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Alexander 'Brand' Fraiser

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Summary: A different decision in BB&B leads Xander Harris on a new journey that will restore him to his real mother and will lead him on a journey to become who he was meant to be.

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Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: Xander's Real FamilyBarefootXOFR1824,15529817,4558 May 0911 May 09No

Bludgeoned, Branded and Begotten

I don't own Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Stargate SG-1. They are owned by Joss Whedon and MGM respectively...


Bludgeoned, Branded and Begotten

Harris Household
Sunnydale, California
February 14, 1998

Xander snorted a spray of blood as he contemplated the irony of God punishing him for his virtues. Or perhaps he was being punished for having considered sinning? Whatever the answer, Xander was just damned certain that he had done nothing to deserve the beating that he was currently going through.

It had started just that morning when Cordelia had publicly broken up with him just after receiving her Valentine’s gift. The entire incident had been humiliating and Xander had been determined to get her back for it. The opportunity had arisen in the form of Amy Madison casting a spell on a teacher. He went to Amy, intending to blackmail her into casting a love spell on Cordy, but changed his mind at the last minute. Instead he merely advised Amy to be a little more careful about the type of spells she cast, reminding her of what happened to her mother. In the end he left school behind feeling fairly good about himself for helping a friend.

Xander groaned as another punch rocked him, rattling his teeth. Damn but Angelus could hit hard. It seemed that dear old Angel still wanted to give Buffy a Valentine’s gift, and while Xander could always get behind such a thoughtful gesture, he didn’t really consider his corpse to be the appropriate gift choice. Anthony and Jessica Harris were dead. They’d never really acted like parents should, but something in Xander still found it within him to regret their passing from this life, if for no other reason then the fact that no one deserves to die the way that Drusilla had ended their lives.

Xander tried to get up again, but this time he couldn’t. It seemed that the jaw-rattling punch had wreaked havoc with his equilibrium. Angelus grinned at him. “Don’t worry Harris. We’ve got all night to gift-wrap you proper for my beloved ex.”

It was at that point that Xander noticed Drusilla heating up some sort of branding iron for Angelus. This was going to be a long night. “You’d better make sure you kill me right, Angie,” he said around his aching jaw. “‘Cause if I ever get my hands on you you’re going to die screaming.”

Angelus merely responded with a gut-wrenching grin. “If at first you don’t succeed, die, die again…”

Xander merely spat a glob of blood at the smirking bloodsucker before the brand touched his face and he began to scream. ‘Mama said there’d be days like this. I just thought they’d be while Dad was drunk…’


Sunnydale Memorial Hospital
Sunnydale, California
February 15, 1998

As Doctor Daniel Wilkinson prepared to go off shift he got pulled into a new case that had come in hot. “Report?”

The nurse rattled it off quickly. “Subject’s name is Alexander Harris, age seventeen. He has an extensive history of small accidents that resulted in contusions and broken bones, but this is the worst we’ve ever seen from him. He’s suffering from acute trauma, especially to the chest. He’s got several broken ribs, a major concussion, numerous broken bones, possibly a ruptured lung. And that doesn’t even begin to cover the cuts, abrasions, bruises and the brand. We need to get him into the O.R. right away or we might lose him…”

“His parents have okayed the operation?”

“His parents are dead, Doctor.”

“His next of kin?”

“Next of kin is Rory Harris and denies being blood kin to Mr. Harris here.”

Wilkinson raised an eyebrow. “Denied being related?”

“Yes, sir. What are your orders, Doctor?”

Wilkinson thought for a long moment. “Get the boy stable and keep him there for as long as you can. Have Doctor Murray make sure keep watch. Have one of the other nurses take a blood sample and compare it to that taken from Anthony and Jessica Harris’ corpses. I want to know who he really is…”

“Yes Doctor…”


Stargate Command
Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado
February 15, 1998

General Hammond hung up the phone and sighed before getting up and heading to the Infirmary. It had started out as an average day. SG-1 had just returned from a mission to P3X- something or other and was being checked out by Doc Fraiser. Now it seemed he had to go to the infirmary to clear up a little bureaucratic snafu of epic proportions.

George strolled into the infirmary, glancing about to see that SG-1 appeared none the worse for wear. The worst injury was Colonel O’Neill’s knee being thrown out. “Doctor Fraiser, may I see you a moment?”

Janet glanced up from the ringing lecture she had been presenting to Jack about how he’d best be babying that knee for the next week or she’d forcibly sedate him. “Yes, sir?”

“How is SG-1, Doctor?”

