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Zen Wolf in a New World

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Summary: Oz finds himself in a new world with a different kind of werewolf. FFA response.

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Anita Blake > Oz-Centered(Past Donor)MistressAshleyFR1329570236,86314 May 097 Jun 09Yes

Anita's POV

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Not Oz from Buffy; he's owned by Joss Whedon. Not Anita Blake and company; they're owned by Laurell K. Hamilton.

AN: Okay. I lied. *blush* I got such a good review for this story I just had to try to write a bit more. I was hoping to give it a true ending but that didn't turn out so well. All my muse did was regurgitate what I'd already written just in Anita's POV. But this really will (probably) be it for this story.

I love Anita but I also love to hate her. So forgive me if she seems to be a bit of a bitch in this. Though probably not any more than she was in the later books ... or me when I've gone without sleep for too long.


Anita's POV


Richard had called her to deal with his shit ... *again*. One of his newly turned wolves had gone rogue, he'd taken to stalking and killing some of the younger vampires. Turns out he'd been a Human's First supporter before he was made furry. Seems he truly lost whatever sanity he may have had, though he seemed to retain some intelligence since he stayed away from the older more experienced vamps. With Jean-Claude on her back about finding Jimmy and Richard pushing at her to do her job as Bolverk she'd been a tiny bit under pressure. Yeah, right.

So, here she was at the Lupinar; she'd done her 'duties' to the pack and they were waiting for the moon to rise. Supposedly she had to be here when they 'honored the pack with fresh meat'. She just wanted to be home, in bed, maybe wrapped around Micah and Nathaniel but quiet just didn't seem to fit into her life anymore ... or sleep. She sometimes wonders if it ever did.

Oh look, the moon was coming up. She withheld a sigh of relief ... she could leave soon. Watching the wolves eat someone was ... disgusting, oddly like a train wreck, unable to tear your eyes from it. That's probably why it took the wolves growling to realize something was wrong.

As she turned toward the place they were growling at she found herself gazing upon a sight you just didn't see everyday. A luminous, shimmering blue vaguely circle shaped ... something that barely touched the ground. It almost seemed to pulse with life. Which was just plain weird.

The thing that had her reaching for her gun was a wolf, could it be called a wolf?, slip-sliding through the shimmering thing. Almost as if it'd tried to stop itself at the last moment but just hadn't managed it. The sight might have been funny if the situation hadn't be so serious.

It was only when the growling started again that she noticed it had stopped, maybe she wasn't the only one a tad startled. She felt a bit smug that she had reached and draw her gun before the growls started up again.

Richard's commanding growl sounding behind her parted the wolves and she moved forward with him beside her, gun coming up and pointed, as he prowled toward the interloper.

"What the hell is going on here?" came from her mouth without thought. Some of the weaker, more submissive wolves lowered to the ground and whined.

Holy shit! He ... human! A glance at the moon confirmed that it was still full but turning her eyes back to the *human* in front of her showed what shouldn't have been possible. He'd changed from something vaguely wolf shaped to what looked to be a perfectly normal human male.

As he finished panting and pushed himself to his feet her stance shifted, became more aggressive, it wasn't something she could control. When the impossible happens around her it usually turned out with something trying to kill and/or maim her.


Did he just ...? Her mind went confusingly blank.


I could really, really use a beta. I have a spell check as I write thing so that turns out pretty great but I'm horrible with grammar and punctuation.

The End

You have reached the end of "Zen Wolf in a New World". This story is complete.

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