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Olympus's Key

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Summary: A new prophecy and the mysterious arrival of a pregnant mortal worry the Demigods and suddenly Camp Half-Blood is not the sanctuary it once was. Gods should know better than to mess with mystical forces. Major BtVS character death.

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Literature > Childrens/Teen > Percy Jackson & the OlympiansTDWidowFR1555,86122110,44214 May 0913 May 10No

Chapter One - Mortal Visitor

AUTHOR’S NOTE I just finished The Last Olympian, which I loved, and felt the need to start writing some Percy Jackson fiction. This story will have spoilers for all five Percy Jackson books and will ignore the entire season 8 Buffy arc.

There is a major Buffy character death in this story, just to warn you.

DISCLAIMER I own no rights to either Buffy or Percy Jackson.


Percy Jackson was thinking about how every summer seemed to start off badly.

He was back at Camp Half-Blood for the season and by all rights, it should have been quiet. Kronos had been defeated. The Titans had been returned to their eternal prisons. The Camp was being rebuilt and expanded to accommodate the demigod children of the minor Olympian Gods. He had survived a second year at Goode High School and been chased by only a handful monsters. He and Annabeth were finally together and everything was supposed to be working out perfectly.

He sat on his bunk alone in the Poseidon cabin, staring out the window toward the sea, and snorted. So much for that.

Oh, he and Annabeth were fine. Kronos was still dead and his armies were still defeated. Everything would have been great except for one tiny little thing that had happened not two hours after they had all arrived.

Grover had come to welcome him back to camp as he was unpacking in the Poseidon cabin. He was alone still, as his half-brother Tyson was now leading the Cyclops armies underwater and Poseidon had apparently kept to his part of the treaty other than fathering him.

In fact, it was beginning to look like Percy and his friend Thalia, daughter of Zeus, were the only times that the treaty had been broken. After World War II, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, the three most powerful Gods on the Olympian council, had made a pact not to father any more children with mortals. Their children turned out to be too powerful, plus there was a prophecy about one of their children bringing down Olympus. The prophecy was resolved, but that did not negate the fact that children of the Big Three tended to be too powerful.

Zeus had cheated once and fathered Thalia, but his cabin at Camp Half-Blood was still empty since Thalia had joined the Hunters of Artemis. Poseidon had cheated once with Percy’s mother, but occasionally his other son, Tyson the Cyclops, came to visit. Ironically, Hades had never broken the pact, but his son Nico (who, by grace of the time-altering Lotus Casino in Las Vegas, had been born long before World War II but was still in his teens) lived in his newly-built cabin alone.

Grover, who was a satyr and now sat on the Council of Cloven Elders, had been telling Percy about how quiet the winter had been compared to the last four years when their friend Rachel had knocked on the doorframe.

Rachel was a mortal girl who could see through the Mist – the magic that prevented normal people from seeing anything from the immortal world – and now served as the host for the spirit of the Oracle of Delphi. She had been the Oracle’s host for less than a year and had already delivered the next Great Prophecy, but neither Percy nor Grover was prepared for her eyes to glaze over green while she was sitting on an empty bunk in the Poseidon cabin.

Her voice barely sounded like her own. “In times that are no longer tense,” she said. “The Key shall carry new life hence.

“Fragile peace be torn asunder, power born to threaten thunder. All demigods divided thus, to serve or challenge Olympus.”

Percy and Grover looked at each other fearfully. They knew Rachel didn’t know what she was saying and would not remember it afterward, but it already sounded like their troubles hadn’t died with the Titan army.

She spoke the last two lines, “But in the end, to those who care, beware the Slayer comes to bear,” and her eyes lost their green glow. Rachel shook her head and blinked, then looked at the boys. “What?”

Grover said nothing before bleating worriedly and running from the cabin. Rachel frowned. “What’d I say?”

She’d followed Grover and left Percy sitting alone on his bunk glumly. So much for things being nice and restful this summer.

He felt a tug on the empathy link he shared with Grover and got up to meet with him in the Big House. Rachel and Grover were standing on the porch, Rachel looking ashamed, with Mr. D the camp councilor and the centaur Chiron, their Activities Director. “Percy, good,” Chiron said. “Apparently we have something that we need to talk about?”

Percy glanced at Rachel sympathetically. Chiron followed his gaze and put a comforting hand on the girl’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, my dear. The Oracle says many things. You would never be held responsible for any of them.”

His words didn’t appear to make her feel any better but she nodded with a half-smile. Mr. D waved a hand and several chairs appeared on the porch. Although his powers were limited in human form, Mr. D (or Dionysus) could still do amazing tricks. “Well, let’s get on with it,” he grumbled.

Grover recounted Rachel’s prophecy. It was no clearer than other prophecies, but its threat to Zeus made Mr. D’s eye twitch and Chiron’s long tail swish nervously. Percy eyed them all nervously. This was not how he wanted to start his summer! He wanted to spend time with Annabeth and improve his time on the climbing wall. He wanted to explore the woods with Grover, maybe take a weekend trip to see how his dad was coming on rebuilding his ocean palace. Worrying about another prophecy had not made it onto his summer to do list.

The conversation had not gotten very far before a shout was heard over the valley. Chiron leapt quickly off the porch and, being considerably taller than anyone else there, shielded his eyes against the sun to look for the crier. “It’s Katie,” he said. “She’s not alone!”

Percy knew that Chiron was looking toward Thalia’s pine tree, where the Golden Fleece hung on a low branch and was guarded by a dragon. It was the border of camp. Katie Gardner, daughter of Demeter, had been on guard that afternoon and if she wasn’t alone…

Chiron had taken off in a gallop toward Half-Blood Hill. With a pop, Mr. D disappeared, presumably to follow him. Percy never bothered to think things through anyway, so he took off after them both.

There was a very-pregnant woman leaning heavily on Katie’s shoulder as the two of them struggled down the hill. Chiron was just about to lift her onto his back when she stumbled and collapsed on the ground. He knelt at her side, talking softly to her, as Percy ran up to them. Mr. D stood off to the side, looking agitated and slightly bored.

Something was wrong. Chiron would never take this kindly to an outsider just stumbling into camp. As Percy skidded to a stop beside Katie, he heard the woman whisper, “Dawn,” before falling limply in the centaur’s arms.

“What’s going on?” Grover asked, out of breath as he jogged up to where Percy and Katie stood.

Katie’s eyes were filled with tears. “She came to us for help,” she said softly. Suddenly she was weeping on Percy’s shoulder. “She’s dying,” she whispered.


AN I hope that the prophecy sounds appropriately old. Let me know what you think so far!
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