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Seeing The Difference

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Summary: After the others forget Xanders birthday. He finds some people in trouble and helps. Later to find a object that may change his life for the better.

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Games > Japanese Fantasy
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SadJackFR1514,330022,79614 May 0914 May 09No
Disclaimer: I do not own BTVS that is owned by Joss Whedon. Also I don’t own Chrono Cross. To my knowledge that is owned by Squaresoft. And Sliders is owned by the SCIFI channel.

Title: Seeing The Difference.

Xander Centric

Summary: A certain device is found and Xander uses it to see to it that it is used for the better.

I just got done with a little shopping trip to the local Best Buy. They were having a buy as you get sale and wanted to move merchandise out quick. I decided to buy myself a brand new TV for my birthday, seeing as my old one fizzed out on me last week. I figured that if I was gonna get anything that it would have to come from myself. It seems that if you are not of the super powered variety that you don’t get remembered for the day you were born. Same can be said about the point of not being of the drunk off your ass kind to, seeing as my folks have seemed to have forgotten as well. But I’m used to them not caring. But come on even Buffy and Willow has forgotten. It’s just not right. I remember their birthdays, and I try to do something neat for it. Either a gift or card or something. But nope that’s not in the cards for the Xandman, I get left behind.

I go to a local bakery and buy myself a cupcake. As I am only eating for myself, I think that is all that I would really need. It’s a chocolate flavored one too. The only kind to get for ones birthday.

I finally get home and see my parents passed out on the couch and in the lazyboy. Another drinking binge for them I am guessing. I make my way to my room and set things down to the relief of my arms. I go to my desk and look for the candle box I have in the drawer. I take out a single candle and put it into the cupcake and light it with my handy dandy Bic lighter. It’s now seven pm and I still haven’t heard from anyone that cares. I guess I have been forgotten.

I close my eyes and make a birthday wish. It’s the same wish that I have been making for the last couple of years. ‘I wish that my life got better’. With a quick breath I put out the candle and sit down to eat my cupcake. After a few solemn bites the cake is gone and I turn my attention to the present that I bought myself. It’s a lot better than the set that I had before. My last TV was old and was a turn knob controlled set that was missing its knobs; I had to turn them with a small wrench. This set is a new one that is remote controlled and is a little bit bigger than the last. I open the box and pull out the TV and place it on my TV stand. It looks good there, worthy of the honor of being my boob tube. I plug it in and turn to the box to find the remote. I look through the box and come up empty.

I curse under my breath and stand up. I look around the floor to see if it has dropped out when I took out the set and still don’t see it. Well it looks as if I got cheated. The set is still able to be turned on and has channel buttons to the side, but I bought it so I don’t have to do that. Since this was a buy as is deal for the set I can’t go back and say “Hey there was no remote in the box.” I decide that I will just have to go buy myself a universal remote.

Since it is near eight pm at night and the sun is down, that the smart idea would be to wait until tomorrow. But I really want to watch the latest kung fu movie I got and it’s too tempting not to go. I make a decision that I can just go to the nearest Radio Shack since its only five blocks away and be fast enough to get back without running into any of the overbite community.

I grab a cross and stake just in case and leave my house.

I make it about halfway to the store and I hear a noise. I turn to see what it is and see some people falling out of well I don’t know what it is. But it looks like a big whole made of a bluish light. There looks to be three men and a woman. They get up off the ground and start to look around.

I notice that two of them are dressed in clothes that remind me of cowboys and the other two are now pointing and laughing at them. They seem as though they are a close knit set of friends and are just getting in a few rips.

With all the commotion I forget that this is the undead capitol of the world and start to look around to see if the light show drew in any of the more troublesome citizens of the town. I see off to the right of the group of friends that about five vamps are about to attack them and start to run for them.

I pull out my stake and prep myself for a tough fight. I know I can handle one or two by myself if I push myself and use some dirty tricks. But I still hope that these guys will get with the program fast and not wuss out and run.

I see that the vamps are about to attack and run to get there in time.

They make a noise and the group of four friends turns to see the vamps come into view. I can tell that they are in their game faces and that the friends are a little freaked by it. I decide the best way to get the surprise is to just bull run and stake one as fast as I can and hope it is enough to startle the rest in hopes that they will step back to at least regroup.

I run in and tackle the lead vamp to the ground and strike out with my stake. I dust the vamp and hear the comforting sound of the demon dying. I turn to see that the friends are a little startled by this and back up to them and yell out.

