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Charlotte's Prompt Request Ficlets

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Summary: A collection of ficlets written because I asked for prompts... And boy did I get some great prompts!

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A Pilot, A Mechanic and A Winchester...

Fandoms: Firefly/Supernatural
Rating: Gen
Warnings: None really
Summary: Wash had always teased Dean about his fear of flying and the choice to become a pilot.
Beta: The most loverly -- Strangevisitor , I couldn't have finished this without her!
Disclaimer: This story is intended for entertainment purposes only and provides absolutely no financial compensation. Recognizable characters belong to their prospective owners/writers.

For Vikingprincess:

A Pilot, A Mechanic and A Winchester…

Wash’s finger hovered over the send button, wondering why it mattered so much that he invite his old flight school buddy to his upcoming nuptials. He hadn’t heard from the man in years and it was quite possible that his friend was dead.

A memory of his first week in class came to mind and Wash grinned, remembering the scream of fear Dean Winchester had made the first time the instructor had sent the Sim-chamber into a roll. Wash had always teased Dean about his fear of flying and the choice to become a pilot. The younger man had confided one lonely night, after a few bottles of illegal homebrew, that he’d chosen to do so to get him and his brother Sam off the tiny moon their father had abandoned them on. Being a pilot meant he could take better care of his younger brother.

The ink had barely dried on his pilot’s license when Dean shot off planet and promptly disappeared. Soon after, someone from the Alliance questioned Wash and his other classmates regarding Winchester’s whereabouts, but Dean hadn’t shared his plans with anyone. Wash remembered much later where the younger Winchester brother had been staying while Dean was in school, but no one had questioned him about it again and Wash was soon too busy to worry about such things.

War had broken out and many of their class were conscripted into service. It was a long time before Wash thought of his old friend again.

The message button blinked bringing him back to the present; with a hopeful sigh, Wash stabbed it.


Wash stood at the front of the chapel, watching Zoe walk up the aisle. She was breathtakingly beautiful in the white sheath dress he’d suggested, despite the fact that she wore it grudgingly. He beamed, ignoring the Captain’s scowl. He knew it was for show. Mal had tried his best to discourage the romance between his pilot and his XO, but had finally conceded defeat when he saw how happy Wash made Zoe. Wash silently stepped on Mal’s toe and the Captain finally smiled, albeit stiffly. This was their day and, gorram it, they were going to enjoy it. He would anyway.

A figure entered quietly and sat at the back, nodding at Wash when their eyes met. Wash smiled at the sight, feeling that his face might split wide open from the joy of the day. The ceremony went on and on and he fully agreed with Zoe when she growled at the preacher after the man droned for forty-five minutes.

The preacher had paled and stuttered through the final lines; then the announcement was made, papers signed and the wedding party was finally free to cut loose and celebrate. Mal had even offered to pay for a round.

In the chaos that became their celebration, Wash totally forgot about the late arrival and yelped when a heavy hand clapped him painfully on the shoulder.

“Wash! You crazy bastard! I couldn’t believe it when I got your message! I almost didn’t get here in time. Who in their right mind would want to tie themselves down to y…” Dean Winchester choked off his sentence when Zoe turned from her conversation with Mal to narrow her dark eyes at the man accosting her new husband.

Wash grinned at Dean’s sudden loss of speech. His Zoe usually had that effect on men. They were either scared as hell or struck dumb by her beauty. From Dean’s wide eyed stare, Wash thought it might be a little of both.

“Sergeant.” Dean swallowed and nodded to Zoe and Wash saw a smirk flash on his wife’s face.

“Winchester. See you got through okay.”

“Yes, Ma’am. Sorry I bugged out early on that last run, but I had to pull my brother out of a tight spot. Gorram Purple Bellies thought they were gonna take him to some go’se private school. I schooled him myself; he didn’t need brainwashin’.”

Zoe nodded. “Good for you.”

Wash sent a bewildered look between Zoe and Dean. “You two know each other?”

Zoe pointed a thumb at the man in question. “This crazy bastard was one of our main suppliers until a few months before Serenity.”

Mal eyed Dean for a moment, before relenting and holding out his hand. The two men shook hands silently and Wash was wondering if they would come to blows when Kaylee walked up and threaded her arm through Dean’s, beaming up at the Captain.

“Dean’s invited me to see his baby, Mal. We ain’t leavin’ ‘til tomorrow right?”

“Well now, Kay…” Mal’s protest died when Kaylee’s eyes widened and her lower lip pushed out in a pout.

Dean wisely held in a smirk as Kaylee wheedled. “Mal! He says he’s got an Impala Class cruiser. I just have to see it myself. Besides,” she shot Dean a hungry look and his smirk escaped. “He’s just so pretty.”

Mal gaped and then grimaced. “Too much gorram information Kaylee!” He glared at Dean. “You’re not aimin’ ta steal my mechanic are you Winchester?”

“No offence meant to Kaylee here, but Hell No! No one flies or works on my ride but me or my brother.”

Wash swallowed a smile as determination flashed in Kaylee’s eyes. Dean didn’t know it, but it was obvious that Serenity’s mechanic fully intended to inspect the ship from top to bottom. Probably right after she put him into an exhaustion induced sex coma. What Kaylee said finally fully processed and he gaped at Dean. “Impala Class? Where the gorram did you get a hold of a working Impala Class cruiser?”

