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Sun Slayer

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Summary: Issun and Ammy stumble across a powerful, fair-haired girl. Look out, Nippon, the Slayer is here...

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The Fair-Haired Fighter

A/N: Well, here's my first contribution to TTH. Here's hoping a whole new category will be opened because of this. This is a crossover with the game Okami, and the story of the game will take up a good deal of the story itself. I've made a few changes, of course, owing to Buffy's presence. There's one big change I'm planning on later, but it won't be for quite some time. Anyway, please read and review!

Disclaimer: I do not own either Buffy or Okami. Buffy is owned by Joss Whedon, and Okami by Clover Studios and Capcom.


Chapter One

"The Fair-Haired Fighter"

A pair of travelers skirted the edge of the blackened part of the fields. This is common sense. Why would you WANT to travel into a patch of land literally turned black with little reason? Reinforcing this decision would be the statue in the middle of the black part. The statue that used to be a person, if you want to be specific. So yes, this wasn't an unusual thing for any traveler to do.

However, this particular pair of travelers was VERY unusual in virtually anything aside from their decision regarding where to go. The most noticable anomaly one would spot was that they looked nothing alike. The more notable member of the pair was a white wolf, whose coat almost literally gleamed in the midday sun. The only odd thing about the wolf – aside from its very presence – was the grey, ink-like swirls that curled around its tail. However, to those that were inclined to believe in spirits and such, more unusual things were visible. These things included a spinning disc on its back, along with red markings that ran up and down the length of its body. Odd tufts of fur decorated its shoulders and hips, as well. For some reason, it gave off an impression that it was female.

The wolf's companion was almost as unnotable as she was notable. But then, that could be explained by his size. The being in question was little more than an inch high, and sat ON the wolf's head. A faint green glow around him was almost the only thing that marked his location. If one looked close, one might also be able to see a large green headpiece, the only thing visible of the minute being. As the wolf wandered along the edge of the blackened area, he spoke, confirming his gender as male.

“So, Ammy, our destination is Hana Valley, right? We gotta go there to fix up a Guardian Sapling, and then...what? Well, I guess we'll find out soon enough.” The wolf, apparently named 'Ammy', let out a small “whuf” in response. “Yeah, I know. That cursed zone creeps me out, too. But, until we can figure out what to do about it, we just gotta keep going on. Hana Valley shouldn't be too much farther.”

Ammy sighed, a very human-like gesture. Her moment of distraction cost her, as a trio of green creatures carrying flutes leapt toward her. Her senses, however, were not to be denied. In a quick movement, the disc came off her back, and flew at the trio of attackers. It seemed to trail flames as it flew, and struck the attackers down. It flew around twice more, and the trio flew backwards. Ammy ran forward, the disc flying out. All three convulsed as the disc rammed into them again, and Ammy made a quick “slashing” motion with her tail. The three were suddenly carved in two, leaving six pieces on the ground. The pieces then vanished, leaving behind a grave of flowers, which soon disappeared. Ammy snorted, and her companion sprang off her head to collect the coins that their deceased attackers had left behind.

“I tell ya, Ammy, you're getting the hang of dealing with those imps. I'm surprised they had the courage to attack you, even if you were a bit distracted.” Her companion's words were met by a “whuf” of annoyance. “Yeah, I know you're annoyed at getting attacked so often, but ya gotta deal with it. You're like a big, shining beacon to them, saying 'Attack Me!'. Still, only the foolish ones should. I mean, you've taken down so many of them, you'd think they would have gotten the message by now.” The green headpiece tilted to one side as its owner did the same. “Or, maybe it's that you've killed so many, you haven't left enough for the story to spread. Maybe that's the reason. Oh, well, they can't hold a candle to you, anyway.”

Ammy snorted agreement, as they continued. Progress came to a halt, however, upon her seeing that they weren't the only ones traveling. A figure ahead seemed to be heading in the same direction. The most striking thing about this figure was its hair. A pale yellow, it stood out here in a land where the norm was black. A sniff of the air revealed the figure's gender to be female, which her minute companion seemed to realize before she herself did.

“Whoa...a babe with pale hair? I NEED to meet her! Come on, Ammy, shake the lead out!” Ammy sighed again at her partner's antics...but went on the alert as she realized that the unknown woman was about to come under attack. A pair of the creatures from before were stalking the fair-haired well as a similar creature that carried an oversized mandolin as opposed to a flute. The creatures were obviously intent on marauding the girl. “Oh, no! Come on, Ammy, we have to help her!” Ammy agreed, beginning to run over. What happened next, however, stopped her in her tracks in amazement.