“I don’t know who you are and right now I don’t care. But these guys aren’t the friendliest of people and I really need you to get ready to fight. Find some decent size branches and watch your backs.”

I hear them scramble for fallen tree branches and stand up to fight. I internally thank whatever power that is out there that they had listened and didn’t run.

I look at the vamps and they are slightly surprised at this but quickly recover. They move into attack again and I ready myself for more trouble.

I am able to dust another one and turn to see the friends trying to him the vamps with the branches like baseball bats. I decide that the best course is to sneak up behind the vamps during the scuffle with the others and dust them from behind.

I go from one to another until there is only one left. He decides that he is in over his head and runs for it. I’m not about to start chasing him after this fight so I turn to check on the others.

“Are you guys all right?”

One of the men a guy with short light brown hair and dressed in the cowboy garb looks at me with a relieved look and speaks up.

“Yeah, where ok. But what the hell was that? What was wrong with those guys’ faces? And their eyes? What is going on?”

I turn to answer him but the woman speaks up before I can.

“I don’t know what is wrong with them but those guys were tough. They hit like a sledgehammer and can take a beating.”

I decide now is the best time to address their concerns and get to safety at the same time.

“Look guys I can tell you all you want to know but we gotta get away from here. Those aren’t the only things that I am worried about around here and the safest place is inside a home. Do you have any place to go, or are you new to the Suddy D?”

One of the other men of the group steps forward and speaks up.

“Umm, yeah. You see we are kinda new in town and haven’t found a place to stay yet. Is there any chance that you can point us in the right direction of a good hotel?”

“I’m sorry to say even hotels around here aren’t the safest place to sleep. But since you backed me up with those guys, I can offer you my couch and the downstairs bedroom for the night. Tomorrow we can see about a good place you can stay and it will give me some time to tell you about what you just seen.”

“Ok, I think that that might be a good idea for now. And I do wanna know what is up with the guys the explode into dust.”

“Ok, just follow me and keep an eye out for any others. My house is only a couple of blocks away.”

“Lead the way.”

I take them to my house and see that my folks have moved themselves up to their bedroom. Thank god for small favors. I turn to the group of friends and lead them to the basement. It’s not a great place but there is a couch and a pull out cot to sleep in. But it’s better than nothing.

“Okay, I know it’s not great. And it’s a lot dirty down here but you guys are safer here tonight than anywhere else.”

“Hey, I understand. It’s better than nothing and it at least got a roof. But I think now is a good time to come clean about those guys back there and why they turned to dust.”

“I’ll make you a deal. I will tell you everything you want to know about them if you tell me why you fell outta that blue hole in the air. Deal?”

I see all of them stiffen and look slightly surprised. They each look at each other that at the guy in the cowboy outfit I talked to earlier. He must be the defacto leader of these guys; they seem to need his guidance.

“Look guys, if you are worried about it seeming weird to me don’t. In this town the strange and unusual happen way too much that it is not an uncommon occurrence.”

The leader steps up and speaks.

“Well let’s do this first. Let’s get some introductions outta the way and then we can talk about what we all have seen and know about it.”

I step forward and stick out my hand to shake.

“Okay, not prob. Well my name is Xander Harris and you are in a town called SunnyDale in California. I am 16 years old and in my junior year of high school and at night I sometimes roam around the town and hunt vampires. And you are?”

The look somewhat taken back at the last part and I see the woman lift an eyebrow at me.

“Umm, well. My name is Quinn Mallory, and these are my friends Rembrandt Brown, Maggie Beckett, and my brother Colin. We are from San Francisco amongst other places and we are new to this dimension.”

I am taken back by his speech as much as they were by mine. And turn to look at the woman Maggie with an eyebrow of my own.

“Yeah that makes sense. I go out to get a new remote for my TV and find interdemesional travelers. Huh, well that’s new. But typical for my life of weirdness. Ironic really considering it’s my birthday.”

Maggie decides that she needs to say something to my little ramble.

“Wait, you just turned 16 today and you fight vampires? I’m sorry but that just is not possible. Vampires don’t exist and a 16 year old bow should not be out fighting them even if they did. If they are real then the government has got to know about them. Why aren’t they out killing them and doing something about it?”

“Well to my knowledge, very few people even recognize that they are real. And the few that do that are in a state of power are a bunch of old guy in England that sit back and let others handle it.”

“Okay, I think we need to hear all the information here. Why don’t you start with what you know and go to what we saw tonight. After that we can talk about what we are doing here.”

