like this. He seemed to be able to simply know his mate's every need and desire on a molecular level and he reacted instinctively to pull her and hold her tightly.

After a while, he could feel her muscles start to relax around him and only then did he allow himself to release the tension in his arms. In contrast to their earlier actions, he stroked up and down her back with the gentlest of touches, pressing feather-light kisses on any piece of skin he could reach without moving her.

He whispered in her ear, "Ready for that bath now?"

Alec felt Cordelia smile against his skin as she responded languidly, "Yes, please."

He couldn't help the smile that blossomed on his face at his mate's contented and well-satisfied voice. It seemed luck was finally on his side and he would get to hear that near-purr for the rest of his life.


Epilogue: Five years later

Birthday parties for the new generation of Transgenic children were monumental occasions in T.C. and often had some very strange-looking creatures in attendance. Ben McDowell's fifth birthday party had an even more diverse attendance and they had to convert the school gymnasium into a large party hall for the event.

As Max surveyed the scene, which at first glance, looked to be a study in organized chaos with cake and pizza in various stages of being eaten and children running in every direction, she thought back to how desolate the place had looked when they first took over the city. This very room had once been a combination of mess hall/medical triage/barracks for all of the Transgenics and now, the only meal served there was school lunch.

It had been a combined effort of Transgenics, Transhumans, demons, and humans that had finally won the Manticore alumni equal rights, but they finally had them. A set of warm arms wrapped around her from behind and she might have reacted negatively in the past, but now she simply relaxed back into Logan's arms. Their alliance with the A.I. Team had also yielded a magical remedy for the DNA-targeted virus, which allowed Max and Logan to work out their other differences. Sometimes he still frowned at her methods and sometimes she still told him to get the stick out of his ass, but the simple act of touch could bridge any of their differences and bring them to a happy medium. She smiled as he pressed a kiss to her temple.

"Did you ever think you’d see the day Alec would let kids climb on him like that?" he asked, nodding to where six children seemed to be using Alec as their own personal jungle gym.

Alec was laughing and swinging them around on the mats, more careful with the one human child than with the Transgenic ones. He only stopped when a loud wail resounded through the air. The kids instantly knew the game was over and dispersed in search of something else to do and Alec ignored everyone in his path until he reached his destination. A pair of small arms reached out for him and he effortlessly accepted the little dark-haired girl wearing a pretty party dress from her mother. The little girl nuzzled her nose into his throat and Cordelia threw up her hands in defeat as the child, Rachel, settled in and fell asleep, regardless of the noise around her. They watched as Alec kissed Cordelia's pout away with a smile and led her over to the one comfortable chair he had insisted be in the room for his very pregnant mate.

"Never," Max replied, "but it suits him a lot better than being a soldier did."

She knew she was speaking the truth. She had known Alec when he was at his lowest and he was worlds away from that man now. He radiated contentment and, despite the way that they had first met, Max was happy for him. They had finally become real friends and seeing her friend so comfortable in his own skin, she knew he had finally moved past pretending to be alright to actually being alright.

"He certainly does seem to like to procreate," Logan laughed. "It's like he’s decided to populate T.C. all by himself."

Max elbowed him lightly, but grinned all the same. "Cordelia says this is the last one," Max told Logan. "She threatened to get her tubes tied if this one is bigger than Rachel was."

"She'll never do it," Logan shrugged and Max knew he was right.

Despite all of her complaining, Cordelia had confessed to Max once that she just couldn't resist having children with Alec. It was almost a biological need to bring more life into the world. Max was okay with that. She had no interest in having a baby herself, so she was more than happy to hand that particular responsibility off to someone else.

A small blue-skinned demon child came running over to them, flinging her arms around Max's legs and smiling up at them. "Mommy, did you see the man over there? He was breathing fire! It was so cool!"

"I saw, Sara," Max smiled down at her daughter, running a hand through the long stark white hair so she could see the little girl's eyes. They were the same color as her skin, something that was a typical characteristic of her type of demon. She had been orphaned when her tribe of peaceful, benign demons were overrun by scavenger demons who wanted their land. Cordelia had gotten the vision, but not in time for them to save anyone other than the little girl. She was humanoid enough to pass as a Transhuman, which is what they put on her paperwork when she and Logan officially adopted her. "You're right, very cool!"

Sara shifted her attention to Logan. She pulled his hand down from Max's stomach and started tugging him across the room. "Daddy, you have to come see!"

"Okay, okay," Logan told her, giving Max a quick kiss in apology before letting their daughter drag him across the room.

Same time tomorrow, school would be back in session and the room would be back to looking like a gymnasium. The next special event to be held in the room was going to be Connor and CeCe's wedding in two weeks. Even five years later, they didn't have a huge amount to offer in amenities, but T.C. finally felt like home.

The End

Final Note: Thank you to everyone who took this ride with me. I hope you enjoyed! MaraLiz, I hope this met with your expectations...:)

The End

You have reached the end of "Baby Daddy". This story is complete.

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