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Floating, Magic and Memory

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Summary: Three times Rory McKay had run-ins with a different Atlantis (Physics of the Spin/Mhalachai's SGA crossovers)

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Stargate > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Multiple Fandoms(Past Donor)MhalachaiFR1332,4881199,31811 May 0911 May 09Yes

Physics of Memory

Physics of Memory
Physics of the Spin/Rosemary for Remembrance

Stargate Atlantis/Gilmore Girls
Disclaimer: Sony and MGM own all things Stargate Atlantis. CW and the Palladinos own Gilmore Girls. I'm only borrowing.
Spoilers: For the main plot point of Rosemary for Remembrance, which followed SGA's season 5 The Shrine



Radek, who was well-versed in Gilmore-speak by now, took pity on Rory by filling her cup with coffee at the food counter. "A late night, yes?" he commiserated.

"Mmm." Rory didn't bother with food, just lifted the cup to her lips to swallow down some of the life-affirming liquid that was coffee. "Yes. Long." Another swallow, then a third. She blinked as she felt the fog of too-little sleep roll back enough for her to focus on Radek. He gave her a smile. "But the simulation is done, so Rodney can't yell at me."

"He never yells at you," Radek pointed out. He filled his own mug. "Especially not today," he added under his breath.

"Huh?" Rory paused in her drinking long enough to look around the mess hall. She spotted her father in a far-off corner, talking in a far more animated manner than he normally did with anyone. As to whom he was speaking with, Rory couldn't see who it was, but she knew for sure that it was a woman with dark hair in military dress.

Rory stood rooted to the spot, staring at her father happily flirting with some strange military woman. When exactly had the world turned upside down?

Radek had gone, so Rory couldn't ask anyone who Rodney was talking to. Had there been a dial-up scheduled to Earth for new personnel? She couldn't remember, having been so engrossed in her work for days on end. Maybe she could find John Sheppard and ask him. He usually had a stalker-like knowledge of Rodney's every movement. But the colonel was nowhere to be seen this morning.

Right then, Rodney looked up and spotted Rory staring at him. He waved her over, still smiling at something the mysterious woman said as he cleared a place for Rory.

Crap. Rory didn't like walking into an unknown situation like this, especially given that she hadn't know her father was interested in anyone, let alone someone at work. But she obediently walked across the room, holding her coffee cup in front of her like a shield.

She slipped into the place beside Rodney, surreptitiously glancing at the woman as she did so. "Hi," she said shyly, wondering why the hell this woman looked so familiar. Had they met before? Maybe at the SGC?

"Hi. Did you finish the simulation?" Rodney asked, not offering to introduce Rory to the woman or anything.

"Yes," Rory said, unable to get it out of her head that she knew this dark-haired woman. For her part, the woman smiled and seemed utterly content to let Rory sit there without an introduction. Fine, Rory told herself. It was up to her. She set down her cup and held out her hand. "You'll have to forgive me, I didn't have a lot of sleep. I'm Rory Gilmore. Have we met?"

The woman's familiar green eyes went totally blank. Rory only had a moment to wonder how anyone could look so much like John Sheppard before Rodney dropped his fork onto his plate with a clatter.

"Oh god, not again," Rodney moaned. The woman still hadn't moved.

Rory didn't understand. "Dad, what's going on?" she asked before her mind started spinning. The woman who looked like John Sheppard had the man's green eyes, the crazy dark hair, even the same dark leather wristband on her arm...

Oh no.

Rodney turned to the woman, who held up her hands in defense. "What did you do?" he demanded.

"Hey, this never happened before!" the woman exclaimed, her voice low and her words exactly like John's.

Oh no.

"Where's Colonel Sheppard?" Rory demanded, scooting backwards in her chair.

Rodney shoved his tray away from him, scowling at the woman. "This," he said, pointing with a jerky motion. "Is Colonel Sheppard."


"Joan Sheppard," Rodney went on. "She goes back and forth to being a he. It's a Pegasus thing."

"McKay!" the woman hissed.

"What? She's obviously figured out what's going on," Rodney said. The woman still looked like she was a few moment away from punching Rodney in the face. "It wasn't like Rory wasn't connecting the dots anyway!"

Rory sank into her chair. Was her father trying to tell her that Colonel Sheppard was a woman now?

This was just too disturbing.

the ends

The End

You have reached the end of "Floating, Magic and Memory". This story is complete.

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