I nod and go into everything that I know about the nightlife and the things that go bump in the night. I even give my version of Giles’ speech about the world being older then people know. I even tell them about Buffy and the others. About the “HellMouth” and what me and my friends try to do to keep it from opening.

At the end they sit back and look to be questioning allot of what I have said in their heads. I guess that it is something that they can’t all the way believe and I can understand that.

“Well that’s a new one for us. We are used to other worlds not being exactly the same, but not one that has an all new makeup of history. I’m sorry, I know to you it’s a daily thing but to us it’s well… it’s kinda freaky I guess is the best way to say it.”

“I understand trust me I do. The looks on your face right now are the same as I had when I was introduced to all this stuff. I remember how it was.”

“Wait how long have you been doing this? You said that you just turned 16, it can’t be that long can it?”

“Well, it hasn’t been long really. Just over a year really.”

“Wait, so given that you have been doing this since just before you turned 15? Wow that is not a way for a kid to grow up.”

“Yeah, well my life wasn’t too nice before that. But at least now I have a sense of purpose.”

I see them thinking things through and decide to cut them off before they question things I am not comfortable to discuss.

“I think it’s time for you guys to come clean and hold up your end of the deal.”

Quinn looks at me and nods a small nod and speaks up.

“Your right I think that you deserve some answers now. You see it starts like this.”

I listen to everything he has to say, paying attention to even the smallest detail. I learn that he had discovered a way to cross dimensions through science not magic that Quinn calls “Sliding” and that he and Rembrandt have been lost in the infinite number of worlds for the last four years. Meeting others that were doing the same thing, losing some friends and gaining others like Maggie. Then finally finding their way home to their world and finding it under attack from a race of dimensional warmongers called “Kromags”. After that they left that world to find help and in Quinn’s case to find his brother Colin. And recently finding themselves here.

“Well that’s a real, real, interesting story. And I’m sorry about everything you have been through. I wish I could help, but I am committed to things here. I got my own war to fight and bad guys to handle. Otherwise I would help you out more.”

“Hey no problem man, we appreciate it. But even if half of what you have said is true, you got a lot to handle here.”

At this point Rembrandt speaks up.

“Hey, which reminds me? Que-Ball. How much time do we have on this world?”

I see Quinn pull out an odd shaped remote control from him back pocket and look over things. Heh, I go out for a TV remote and end up finding some people with one that can take them to different dimensions, yeah my life is normal.

“Just over nine hours, so not a long time. Enough to sleep a little then slide.”

I stand up and reach for a blanket.

“Well, I tell you what. I offered you a safe place and the offer still stands. How about I get you up in eight hours around 9am and take you back to the park so you can get off this world of weird?”

Rembrandt stands up and speaks his mind.

“Well that sounds ok with me. And I appreciate it Xander. Lord knows what would have happened tonight if you didn’t show up.”

“Yeah, it’s no problem. Maggie considering that you are the lady of the group and I raised myself to be something of a gentleman. If you will follow me I will show you to the guest bedroom and you can sleep there.”

I hold out my hand and she takes it with a smile on her face. She turns to look at her friends and speaks.

“Well at least on this world there’s at least one good man. And he knows how to treat a lady.”

I hear the collective groan of the other guys and see the hidden smile of Quinn towards Maggie. I wonder if they are in a relationship.

“Well this way my lady. Your comfy bed and thick sheets await you. There is even a semi-private bathroom that you can take a shower if you want. Just make sure that the door to my room is locked before you are undressed. I am only a 16 year old boy and I do have those crazy hormones out of control. I may try my luck and try to sneak a quick peek.”

She looks at me demurely and takes a sly look at Quinn.

“Well for saving me earlier, I may just keep the door cracked a little. You never know.”

I look at Quinn and see a small scowl on his face at that idea. Oh, yeah. They are in something.

“If you guys need a shower or something to eat it, the bathroom is upstairs to the left and the kitchen is open to you.”

I lead Maggie up to the guest room and show her around. She nods and smiles a little at my actions and I make to leave. I turn to close the door and see her facing away from me slightly and pulling her shirt up over her head. I notice the bra she has on is a red lacy sheen see through. I can also see her nipples through it and they make my mouth become dry really quickly. She walks to me and looks me in the eye.

“Thank you for your help Xander. And for opening your home to us for the night. Good Night.”

With this she leans in and kisses me on the cheek. I can feel her brush up against me and feel her nipples hard on my chest. I barely notice her push me out and close the door softly.

