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Olympus's Key

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Summary: A new prophecy and the mysterious arrival of a pregnant mortal worry the Demigods and suddenly Camp Half-Blood is not the sanctuary it once was. Gods should know better than to mess with mystical forces. Major BtVS character death.

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Literature > Childrens/Teen > Percy Jackson & the OlympiansTDWidowFR1555,86122110,44214 May 0913 May 10No

Chapter Five - A Meeting on Olympus

AUTHOR’S NOTE Sorry for the delay! And I’m also sorry that this chapter is so short. The next one will be longer. All information on Momus comes from Wikipedia.

DISCLAIMER I own nothing canon from either Buffy or Percy Jackson.


Zeus’s anger had been so strong that each of the palace walls had began to glow. Chiron quickly ushered the demigods out of the room before the King of the Gods had burst into his true divine form and vaporized them all on the spot. They stood in a tight cluster between the towering marble columns.

“Chiron, what the name of Zeus is going on?” Pollux asked impatiently. Percy could suddenly see very much of Dionysus in him.

“Yeah,” Katie added. “Who’s Momus?”

Annabeth gripped his hand. Percy glanced at her and saw her biting her lip nervously – a sure sign that she knew what was going on and was worried.

Chiron looked worriedly at the closed doors of the palace, his tail swishing in the disturbed air, and sighed. The lightning borne from Zeus’s anger lit up his horse body, making the long white back glow eerily in the darkness. “The Gods’ greatest displeasure has returned.”

That sounded none too promising. Percy had seen the Gods’ displeasure. Often it was directed at him. It was not pleasant. Whatever had the dubious honor of being their greatest displeasure was surely not going to be fun.

“I’ve heard the name Momus before,” Brianna said. “From my mom. She mentioned it in passing once. He didn’t sound so bad.”

Annabeth smirked. “I bet. All he did was tell her that her sandals squeaked.”

The demigods all turned expectantly to Chiron. “Momus is a minor God,” he finally said. “The God of Mockery. He was banished from Olympus for criticizing the Gods.”

Travis shrugged. “So? We mock people all the time.”

“Not Zeus,” Chiron said ruefully. “And though you and your siblings cause quite a bit of mischief around camp, it has always been in the spirit of fun. Momus is an evil spirit, worse than either of his sisters – Nemesis and Eris.”

Percy shuddered. Though Nemesis and Eris had supposedly returned to the Olympian side after the war with Kronos, he had faced Nemesis’s son Ethan during the war and it hadn’t been easy. Why had he never heard of Momus before?

“His memory was buried,” Chiron continued, answering the unanswered question and furthering Percy’s suspicion that Chiron secretly read minds. “And all mention of him stricken from Olympus. It was assumed that he eventually faded away, like Pan, but apparently he has been biding his time.”

“Poor baby,” Katie cooed to the sleeping little boy.

“Yeah,” Nico said. “His mom’s dead and his dad’s a nutjob.”

“Hey!” Pollux said indignantly.

“Aren’t we forgetting something?” Michael asked.

Annabeth sighed. “You mean, what is the Key?”

“Yeah. I’ve never heard of anything like that before.”

Annabeth and Chiron shared one of those looks that Percy hated, but before they could answer, the doors flew open and Hermes fluttered out on his winged sandals. “We need you back,” he said.

They followed him back inside, averting their eyes as he grew again to his customary Olympian size and settled himself back on his throne. Zeus had calmed down, though thunder still rumbled through the open windows. “So,” he finally said. “Our evil cousin has decided to show his face again.”

Percy looked at Annabeth and mouthed, cousin? She shook her head and whispered back, “Later.”

“Chiron,” Zeus continued. “Dionysus has informed me that a Prophecy has been made about his child. We must hear it before any decisions can be made.”

Chiron nodded. “Of course. Percy?”

Percy sighed. Of course he would have to recite it – he was the only one there who had heard the Prophecy spoken. He glanced worriedly at his father, whose encouraging smile gave him a modicum of courage. “In times that are no longer tense,” he began. “The Key shall carry new life hence. Fragile peace be torn asunder.” He paused, really not wanting to see Zeus’s reaction to the next line. “Power born to threaten thunder. All demigods divided thus, to serve or challenge Olympus. But in the end, to those who care, beware the Slayer comes to bear.

The Gods listened in silence. Zeus frowned. “Hmm,” was all that he said.

Percy relaxed a little. “Hmm” was better than blasting him on the spot. But the way that the King of the Gods was staring at Dawn’s sleeping baby gave him a chill that ran up and down his spine. He knew that Zeus had only moderate compassion for his own children (really, did he honestly think that turning Thalia into a pine tree was a mercy?), so he seriously doubted that he would take pity on this child borne of one of his less-favorite family members.

“Chiron, return to your camp with the children,” Zeus said. Percy bristled at being called a child. “Dionysus, accompany them. I will inform you when I have made my decision.”

His tone made it clear that their audience with Olympus was abruptly over. Chiron turned and led them firmly out, back through the winding roads that led to the Empire State Building’s super elevator. Percy jogged up to walk beside Annabeth. “What decision?”

Her gray eyes were grave. “What do you think? That prophecy says that the baby directly threatens Zeus, Percy. You know he doesn’t like threats.”

He draped a sad arm around her shoulders as they crowded into the elevator with Michael, Travis, and Jake. “They never told us what the Key is,” he murmured.

“I’ll tell you later,” she whispered back. “But what about the end of the Prophecy? What’s a Slayer?”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Olympus's Key" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 13 May 10.

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