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Baby Daddy

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Summary: Third time's the charm. Cordelia is pregnant after a one night stand with...Alec!

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Television > Dark Angel > Cordelia - Centered(Current Donor)kayarileyFR181032,6591329,8206 May 0914 May 11Yes


FFA 2009

Title: Baby Daddy

Chapter 1: Surprise!

FFA response to Cordelia/Alec

Summary: Third time’s the charm. Cordelia is pregnant after a one night stand with…Alec!

Disclaimer: This may get a little confusing if I forget to change the fandom information, so please be patient. None of these characters are mine, obviously BtVS/AtS is easy – Joss Whedon’s of course. Dark Angel – James Cameron

Note: Originally, this was just supposed to be a short FFA piece, but my beta is requesting that I continue because she loves Cordelia. I usually hate the phrase ‘baby daddy,’ but I just thought it actually worked for them…

As always, thank you to MaraLiz and Rorylondra for your lovely beta assistance!

Timeframe: Post-Season 5 AtS (Note: Cordelia didn’t die. When Connor killed Jasmine, Cordelia miraculously came out of her coma!); S2 DA (Note: The Pulse happened.)


It was 2100 hours in Terminal City when the both the news cameras that were permanently stationed just outside of the gates and the closed circuit security feeds began showing signs of movement near the entrance to the former toxic waste site now home to a few hundred Transgenics and Transhumans. They had finally won the right to exist from the government that had created them, but the public was still nervous, still feared what they didn’t understand and still curious about the ‘freaks’ they were often labeled as being. The residents of Terminal City didn’t really like having their every public moment, well, publicized, in the media, but both Max and Alec had agreed that they should just ignore the cameras and go about their daily lives under the assumption that eventually, the human population would get bored and move onto the next topic du jour. It also helped that several of the X-5 series had given birth to adorable babies even more photogenic than their parents. Some sympathetic news editors had proven to help their cause even more when it came to the Transhumans, the ones among their population who could not pass for fully human. After all, it was difficult to call even the least human looking Transhuman a ‘monster’ after they were caught on public television making a baby giggle or hoisting an older child up on their shoulders so they could see outside of the walls of the city.

Some of the Transgenics and Transhumans worked outside of Terminal City while others helped out in other ways. Only a few of them, though, ventured outside of Seattle when necessary, to secure supplies not available locally or take on a contract that would provide them with legal ways of acquiring much needed funds.

Still, all-in-all, most residents of Terminal City kept inside the perimeter at night. Now that they had cleaned up the environment so their Ordinary allies could come and go as they pleased, there hints of some people wanting to reclaim Terminal City for their own again. So, the entrance was secured unless a vehicle was coming through. That kept the Ordinaries out, but couldn’t really keep the Transgenics or Transhumans in if they needed to vacate quickly. One simple hop of the fifteen foot high fence was all it would take, and if they didn’t plan on coming back, the fence itself would never withstand the strength of even one Transgenic or Transhuman, much less all of them.

So, it was a little surprising to see four people, two men and two women, standing at the entrance to Terminal City, apparently looking for some type of doorbell if the residents of Terminal City were reading their body language accurately. Max had called for Alec as soon as they noticed the strangers and Alec and Mole moved toward the entrance to find out if their ‘guests’ should be classified as ‘friend’ or ‘foe.’

They were nearly to the front gate when, apparently, one of the men decided that they had taken too long and scooped one of the women into his arms before easily jumping the fence and landing on his feet in front of them. He was bleached blond and the woman squeaked and clung to his neck as they landed. As soon as he set her on her feet, she smacked him with a file folder she had been holding and demanded, “I told you to stop doing that!”

“Can’t help it, Luv,” the man told her. “You’re too much fun to play with. Plus, Peaches back there was getting on my nerves.”

The man that Alec assumed was ‘Peaches,’ and he really hoped that was a nickname—even Max wasn’t that bad at naming Transgenics—repeated the blond man’s actions, clearing the fencing easily with another brunette woman in his arms. She didn’t squeak or yelp, but Alec could hear her comment sarcastically into the man’s neck as she held onto him, “Oh, yes. Let’s lock ourselves in with the social outcasts while on national television. My social life hasn’t taken enough hits this year.”

