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Zen Wolf in a New World

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Summary: Oz finds himself in a new world with a different kind of werewolf. FFA response.

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Anita Blake > Oz-Centered(Past Donor)MistressAshleyFR1329570236,86314 May 097 Jun 09Yes

Zen Wolf in a New World

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Not Oz from Buffy; he's owned by Joss Whedon. Not Anita Blake and company; they're owned by Laurell K. Hamilton.

AN: What you read is what you get. This is all I'll be writing for this one; it's done, finished, the end but if you'd like to adopt this and add on just let me know.

The full moon rose and a moment later a howl rent the air.

Oz, Daniel Osbourne, werewolf, and all around Zen guy gave control over to the wolf mind and allowed himself to sink deeper within his mind. Though he did keep one 'eye' on the wolf in control. While he could now control his change and mentally leash his wolf when needed there was no reason to give the wolf full control and not be able to react in time should something unexpected happen.

With a sigh born of those who have lived and fought on the hellmouth he saw the portal a second too late. Like a trap waiting to be sprung it popped fully formed directly in front of him. There was no chance to stop the wolf who was already in full run, even if he were to take control.

Disoriented for what felt like a brief second and forever he came out the other side. There was quiet but for the rustle of the wind through leaves through the trees around him. The scent of wolves, werewolves, on the air had the wolf turning in a crouch. Growls broke the silence, coming from the wolves, a small part of his occupied mind pointed out that they were huge and looked more wolf-like than his own wolf form, in front of him.

A louder, commanding growl sounded from behind the others and they parted, letting through a honey brown wolf the size of a small pony. Oddly a women walked beside him, though considering she had a weapon pointed at him, maybe it wasn't such an odd thing. Reminded him of Buffy.

"What the hell is going on here?", Gun woman shouted. She must have been high in the pack as the more submissive wolves lowered themselves onto their bellies and whined.

Taking a deep breath, he forced himself to push the wolf back, to shift. With a shudder and a gasp he was a panting human on all fours. He saw the woman take a more aggressive, if shocked, stance as he pushed himself to his feet.


All that greeted him was silence.

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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking