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Charlotte's Prompt Request Ficlets

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Summary: A collection of ficlets written because I asked for prompts... And boy did I get some great prompts!

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Multiple Crossings > General > Ficlet Collections - Other(Past Donor)CharlotteFR1833,4640151,12714 May 0924 Sep 09No

The World Might Implode

Fandom: BtVS/Dresden Files
Characters: Harry Dresden, Karrin Murphy, Buffy Summers, mention of others
Category: Gen, Crossover
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None
Summary: Prompt from Ava: They're always saving the magic user's ass....
Disclaimer: This story is intended for entertainment purposes only and provides absolutely no financial compensation. Recognizable characters belong to their prospective owners/writers.
Pairing: Murphy (Dresden)/Buffy (not sexual)
Warning: Totally Ava’s fault

A big thank you to vikingprincess for the beta, you totally saved my bacon. Mmmmm, bacon...

Closing the Sunnydale Hellmouth was supposed to give them a break. Really. That was what they’d all believed. But by the time they’d settled into the abandoned Hyperion, the shockwave had already begun changing their world: merging it with another reality.

A totally bogus, sad and highly irritating reality.

Okay, so demons were incorporeal unless specifically summoned. Yay. But there were THREE types of vampires, all deadly and all as difficult to kill as Spike wearing the Gem of Amara. So, boo on that.

And faeries were real. And they could forget about Tinkerbell, too. These guys were more along the lines of Laurell K. Hamilton faeries, but deadlier and not as sexy. And most of them weren’t nearly so pretty. Plus, any type of childhood bootgeties anyone had ever heard of were real. Except for Santa. He wasn't a demon anymore; he was actually Saint Nick, so that was one less worry. Demon Santa was a bitch to kill.

Oh! And they couldn't forget about a new and improved Council. The White Council. Who thought the Slayer should work for them because… blah blah blah.

Willow had to go totally cold turkey. Giles performed some sort of cleansing ritual on her that took three weeks so that he could present her to the aforementioned White Council for training. Why, one might ask? Because otherwise, they would have bound her magic and sliced off her head with a snicker-snack.

And then there were these Seven Laws of Magic.

Someone really needed to explain how it was that they could oversee all magic users in the world to the point of execution but when the poop out of their backyard hit the fan…


Buffy shook her head as she parried another sword trying to ruin her new hairstyle. Thomas didn’t do just anyone’s hair, and he'd totally scream down the salon if she went to him to even up her cut yet again.

What is it about Chicago that attracted so many bloodsuckers? Oh, that was right… She searched the warehouse for her current sidekick. Tall, Dark, and Broody, complete with leather trench coat that would have made Spike green with envy... A masculine bellow drew Buffy's attention and she finally spotted His Tallness ten feet to the left, surrounded by the yucky vamps. The ones that that Bram guy wrote his book about. She twisted her wrist, released the stake, and threw it hard enough that it passed through two of them before disintegrating along with the third.

Harry flashed a smile and Buffy grinned. Yes, she was still mad at him, but he was strong with the broody, not to mention the tall and dark. Not that she’d go for it, because he was a wizard. And not just any wizard, either. A White Council Wizard. Ooh, but there was more! He was a Warden, too, which meant White Council Cop. Sooo not her type! Plus, the Slayers had been conscripted into their war and were constantly being called on to save their stupid magic using asses. Even so, after spending a few weeks in his company, she got the distinct feeling that he wasn’t a Council trained Warden. He just wasn’t stuffy enough.

According to Andrew, their resident geek of all trades and in-house IWC representative to the Scotland Fortress of Doom; Harry had just been released from some kind of Danny Cleese sword threat and he’d been forced into the whole wizard police gig.

Just because they had similar backgrounds didn’t mean they could fraternize. Dawn would be so proud of her. Buffy was finally resisting future failed romance number umpteen. Go, Buffy!

Ten minutes later, and they were out the door, vamps vanquished and ancient dusty tome retrieved. She tried to escape, really she did. But he was totally right there and she was all wound up with the post-Slayage and….


“Summers! What took you so long? I’ve been waiting for an hour!”

Thank the Powers (even though they'd screwed with her life yet again) for new friends in strange cities. Harry had introduced Buffy to Karrin and they’d instantly clicked into a friendship that fell halfway between Willow and Faith. And the not-so-newly demoted Officer Murphy had promised to help Buffy avoid a romantic entanglement with one Wizard Dresden.

Buffy left Harry in a cloud of disappointment with a quick wave and totally denied the fact she was watching him in the side mirror as Karrin drove off.

“You know, Harry’s a really great guy. You could do a lot worse than a guy who accepts who and what you are and would rather die than betray someone he loves.” Karrin shot Buffy a knowing look and then winced at the Slayer’s expression. “I’m just sayin’.”

“I know that. Really, I do. But with my track record and his… the world would probably implode. Or… this reality would melt into yet another one and Powers know what that would be like.”

“A 'world without shrimp'?”

Buffy hung her head. “You’re never going to forget about that drunken babblefest, are you?”

“If I did, then I’d also forget about the promise I made to keep you from, and I quote, ‘Showing Harry how to destroy a building via sex.’…” Karrin burst into gales of laughter at the look of horror on Buffy’s face.

“I did NOT say that to you!”

“Yes, you did. That was the only reason I agreed.”

Buffy groaned and shook her head. “I must have been channeling Faith.”

“Have you heard from her lately?”

“She seems to enjoy the travel and she’s always loved the fighting. I’m still mad at Harry for giving her that stupid sword, you know.”

“She didn’t have to take it.”

“I know. And I’m happy for her, really I am. I mean, she’s got a great partner in Sanya and…”



“Please give him a chance.”

“But what if it doesn’t work out and we end up hating each other?”

“Then my two closest friends will have to accept that I won’t choose between them.”



The Slayer fell silent for a long moment. “Okay, I’ll think about it.”
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