As one of of the flute-wielding imps came forward, intent on perhaps smacking her with the aforementioned instrument, the woman suddenly sidestepped, grabbing the offending imp's outstretched arm. She then bent it against the elbow with enough force to snap it, causing the imp to howl in pain. Its howl was cut off when the girl continued to bend the arm...and drove the flute it still carried through its chest. Impaled on its own weapon, the lesser demon fell over, dead before it hit the ground. Its kinsman attacked from behind, attempting to skewer her while she was distracted. A quick roundhouse kick dispelled any notion that she could be taken advantage of so easily. The kick broke several of the imp's ribs, and as it wheezed in pain, she brought her leg up, and drove her heel into its head, caving it in. It fell over to join its kin.

The mandolin-wielding imp, having seen what happened to its fellows, did something unusual for its kind. In a burst of intelligence, it brought the mandolin into a blocking position. It was a fact that any attacks against the imp from the direction it blocked would fail, and this would buy the imp time it needed to form a more concrete plan on how to deal with this unexpected annoyance. Sadly, the girl's next move wasn't against the imp itself. She grabbed hold of the mandolin, and ripped it from the imp's grasp. While it stared dumbly in shock, she brought the instrument down...crushing the imp beneath it. Owner and instrument faded into a grave of flowers.

Ammy and her companion stared in mutual shock. The whole...skirmish had taken less than 15 seconds. While it wasn't hard for Ammy herself to beat such a time, for a seemingly normal human was unbelieveable. Finally, her small companion spoke.

“Holy...How did she DO that? I've never seen anyone fight like that, aside from you, Ammy.” Ammy didn't reply at all; she was too busy staring in shock as the girl looked at where the imps had been...and then proceeded to start on a rant regarding the attack. Despite her amazement, Ammy couldn't help but sweatdrop at the girl's change from a deadly warrior to a typical loudmouthed teenager. Ammy walked forward, managing to catch part of the girl's rant.

“...and then I find myself in the middle of nowhere, and there's this big black area that looks oh-so-nasty, I don't even want to set foot in it, so I decide to walk around, see if there's anything I can do. But is that enough? NO! I have to get attacked by rejects from a bluegrass band! I swear, one more thing goes wrong, I'm REALLY going to string Whistler up by his ribcage.” With that, she appeared to be finished. By this point, Ammy had walked up behind her, and it was then that her companion decided to speak up.

“If you can hang someone by their ribcage, I would pay to see it.” The girl's reaction to the unexpected voice was to spin around in a roundhouse kick aimed at Ammy. Ammy jumped backwards, landing in a battle-ready crouch. The girl had brilliant green eyes, which was unusual, to say the least. The look on her face went from surprise to annoyance. She raised her head heavenward and began muttering.

“Of course, what day would be complete without being snuck up on by a wolf with weird markings and a disc floating on its back?” She sighed, and looked back at Ammy. “Not that I really care, but what kind of demon are you?”

“Demon?!” Her companion began hopping up and down in irritation, his green glow changing to red. He bounced off of her head, landing on the ground. “You'd best watch your mouth, girl, or we'll teach you some respect!”

If anything, the girl looked amused. “Have to admit, never seen a demon with a fairy bodyguard before.” This served to incense the minute individual further.

“FAIRY?! Oh, you're asking for it, girl! Keep this in mind, the name's Issun, the wandering artist! And my trusty sword, Denkomaru, will make mincemeat out of -” Suddenly, Issun paused. The red glow faded back into green. “Hold it, hold it. Can you see Ammy's markings and her weapon?”

The girl arched an eyebrow in response. “Judging from the question, I'd say I shouldn't be able to, right? But yeah, they're pretty obvious to me.”

“Interesting,” Issun remarked. He hopped back onto Ammy's head. “Well, just to let you know, Ammy's no demon. She's a goddess. THE goddess, actually. Amaterasu, origin of all that is good and mother to us all.”

The girl arched her eyebrow again. “Right...Sorry if I sound skeptical, it's just, I haven't had the best of luck with so-called 'goddesses' in my life. As a matter of fact, the last one I met tried to kill me. And my sister. And everyone in my town, in fact. Only way to save them was by jumping into a portal to Hell. Although, I guess I took a wrong turn somewhere, cause those monsters were too easy for this to really be 'Hell'.” Amaterasu and Issun shared a glance.

“Portal to Hell? A goddess? Oh, I can already tell, THIS will be fun to try and understand.” Issun's sarcasm was palpable. The girl giggled at the inch-high being's discomfort.

“Tell you what. I tell you my story, you tell me yours?” Issun considered this, then nodded.

“Fair deal. But before we get into all that, why don't you tell us your name, babe?”

The girl grinned. “Who, me? I'm Buffy. Buffy Summers.”
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