The man didn’t comment, but Alec could see one side of his mouth turn up slightly in a tolerant smile. He released his hold on her much more gently than the blond man had done for the other woman and when she turned to them, Alec could see why. She was clearly pregnant. Alec focused his senses on the woman and could hear two heartbeats. He could smell the hormones that indicated a pregnancy and something…Transgenic. Otherwise, she smelled familiar, but he couldn’t quite place why. The woman finally looked up, her hair falling away from her face and Alec suddenly remembered where he knew her from and just as surely knew that the baby she was carrying was his—Cordelia.

’Peaches’ sniffed the air once and then he turned a glare in Alec’s direction and Alec was quite sure that the other man was also aware of the child’s parentage. Oh, shit! He looks like he can do some damage, Alec thought, then stopped. And why doesn’t he have a heartbeat?

Alec heard his name being called from behind him. Max had decided to investigate the intruders herself. He just knew this was going to make things worse. She was already always complaining that he behaved like a ‘tom cat’ on the prowl and having a pregnant Ordinary show up at his doorstep was not going to help matters.

“So, Transgenic, huh?” the blond man asked, shooting a glance at the pregnant woman. “If I had known that ‘non-human’ was a prerequisite, I’d have applied for that position a long time ago. Hell, at least I can’t knock you up.”

He received two immediate responses. The woman with the clipboard made a face at him and chastised, “Spike!” while the man already labeled as ‘Peaches’ growled—growled—out “Shut up, Spike!”

For her part, Cordelia simply raised one perfectly sculpted eyebrow and commented, “Please, does Viagra work on vampires? Cause, you’d need it to keep up with me.”

“Does anyone mind if I speak with Cordelia myself?” Alec finally asked, his impatience cutting through his shock. A small part of his brain filed the ‘vampire’ comment away for later, but he couldn’t worry about that now.

There were a mixture of affirmative and negative responses, but since Cordelia had answered ‘yes,’ Alec decided that her vote was the only one that really counted and gestured for them to move over to another part of the road. They were still within direct line of sight, but far enough away that even the Transgenics wouldn’t be able to hear them.

They stood there awkwardly for a moment before Cordelia began, “I just thought you should know.”

“How is this even possible?” Alec asked. “We used…”

“Protection?” Cordelia finished for him. “Yeah, well apparently post-Pulse condoms aren’t what they used to be. Look, I can see that you aren’t exactly jumping for joy at the chance to be my ‘baby daddy.’ I’m not asking for anything long-term. My friend, Fred, the one with the clipboard, she just needs to know what to expect while I'm expecting and then we’ll be out of your way. Somehow, I have a feeling there are a few things that Murkoff and Mazel missed when it comes to Transgenic/Ordinary pregnancies.”

Alec took stock of the woman standing before him. She looked a little tired and her belly was a little rounder than he expected when he counted back the number of weeks since he had been in Los Angeles, but he was 100% sure from the scent that he was the child’s father. He really, really wanted to panic, but the fact that Cordelia apparently expected him to had gotten under his skin enough to forestall the inevitable conniption fit at the thought of actually being someone’s father. In fact… “You know, you seem to be taking this entirely too well,” Alec commented, a little skeptical.

“Well, as far as wacky pregnancies go, all I’ve developed is a weird rash when I eat chocolate and one seriously wicked craving for milk. I didn’t go from zero-to-nine months pregnant overnight and there is no crazy ‘Power That Be’ taking over my brain and unleashing a rain of fire over Los Angeles, so this is already better than my last two pregnancies,” Cordelia told him with a shrug. She offered him a small smile then and continued, “I figure, third time’s the charm.”

