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The Third Evans

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Penultimate Slayer". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Lily and Petunia inherit a baby after the death of their parents.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-CenteredKrysstiniaFR734,3111188,7777 May 097 May 09Yes

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

Chapter Three

Petunia quietly told Vernon what she had agreed to do that night at dinner. He was worried when he found out. He didn’t want anything to happen to his family because of magic.

“No one knows that I know Harry’s location. Most of them think that we still hate each other. They won’t think of me. Besides, I want to keep everyone safe. I want to change Buffy’s last name. I don’t want to make things any easier than they already are.” Petunia told Vernon.

“I don’t see why we had to get involved in the first place, Petunia,” Vernon huffed. “You’ve always complained about what a freak your sister is. Why would you want to get all mixed up with their kind in the first place?”

“It’s about family, Vernon. You would do anything for your sister or your brother. This isn’t any different. I’m slowly getting over the treatment my parents gave me. I need her so I can come to terms with my parents.” Petunia knew that wasn’t the whole truth. She desperately wanted to be a part of her sister’s world and be accepted.

“Lily’s bringing a few friends by, as well as Severus, in a few weeks. You’re welcome to be here, but you’re not welcome to make comments and complain about it.” Petunia scoffed.

As Petunia said, the Dursley’s had company about two months later. No fewer than twenty witches and wizards arrived at their door step.

Petunia recognized a handful of them. James brought over Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Albus Dumbledore, Arabella Figg, Kingsley Shacklebolt, and a giant of a man called Hagrid.

“I would like you to tell only these people about Harry. Don’t go into detail, leave that to me.” James said. Petunia nodded.

“Hello. I’m Petunia Dursley. Harry’s living at 31 Gryphon Lane, Godric’s Hollow. Please excuse me.” Petunia politely extracted herself from the group of wizards and looked around for Severus.

The baby monitor picked up Buffy’s cries and instead she went to get her. When she came back downstairs, she spotted the man being denied entry by Sirius. “Let him in, Sirius. He’s my guest.” Petunia chastised.

Severus sneered at Sirius as he stalked into the room. “It’s nice to see you again, Petunia. May I ask why you wanted to talk to me?” he asked as soon as he reached her.

She pulled him into the kitchen and placed Buffy in his arms. “Lily and I would like to make a request of you. This is the youngest Evans. She’s just over a year old. Our mother died giving birth to her, and out father died of cancer a few months before her birth. Lily and I have come up with a plan for custody and guardianship. I’m raising her. Lily’s her godmother. We want you to take her if anything happens to either of our families.”

Severus looked from the baby in his arms to Petunia. “I don’t know what to say. I thought Lily hated me.”

“From what she told me, she was more deeply disappointed. We want you to do this.” Petunia said. She turned and began rummaging through the cupboards looking for food for Buffy.

“I really hope you do this for me, Sev. Help me prove that you’re not as bad as everyone says you are.” Lily said from the doorway.

“Sev! Pay wif me!” Buffy demanded, pulling on the collar of his black shirt. She had developed faster than most babies and had mastered a lot of words and their meanings.

“Of course, luv.” Severus told Buffy. “I’d love to,” he added to Petunia and Lily. He smiled a rare smile and followed Petunia’s directions to the play room.

Severus began coming over every few weeks to see Buffy and to get to know the rest of the Dursleys. Vernon, surprising both Lily and Petunia, became friends quickly with Severus. It wasn’t long before Buffy had him wrapped around her little finger either. He adored the child.

Another year passed and Buffy, Dudley, and Harry all prospered. All three children were well doted on. The Potter and Dursley families became closer and Petunia and Lily had their relatipnship almost back to where it was before Lily went off to Hogwarts. The families still saw each other every few weeks. Buffy was up and running around before everyone knew what was going on, getting into more trouble than any other two year old should, with some help.

It was on Halloween when Lily, who was watching Buffy for Petunia, noticed a light coming out of Buffy’s room. She quickly placed Harry among his toys and went to check on Buffy.

The two year old was thrashing about, eyes closed tight in what looked like pain. No sound came from her, but her face was twisting in pain. The light was coming from the tiny girl. “Buffy? Can you hear me?” Lily asked the child, shaking her a little.

Buffy opened her eyes, looking blankly at her sister. “In every generation, one girl in all the world is chosen. She will fight the demons and the forces of darkness. She is the Slayer. Only one will be reborn into a new world. She is the penultimate Slayer. She will be known as Master. With her help, the Boy Who Lived will save his world.” Buffy’s tiny voice was deeper and more mature, like the voice of a twenty year old. The light faded and Buffy began to wake up.

Lily’s eyes widened. The Slayer had been mentioned in DADA class several times in reference to, among other things, demons and vampires. Now it was possible that her younger sister was the re-incarnation of a Slayer from, apparently, a different world.

She picked up the child and held her close. The front door opened and closed with a bang.

“Lily? Where are you?” James called.

“Buffy’s room. How was your trip?” Lily called. James entered the room with Harry in his arms.

“Wormtail’s missing. There were no signs of struggle. Padfoot’s looking for him in a few haunts of Wormtail’s that I don’t know of.” James moved Harry to his other hip.

Another bang came from the front door. James put Harry in the crib that Buffy had just vacated. “Stay here until I come back.” James pulled out his wand and headed for the door. It was the last time Buffy saw him.

Lily quickly put up some shields around the room and put Buffy in with Harry. Both children seemed to notice the importance of being quiet and neither made noise. A shrill yell and a thump from the living room down the hall alerted Lily to the death of her husband. The two children were huddled together in the darkest corner of the crib with tears cascading down their faces.

Lily barricaded the door to the nursery with anything heavy she could put in front of the door. She didn’t expect anything to really hold so the banging that came from the people on the other side of the door and the slow moving of the door inward didn’t bother Lily that much.

It was when the banging stopped that she got worried. There was a hiss and the door flew open. The dresser and changing table that was in front of the door flew against the wall behind the door.

A tall, thin man walked into the room. His face was flat, his nose nonexistent but for two slits. His eyes were red as flame and resembled a cat’s. His thin hand drew out a wand and pointed it at the healthy red head standing in front of the crib. “Hello, Lily. Give me the boy.” the man said.

“Voldemort, you will never have my child,” Lily bravely responded. She knew that she couldn’t tell him even if she wanted to, but that was something she didn’t think he knew.

“Stand aside, you silly girl. If you won’t hand over the boy, then I’ll kill the girl behind you,” he threatened next.

“You don’t touch her or my son!” screamed Lily. She wasn’t going to let her sister die. Neither of the children were going to die.

“For the last time, stand aside!” Voldemort ordered.

“Bite me.”

Those were Lily’s last words. Buffy watched her second mother fall to the floor, horrorstricken. The man had said two words and pointed a stick at her. She knew it was like the one that James had used a few times.

He pointed the stick at her other mother and green light hit her. Buffy held tighter to Harry, understanding at a very deep level that the boy by her side was who the bad man was after.

The man looked from her to Harry. Buffy looked right back, not understanding that all Voldemort could see was her clutching to thin air. He aimed at the space to the left of Buffy and another flash of green light came from the stick.

The light enveloped the two, branding them both with a mark before turning back and hitting the caster. Voldemort vanished and his followers fled.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Third Evans". This story is complete.

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