I shake my head to clear my thoughts and walk to my room. I jump on to my bed and bury my head into my pillow and groan. Damn, Quinn is one lucky S.O.B. I hear the shower turn on and groan again. I don’t think I will get much sleep tonight.

I do manage to sleep a little during the night and wake up a little before 9am. I take a quick shower and make my way downstairs. I’m not worried about my parents; I doubt that they are awake.

I find that Maggie is waking the others up and that Colin is cooking some eggs in the kitchen. Hmm, must be early risers.

“So, you guys got about an hour until you slide right?”

I see Quinn look at the remote again and look at me.

“Yeah, about an hour and ten minutes. Enough time to get something to eat and get to our departure point.”

I nod and watch them move about.

After all is done we have about 20 minutes to get to the park and we gather our stuff and leave.

We arrive at the park and I watch as Quinn looks at the remote and keeps track of the time.

“Just under 5 minute left. Enough time to say thanks and goodbye.”

I turn to Colin and shake his hand. Followed by Rembrandt and last a hug from Maggie.

“Thank you again Xander and you be careful out there.”

“I will Maggie. You do the same and watch out for these guys. Especially Quinn.”

I lean back and give her a wink. She smiles a little and blushes. I then turn to Quinn and hold out me hand.

“You take care and get where you need to go. And if you guys ever want to visit again, just look me up. I will always give you a place to crash.”

He shakes my hand and turns away. I see him hit a button on the remote and a small wave in the air shoots out. It stops mid air and the blue hole which Quinn called a Wormhole appears.

I see Colin and Rembrandt run and jump into the Wormhole, followed by Quinn. As soon as they are out of site Maggie runs up to me and gives me a deep kiss. I can feel her nipples again through her shirt and groan internally. She leans back and speaks into my ear.

“I know that I look older to you. But in my world were the same age. When I was 16 I lived in Gandford, the town only 10 miles from here. I dated my worlds Xander Harris for just under 3 years until I went to college at UC Sunnydale. I lost my virginity to him and wanted to relive the past a little. If you are anything like him, ohh man. Whoever you end up with is gonna be one lucky girl.”

I sit there with wide eyes and watch her jump into the Wormhole.

Yeah, my birthday started out bad. But I got to say the time since has just made up for it.

I turn to start to walk home and remember everything from the past 12 hours. That’s when it hits me; I still need to get a TV remote.

I take a step and my foot lands on something. I look down and see a device. It looks like car stereo controller and bend down to pick it up. I turn it over and look at the face plate. I see that it is similar to the Quinn’s remote but less descriptive. It has a timer display and a few buttons. It also says down at the bottom “Time Correlation Device” and I think that maybe they somehow left it behind or dropped it. I decide to keep it with me in case they come back for it. I am the safest person for them to trust it with until they come claim it.

I put the device into my back pocket and start to head home.

I get to my front door and stop. I smack myself on the forehead and voice out my frustration.

“Forgot the damn remote again.”

Later that month I sit at home over the fact that Buffy is falling for a Vampire instead of slaying it. So I sit watching the kung fu movie on my new TV and act along with it in a very juvenile fashion.

I left the remote that the Sliders left behind on my desk and at the only boring part of the movie I hear it beep. I turn to see the timer start to count down from three hours and thirty-three minutes. I wander over and look at it again and eventually see the writing under the buttons. One particular button has PreviousIDA under it. I start to think in geek terms and decide that it means “Previous InterDemensional Address. If this can be set to this world and I can just come back after each slide than I would be safe to go look for Quinn and the rest until I find them.

I decide that I am stupid enough to do exactly that and push the big blue button in the middle. It shoots out a small ripple and opens a Wormhole. I take a few seconds to look around in case this is the last time I ever see this place again. I take it in and turn back to the Wormhole. I take a deep breath and jump.

I see a bunch of light and then see another whole and go through. I end up landing on my back and looking up at a clear blue sky. A face appears over me with a pair of glassed on it and a skull cap with a bunch of wires sticking out of it. I figure out that it is a young woman when I look up and down her body into her shirt and see a pair of boobs. I stand up and look at her for a minute and decide to ask the obvious question.

“Uhh, where am I?”

“Well, hello to you too.”

“I’m sorry. It’s just that I kinda don’t know what happened or where I am. I am really confused.”

“Oh, well. I can help you out some. From what I can tell you came out of a Wormhole and landed on my front lawn. You are in the kingdom of Guardia and the year is 1008 B.D.”


{The End of Chapter 1}

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