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X-Men Files: The Wolf and The Hyena

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Summary: Xander walks into a bar in Westchester New York and runs into an old friend and new allies

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-Centered
Marvel Universe > X-Men > Oz-Centered
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Chapter the First: Unknown Memories

X-men Files: The Wolf and The Hyena

Disclaimer: I don’t own BtVS, or any of the characters from the show, neither do I own Harry’s bar or the X-Men. The former belongs to Joss Whedon, and the latter belongs to Marvel comics and the various authors of Codename: Wolverine and other such X-Men books.

A/N: So this came to me in the middle of the morning, after reading a lot of Xander centered fics, and realizing that Oz doesn’t have that many. I decided to change that. As for the X-Men side of it all, I’m pulling from a lot of different sources. Logan’s history, is coming from X-Men Origins: Wolverine. However there are very little spoilers for the movie. The other X-Men are coming from the movies and various books and comics, so they may seem a little OOC. Also, I know that Harry’s was originally in Manhattan or NYC, but I moved it for my purposes.

Pairing: Xan/Oz, Logan/Ororo

Warning: This contains slash, and if that squicks you, don’t read it. Graphic violence and such will be here, but they aren’t the mainstay of the story.

Summary: Xander has found himself in Harry’s, a bar in Westchester New York, and he finds an old friend and new allies.


Chapter the First: Unknown Memories

Xander walked into Harry’s, knowing he looked like he didn’t belong. His eye picked up things that most wouldn’t notice. There was a group in the corner, playing pool, that just didn’t seem quite right. They seemed dangerous; but more dangerous in the way of himself than dangerous bad.

He could feel his feral instincts aching for a crack at cataloging everything in the room, but he ruthlessly stopped it and sat down on the restaurant side of the bar.

“Can I help you?” the waitress asked as she came up to him. He could vaguely smell fear and interest, and smiled softly.

“Yeah, can I get a steak, rare, and a beer? Weis, if you have it.” He’d seen something about serving German beer here, so that was of the good.

“Anything else?”

“Give me some fries, too, please? I haven’t been eating very well, and this place smells like the food’s good.” She giggled and wrote down his order.

“Okay, my name’s Andrea, just give me a holler if you want anything else.” She smiled again and went toward the kitchen. He watched her leave, admiring her ass as she switched her hips a little extra for him. He wouldn’t actually want to fuck her, but he could look.

Half an hour later, his steak came out, and he ate it with gusto. These people really knew how to make a steak. Meanwhile, his feral instincts had finally won out and he was quite aware of the people in the corner staring at him, though they weren’t being obvious about it.

Finally, one of the men came over, and he felt he should know him. He didn’t look much older than himself, and his hair was a rich purple color, like it was freshly dyed. He also smelled like pack, which was kind of disconcerting.

“Hey, Xander,” the man said, smiling, but not sitting down.

“Do I know you?”

“Hmm… Let’s just say that I came up with the idea of throwing hummus at the mayor and running like hell.” Memories rushed back, thankfully not all of them, and he knew who it was.

“Oz? How the hell did you get here?”

“When I left I found out I was a mutant, not a werewolf. It was just bad because of the mouth.”

“Cool. Have a seat, or are your friends going to try and gut me?”

“Logan might, but he’s been shaking his head and growling for the last hour, since you came in. I think you sparked something in his memories.”

“Awesome. How about we go back over there? Andy’s on her way over with my check, so I can move over to the table.” Oz smiled, and nodded. Xander paid his bill and followed the shorter man back over to the pool table.

“Hey guys, this is Xander. We went to high school together,” Oz said, smiling when Logan stood abruptly and walked away. “He probably smelled something weird.”

“Yeah, me. The hyena’s probably got him choking.” Xander followed the shorter, yet larger man outside. “Hey. My name’s Xander. You probably smell my hyena-ey stuff, don’t you?”

“How do you know, bub?” The man’s voice was harsh, grating, yet soothing all at the same time. And he gave off a vibe of family, something Xander hadn’t had since Willow died.

“Cause I can smell your feral, too. Something small, but angry… Wolverine? Carcajou…”

“What the hell did you say?” the guy growled, eight inch metal claws sprouting from his hands. Xander growled as well, confused by the sudden aggressive behavior. His own eye, he knew, turned a burnished gold, and his fingernails elongated, becoming claws of his own. He could feel his human veneer slipping, his jaws becoming more pronounced, fangs growing, and just as suddenly, they were at each other’s throats. Those metal claws hurt, and his humanity slipped further.

“LOGAN! XANDER!” The sound of angry, appalled pack made Xander back away quickly, almost falling as he backpedaled and looked to his mate. Oz stood in the back doorway, eyes flashing gold, and fangs showing.

“Stop, Logan. He’s not the one you want to fight.” Logan sat down heavily, and Xander deemed it safe enough to move toward Mate, who rubbed his head absently, making soothing noises. “It’s okay, Xan, you can come back now. No more fighting, yeah?” Xander slowly shook himself and stood up, animal sliding back into him like it had never been, other than the fact that his eye stayed gold. The cuts from the claws were already healed, and he was panting.

“What the HELL was that all about?!” he demanded of Logan. “I didn’t say anything wrong!”

“Sorry,” Logan muttered, the claws disappearing into his hands. “You sparked a memory, a bad one. I haven’t had an episode this bad in a long while.”

“You have long-term amnesia,” Xander said, finally understanding. “So do I, to a point. I can’t remember anything before Caleb…. And my eye.”


“Willow told me the highlights, but it’s like it happened to someone else. The only thing I can remember is the Hyena, and that’s because when I left Sunnydale we integrated. Question, Oz. Why do you smell like pack? And why does Logan smell like father?”

“As far as I know, I have no kids,” Logan said slowly. “But I can’t remember anything past 21 years ago.”

“And I’m 23. Maybe you had me and put me up for adoption?”

“I don’t remember any woman though… Except, right when I came to from losing the memories… there was a woman, I felt like I should know her… Pack. Mate, I think, but she was dead, shot in the side.”

“That bites, man. Maybe we can get a DNA test done?” Xander said, curious and hopeful despite himself. If this really was his dad, then he had a family again. He finally noticed that Oz was blushing hotly, looking down. “What, Oz?”

“There was something… When I came back to Sunnydale… we got really drunk, and… yeah, you do have one scar that isn’t from demons or Caleb.” Xander touched his own shoulder, knowing the scar. Willow couldn’t explain it, which meant she had no idea… It was a bite, but it wasn’t from a vamp or anything demony.

“So, what? You claimed me? Why?”

“My feral wanted it. Maybe it knew, then, what you were… It was so hard to come back here and pretend like nothing had changed, and you didn’t seem to know the significance, or about the fact that you bit me, too.”

“Okay, I’m gonna go back inside,” Logan broke in, grunting. “The pheromones out here are giving me the creeps, and if you are my son, I don’t want to hear about your love-life.” He went back inside, closing the door behind him.
Oz fell into his arms, shaking, and his feral took over, causing him to hold him tightly, licking his neck soothingly.

“It’s okay, Oz. I’m here. Life-mate, I’m not leaving.” Oz nodded, and Xander could feel him relaxing, whimpering, trying to burrow into him. “So, I have another question.” Oz looked up, his eyes that golden color that showed he wasn’t fully in control. “Who was dom?”

Oz choked out a laugh, then smiled fondly. “Both of us. But you were first.”
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