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The Third Evans

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Penultimate Slayer". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Lily and Petunia inherit a baby after the death of their parents.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-CenteredKrysstiniaFR734,3111188,8247 May 097 May 09Yes

Chapter Two

Vernon took the addition of Buffy into their household in stride. He didn’t really like Petunia’s parents any more than Petunia did. He saw how they treated her, and how they treated Lily the one time he was there when Lily came home. Taking in Buffy was what Petunia needed to feel closure, so he was all for it.

Petunia told Vernon that she was pregnant the night that Buffy came home. He was happy to hear that Petunia was expecting, but was less than thrilled when she told him that James and Lily were coming for Christmas. She told him that they had made up, and he took it at face value.

Buffy was almost four months old when Christmas came. Petunia was glowing from both her pregnancy and from caring for Buffy. Lily arrived three days before James did and commented on Petunia’s appearance. “You look breath taking, Peti.”

“Thank you, Lily. So do you. How far along are you?” Petunia asked.

“A little less than three months. James is quite excited. You are expecting too, right? How far along are you?” Lily asked. They still kept in touch, but they weren’t as close as they were when they were younger.

“A little more than four, but not by much.” Petunia answered. “I want to ask you a question. I have a godparent for my baby, but not for Buffy. Will you be her god mother?”

“I’d love too. Thank you, Peti.” Lily hugged her sister. James brought Lily a glass of eggnog and the four of them took seats n the living room. They exchanged presents and stories about Buffy.

The family get-together was a nice one. Petunia started to let go of some of her issues with Lily. Vernon got to know James and Lily a little better without all the distain of Mr. and Mrs. Evans.

Petunia was happy to see that, with little coaxing, James and Vernon were having a friendly debate regarding different methods of building houses. James was in the process of designing a house and showed the plans to Vernon. They were discussing everything from materials to plumbing to wiring.

Lily and Petunia spent time with Buffy. They played with the baby and compared their advancing pregnancies. Petunia was happy and felt accepted for being herself for the first time by her family.

After Christmas, Lily and Petunia stayed close. They kept the other informed on the happenings of their progress. Under unspoken consent, magic was never mentioned and Lily and James never preformed magic around Petunia and Vernon. They four saw each other every other week and slowly became friends.

Petunia was the first to go into labor. Vernon called Lily and James to watch Buffy. After they arrived, he rushed Petunia to the hospital. Petunia went straight into the L&D ward and after 15 hours of labor, Petunia delivered a healthy baby boy. Little Dudley William Dursley was born on June 23, 1980.

The hospital was overrun with family members from Vernon’s side of the family. Marge, Edith, and John Dursley rushed to the hospital. Marge was excited that she finally got a nephew and Edith and John were happy for their grandson. Vernon’s brother, Rupert, arrived a bit later with his wife and their four children, happy to see the new baby.

Petunia was happy when all the Dursleys left and Lily and James arrived with Buffy. “See, you made it through, Peti. You have two beautiful children to take care of. You’ve done well. I’ll help you any way you need it.”

Lily gave birth to a boy a little over a month later. Petunia and Vernon weren’t able to to go the hospital because they weren’t magical, but Lily and James brought over little Harry James Potter as soon as their doctors said he could travel.

Buffy started to talk the month before and kept up a constant babble of commentary through out the visit. She got introduced to her other nephew and tried to play with him. Harry really wasn’t interested, so Buffy set out to find Dudley. Before she could get anywhere, Vernon scooped her up.

“Buffy, you need to leave the boys alone,” he gently chided, carrying her back into the living room where the adults were.

“Wha?” Buffy asked.

“Why? Because they’re not old enough to play. You have to wait a little while. Then you can have fun,” he answered. He handed her a bottle of breast milk and settled her on his lap as he got back into the conversation.

“Lily, why do you have to choose him?” Petunia was asking.

“I don’t agree with it either, Lily. Snape’s nothing but trouble.” James agreed.

“I know you don’t approve, James, but he will do right by her. He still cares about me and will look out for her as a favor to me,” Lily explained.

“What’s wrong with Padfoot or Moony as a guardian for Buffy?” James asked.

“Who?” Petunia and Vernon asked.

“Padfoot and Moony are two friends of ours. They’re real names are Sirius and Remus respectively. I don’t want them for her because I want them for Harry. Severus has already agreed to take Buffy if something happens to both Peti and me. I don’t really see the problem, James,” Lily explained.

The name Snape sounded familiar. “Why does the name Severus Snape sound familiar?” Petunia asked.

Lily looked at the floor. “He was the boy I hung out with before school, Peti. I don’t remember if I told you, but he’s like us.”

“Oh.” Petunia’s face became stoney. “I don’t want to agree to a second guardian for Buffy until I meet Severus again. I know how you used to feel about him, Lily, but I’m not going to agree until we meet with him.”

“Speaking of second guardians, we would like you to take Harry in the event something happens to both us and Harry’s godfather, Sirius Black. What do you say?” Lily asked, glancing at James and noticing his closed off expression.

“We’d be happy to, Lily, you know that,” Petunia said, slightly hurt that she wasn’t first choice, but mollified that she was in the running.

“Mama! ti-erd!” Buffy yawned. Petunia looked at the clock and nodded, seeing that it was past Buffy’s bed time.

“Bring her upstairs, would you Vernon and put her to bed?” Petunia asked. He carefully picked up Buffy and went upstairs.

“What’s the real reason you want Harry here? I know there’s more than just what you’re saying.” Petunia crossed her arms and leaned back into the couch.

“Yes, there is. Voldemort is a continuous problem. We have more reason to fear him than most. There is a prophecy that says that a child born at the end of July would be born to those that have defied him, Voldemort, three times. The child would be marked his equal and have powers that the Dark Lord doesn’t know about.” James started.

“There’s two couples that fit this description. One of them is us. The other is the Longbottoms. Their son was born the day before Harry,” Lily said. “Because Harry will be hunted, we will be hunted. We wanted to make sure that Harry would have a safe place to go if we die to protect him.”

Petunia sat there shocked. She had heard of the Dark Lord. Lily had talked about him several times before, but she didn’t say much. She knew from Lily that most of the disappearances and killings that went on were his doing. She was afraid for her sister.

“We came by to ask something else. We want you to participate in a spell to protect Harry. It’s called a Fidelius Charm. It puts a secret in someone called a Secret Keeper. That person is the only one that can tell others where or what the secret is. We want you to be Harry’s Secret Keeper. You would be the only one that can tell others where Harry is. James and I are getting our own Secret Keeper, but we thought it would be best for Harry to have his own. It adds an extra layer of protection to him. Unfortunately, it would also make you a target.” Lily said.

“I would be honored.” Petunia said.

James pulled out his wand. Lily took Petunia’s hand. “Do you, Petunia Elizabeth Evans Dursley, swear to protect my son, Harry James Potter, with your life?” Lily asked.

“I do,” Petunia answered. A gold colored ribbon came out of James’s wand and twined itself around their hands.

“Do you swear to keep Harry’s location, where ever that may be, safe from anyone who means to do him harm?” Lily asked.

“I do,” Petunia repeated. Another gold ribbon wrapped around their hands.

“Do you swear to look after Harry as though he were your own if and when something were to happen to James, Sirius, or me?” Lily asked.

“I do.” Petunia repeated again. A third gold ribbon wrapped around their hands. Petunia felt something enter her. It was hot and stung. She looked into her sister’s eyes.

“Harry’s location is 31 Gryphon Lane, Godric’s Hollow. If it changes, you will get a slight sting and a vision of where he now lives. We really appreciate this.” James said, giving Petunia a grateful hug.
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