Dean’s chest puffed out with pride. “It was my dad’s. He left it in storage on one of the rim planets and we found it right after I left training. Paid the back fees and rebuilt it from the inside out. Azazeal’s Bane is the best ride around.”

Kaylee bristled and Dean wrapped his arm around her shoulders. He sent Wash a grin and tilted his head at Zoe. “Dude, you know she’s way out of your league, right?”

“Yes I do, but she’s already signed the papers and I’m not letting her change her mind.” Wash snaked his arm around Zoe’s waist and she leaned into him.

“Promise to have Kaylee back before you leave tomorrow, Capt’n.” With a wink, Dean ushered Kaylee from the tavern.

Wash saw Mal working up to protest and decided to take matters into his own hands. “Mal, weren’t you going to post an advert to rent out the second shuttle? Remember? You said a Companion on board could be what we need to give us some legitimate cover.”

Mal took the hint and stalked away.
Zoe beamed at Washand murmured in his ear, “Take me to bed, husband mine.”


Two hours before takeoff, a glowing happy Kaylee stumbled into Serenity's cargo bay with Dean and another man in tow. Mal frowned, but held his tongue when Dean kissed his mechanic goodbye. Wash hurried down the steps to say goodbye to his old friend. When he reached the trio, Wash nearly got a crick in his neck looking up at the man standing behind Dean.

“Wash! I’m surprised to see you up and around this early!” Dean’s voice echoed through the bay.

“Yes, well, departure time was set before I convinced Zoe to say yes so…”

“Dude, that sucks. Hey! This is my brother Sammy. Sammy, this is that guy from flight school I told you about.”

Wash held out his hand. “Just call me Wash.”

“I’m Sam. Dean still acts like I’m only ten.” Sam reached out and Wash shook his hand, wincing when Sam’s grip suddenly tightened. Wash’s gaze went from their hands to Sam’s face and his stomach wobbled at the sight of the other man’s ashen expression. Hazel eyes rolled up, showing only white and Dean barely managed to keep his brother from hitting his head on the metal floor. Mal and Zoe both tried to get a closer look, but Dean’s loud, “Ai ya! Back off! He’ll be okay in a second, just don’t touch him!” gave them both pause.

Sam looked like he was seizing and from the expression in Mal’s eyes, Wash knew the Captain was about to call in a medic.

Dean kept up a constant murmur and although it was difficult to make out, it sounded like he was chanting, “It’s okay, Sammy, don’t fight it, let it happen. You know what Missouri said. You gotta stop fighting it, that’s what makes it hurt.”

The younger man seemed tense again and then relaxed, letting out a pained moan as his head wobbled a little. Dean looked up at Zoe. “You got a pain blocker? If I can get one in him, I might be able to get him back to our ship without him puking everywhere.”

“Jerk.” Sam’s voice was thready and weak, but the sound of it put a smile on Dean’s face.

“Bitch. You hold on for a little longer and we’ll get you home.” Sam’s grip tightened on Dean’s jacket and he opened his mouth to speak again, but Dean put his hand over his brother’s mouth. “You can tell me later. You know if you try to talk before the pain med, you’ll hurl all over me and then I’ll have to kick your ass.” Sam relaxed his grip and frowned, his eyes still closed.

Wash was intrigued. This was an entirely different side of Dean. One he had never seen before. He tried to question his friend, but Dean wouldn’t meet his eyes and then Mal bullied him into the bridge to begin the start up sequence.

Wash finished up his preparations for take-off and hustled back to the loading bay and was happy to see that Sam was on his feet and arguing quietly with his brother. The older Winchester’s jaw was clenched in a familiar way that spelled trouble, but then Sam swiped his hands in a cutting motion and shoved at Dean before turning and stomping his way down the ramp. The tall figure stopped at the end, visibly seething, but obviously waiting for his brother.

Dean turned toward Wash and scratched the back of his head, anger draining away to be replaced by a weary expression that drug his normally handsome face down.

Tilting his head toward Sam, Wash asked, “Your brother okay now? What was that anyway?”

Dean sighed and looked up into the rafters before meeting Wash’s concerned gaze. “Sammy’s… different. It’s the reason I had to keep him from getting snatched by the Alliance.” He shook his head angrily. “This is so stupid! He’s gonna get us pinched, but he won’t cooperate unless I tell you…”

The fluttery feeling swooped around in Wash’s stomach again. “Tell me what?”

That stubborn clench tightened Dean’s jaw again. “I’m going to give you his message and then you need to forget us, Wash. As far as you know, I disappeared after flight school and you never heard from me again, dong ma?”

“What are you talking about, Dean?”

Dean stepped into Wash’s personal space, effectively using his height to intimidate him. “Dammit, Wash, the Alliance still wants Sammy and if you knew why, it would be bad for all of you.” He looked up to where Zoe was keeping watch on the balcony. “Real bad.” She nodded and Dean met Wash’s eyes again. “Don’t ask me what this means, cuz I never know when he does this. He said, ‘A leaf on the wind can’t soar in a hurricane.’” He raised his hand when Wash opened his mouth. “Don’t ask, I said.” Dean smacked Wash’s shoulder and stalked across the bay and down the ramp, never looking back. He grabbed his brother’s arm and jerked him out of sight.

Mal’s voice bellowing across the bay broke through Wash’s confusion. “Kaylee! Quit mooning over that wang ba dan and close the doors. Wash, do I have to do the take off myself, or do you think you can manage it?”


The End?

You have reached the end of "Charlotte's Prompt Request Ficlets" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 Sep 09.

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