Janet shrugged. “Well enough to be released, sir, though I can’t release Colonel O’Neill for active duty until his knee is back in business.”

Hammond nodded casually. He had thoroughly expected that. “Understood, Doctor. If you’re willing to release them, I’m afraid I need a private word with you.”

Janet seemed to freeze up a touch at that. It was only the last week that Hathor had staged her little takeover, and most of the female personnel seemed to be having lingering worries about being punished for their assaults on their male comrades. It wasn’t an entirely irrational worry. Certainly some commanders out there might have taken such a course, but George was a little hurt that the women under his command thought that he might be such a man. He knew, as well as anyone, that the women of the SGC had done extremely well and was not about to do anything but commend them. While the men of the SGC had been a touch off due to Hathor’s influence, it was still incredible that the women of the command had managed to overcome them, if only due to the ratio of men to women on base being ridiculously male-slanted.

George allowed himself a mental shrug. They would get over it soon when they saw no punishments forthcoming. In fact, he had put Carter in for a commendation. “This is nothing to do with your performance of your duties, Doctor. I’m afraid a situation has come up that requires your attention.

Janet seemed to gain confidence from that and motioned him over to a secure office. “How can I help you, sir?”

George sighed. This was going to be messy. “Your son has been badly injured and needs authorisation to be given for medical care.”

Janet’s eyes became chips of ice. “My son is dead, General. I was told that he and Trevor died in that car crash. I remember it as though it were yesterday.”

George shook his head. “DNA results don’t lie, Doctor. The boy in question is your son. I don’t know what sort of snafu happened that caused your little boy to wind out there, but he’s sixteen these days and currently checked into Sunnydale Memorial Hospital with severe injuries. His current guardians are dead and their relatives are not willing to acknowledge him.”

Janet’s blood froze. “How bad is he?”

“Bad enough, Doctor. I’ll bring you to the phone if you’d like and you can authorise his treatment.”

Janet nodded almost mechanically. “I’m going to need some time off, sir.”

“The paperwork is on my desk, Doctor. You can fill it out as soon as your phone call is over.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“No thanks are necessary, Doctor. It’s perfectly understandable that you’d want to be there for him.”


Sunnydale Memorial Hospital
Sunnydale, California
February 15, 1998

“Doctor Wilkinson!”

Daniel glanced up in shock at the abrupt call. “Yes, Nurse?”

“We just got a call from the Alexander’s biological mother, Doctor Janet Fraiser. She says to do whatever is needed and she’ll authorise it. She’ll sign the papers as soon as she gets here but asks that you start work right away.”

Wilkinson grinned. “That’s the best news I’ve had all day. Get young Mr. Fraiser prepped for immediate surgery. Then we can finally get to doing something more then supportive care.”

Another nurse licked her lips nervously. “And if the mother doesn’t have proper insurance.”

The doctor rolled his eyes. “She’s a doctor herself, she has the means to pay for his treatment. She gave the okay over the phone, which should be more then good enough to hold up in court. I doubt very much it will be necessary. Now lets get the poor lad moving. He’s waited more then long enough as it is…”

“Yes, Doctor…”


Sunnydale High School
Sunnydale, California
February 16, 1998

“Where the heck is Xander? I haven’t seen him since Valentine’s Day. The naked worry in Willow’s voice was prevalent.

Buffy shrugged. “Might be sick. More likely he’s just sulking over Cordy dumping him. He’s better off without her if you ask me.”

Willow looked unhappy with the conclusion, but decided to accept it for now. And so she ignored the part of her heart that was crying out for her to check on Xander, instead going to find Oz. Besides, maybe Oz had seen him…


Sunnydale Memorial Hospital
Sunnydale, California
February 16, 1998

Janet Fraiser was in a cold rage as she sat at the bedside of her only son. She’d been informed well over a decade ago that her son and ex-husband had died in a car crash. Now she found, to her frustration that he had been alive all this time and no one had bothered to inform her. And if that wasn’t enough to get any mother seething with rage, it was the terrible condition in which she’d found her only son. She did not blame the doctors, nor even the Harrises, but if she ever found out who had taken a branding iron to her little boy’s face there would be hell to pay.

Cajun patois flew viciously from Janet ‘Napoleon’ Fraiser’s lips as she muttered about the dire consequences to the person that had disfigured her son…


I love Jack as Xander's father, dearly. That said, I wanted to try a different angle. And so I give you the Ragin' Cajun of the Stargate-verse... :p

And for those curious what Xander will be looking like...


Bonus points for anyone who can figure out what the brand design is from... ;)

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