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The Trial of Willow Rosenberg

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Summary: Willow is put on trial for Warren's murder. The Judge is Judge Bone from Picket Fences

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Television > Picket FencesSamJamesFR13913,168375,09230 Sep 031 Oct 03Yes


The table with all the principal figures at Wolfram and Hart was full. In their suits and fancy dresses, they looked like the cream of society. Of course, as Lilah frequently thought, cream was not the only thing that rose to the top.

"Willow Rosenberg," she addressed the table, motioning them to turn to the first picture in the report that each one had in front of them. "College senior, skilled computer hacker, and lifelong Sunnydale resident." She paused. "And best friend to the Vampire Slayer, enormously powerful witch who almost ended the world five months ago, murderess, and, perhaps most important to this firm, restorer of the souled vampire's soul."

One of the partners, who was mostly involved in other cases, looked up at that. "I thought gypsies gave him his soul?"

Lilah nodded. "The original curse cast by gypsies was broken in 1998 when he and Buffy shared a moment of true happiness. Willow, who until then had shown not a shred of supernatural power, managed to restore it. Now our sorcerers postulate that this gives them a connection, that if Willow, the source of his soul, becomes evil, that evilness will spread to Angel's soul."

Gavin interrupted, "That's why Lilah attempted to fix Willow's trial. So that she'd hire us for the appeal and give us a hold over her and, through her, Angel. Such a pity Lilah failed this simple assignment."

'Point to Gavin,' Lilah thought, glaring at her 'partner'. Out loud she said only, "The story Judge Bone and D.A. are putting out to cover rumors of a witchcraft trial is that this was all a plot to uncover corrupt police officers in Sunnydale. Someone rather clever thought that up but the story shields us too. The only one who knows we were involved is the D.A. Columbia and he certainly won't talk about arranging false testimony." She looked at the other lawyers at the table. "The point is this gives us an opportunity. Willow will be graduating college in just a few more months but unable to leave Sunnydale. Her lover is still dead, her family has never paid attention to her, and now her friends have become her jailors. She'll be isolated as never before at a very disorienting time in any person's life."

"So what are you proposing?" asked Bobby Arnold.

"For very little work we can make her ours," Lilah explained. "I've laid out the full plan here," she waved her binder. "For the purchase of a computer security company willing to locate near but not in Sunnydale, hiring an actress willing to portray characteristics similar to Willow's lesbian lover, and setting up a few incidents, we can separate Willow from her friends, tempt her to our side, and wind up with a world-threatening witch for our very own, a weakened vampire slayer, and ultimately Angel darkened. "

"Were there any changes in Angel's behavior when Willow went on her little spree before?" Arnold asked.

Lilah looked down at the table. "Unfortunately, Angel's son had already submerged him by that time so we cannot be sure. Moreover, there's no reason to think it would be an immediate thing but a slow corruption. Still, even in the worst case scenario, even if this connection does not pan out, Miss Rosenberg is an asset in herself. Take a look at the power levels on page 59."

"Compelling indeed," said Frances Loerd. "I say we go for it. Any objections?" Everyone else was careful to avoid commitment one side or the other.

"Lilah, Gavin, this falls under special projects," Loerd commanded. "That young witch is gonna be looking for employers pretty soon. I want to make sure we're the only ones making a reasonable offer for her.." he sneered. "Her services."


Yes, this is an obvious set-up for a future sequel that I may write someday. (Of course, feedback will increase that possibility)

The End

You have reached the end of "The Trial of Willow Rosenberg". This story is complete.

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