“Okay, I’ll explain the chocolate and dairy products if you explain the other two pregnancies stuff,” Alec bargained, strangely intrigued by her confusing statement. He was still on the verge of a panic attack, but the longer he managed to hold it off, the more he remembered why he had been attracted to Cordelia in the first place. She had seen him move—too quickly for a human—during a brief altercation that occurred when he was trying to convince his contact to adhere to the terms of their deal for the food supplies they needed for Terminal City. The supplier had suddenly backed down and Alec had attributed that to realizing that he was facing an opponent who did not appreciate getting robbed and could back up his lack of appreciation physically, but now he had to consider that Cordelia’s presence had something to do with it. She didn’t look like much of a fighter, but he could see that she was tougher than she looked and the entourage she arrived with seemed to be amply capable themselves. That night, in Los Angeles, there was something about her confident smile, her heady scent, and the sway of her hips that made him glad that he couldn’t head back to Seattle until the next morning.

Now, her scent seemed to be magnified for him. He didn’t know if it was because she was carrying his child or because she didn’t seem to be concerned with his Transgenic nature, but the longer he was in her presence, the longer he wanted to be.

“So, thanks for not asking if it’s yours,” Cordelia commented, filling the silence that had lapsed while Alec was thinking.

“I know the baby is mine,” he admitted softly, “I can tell. So, do you know if it’s a boy or a girl yet?”

She didn’t answer him right away, but instead studied him carefully. He knew he was taking a chance that he would possibly scar the child for life, what with his lack of parenting skills, but the sheer joy of the Transgenics who had given birth already flashed through his mind and he couldn’t help but want that for himself as well. This baby was already part of his unit and he wouldn’t abandon his unit. Still, he had to be sure that he was a welcome part of the unit. He looked up at Cordelia, “You had to know that this baby was different than a regular baby. Why didn’t you…”

“Have an abortion?” she finished for him when he trailed off. He nodded and she continued, “This baby was conceived with birth control pills, a condom and a diaphragm all working against it. I wasn’t looking to have a baby—it hasn’t turned out so well for me in the past—but now that I’m pregnant, I couldn’t even imagine getting rid of it. Plus, I figure you’ve had enough people make decisions for you in the past. This is your baby too, if you want it to be. If not, that’s okay too. Either way, we’ll manage.”

Alec took a deep breath. He knew she meant what she said. He could walk away and not take responsibility for this child and he could see that she would be just fine. He opened his mouth to do just that, but couldn’t stop the question that came out instead, “Do you want me to be in the baby’s life?”

“I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t. We would have been here sooner, but you didn’t leave a forwarding address and my friends had to track you by scent across a few states. It took a while,” Cordelia informed him and he couldn’t really refute her logic. She could have sent someone else to them to find out about Transgenic pregnancies. It wouldn’t have been as easy to convince them to give up the information, but they could have been convinced if they believed that there was a Transgenic in trouble.

“Okay,” Alec told her, not really sure until he said it what he was saying ‘okay’ to. But, as soon as he spoke, he saw the future unfold before him and pictured himself holding that future—his future—swaddled in his arms. He had to remember to breathe and finally took in a deep breath when he felt Cordelia’s hand resting gently on his arm.

“It gets easier after the shock wears off,” she told him. She pulled something out of her jacket and handed it to him. “I wouldn’t let anyone look at it. I thought you should get the first look at your son.”

At first, he wasn’t quite sure what he was looking at. He knew it was a picture from a sonogram, but that wasn’t something they taught at Manticore. He stared at the picture for a few moments and it suddenly became clear to him. He could see the head and the arms and legs and, yes, he was definitely a boy. Emotions he had never felt before threatened to overwhelm him and he knew, without a doubt, that his son would mean more to him than his own life. His entire world shifted as he listened to his son’s heartbeat. “Cordelia…” he began, breaking off and not being able to finish his statement.

“Alec, we’re having a baby together,” she told him. “I think it’s okay for you to call me Cordy. As for how this will work, we’ll figure something out, okay?”

Alec smiled at her, the tension that was building within him broken by her casual statement. He didn’t have time to respond before she was pulling him along, back to the group of people waiting to hear the results of their conversation, telling him “Come on. We’d better get back before Fred gives into her curiosity and tries to get out the needles, Angel and your friend over there get into a ‘brooding’ contest and Spike gets bored and blows something up.”

Alec’s eyes grew wide as he took in the sight before him. Sure enough, she had described the scene pretty accurately. He smiled again; I wonder who’ll win the ‘brood off.’

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