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Buffy Summers: Ascended Being

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Summary: A connection was made between two souls. Powerless to do anything, they watched. Buffy/ Daniel friendship. Romance implied.

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Daniel JacksonGreySerenitatisFR1312,5742232,55414 May 0914 May 09Yes
Author: Grey Serenitatis
Email: bah.

Spoilers: Not really any.
Seasons: Buffy Season 4 and Stargate through season 8.

Disclaimer: This was written for entertainment purposes only. I’m making no money off of this. I claim no rights to Stargate SG1 or Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Notes: This was started some time ago and never finished. Now it’s finished. I may or may not be persuaded to write more depending on whether I can come up with a good idea.


Buffy Summers: Ascended Being

Buffy Summers, The Slayer, was watching the people of Sunnydale with a bored expression on her face. Sometimes, being an ascended being really sucked. Sure, she could move about freely, could wear any clothes she wanted with one thought, could also appear when she wanted; although that one was against the rules. She now had knowledge of things she never knew existed; things that Giles and Willow didn't even know.

But no one ever told her that when she achieved enlightenment that she'd have to adhere to as many rules as in high school. Not that she really listened to Snyder anyhow, but still. It wasn't right. It wasn't... fun.

Even though her new existence had its perks, she was extremely sad to leave her friends and Dawn in Sunnydale. Jumping off the tower to save Dawn was one thing. She thought she would die, and that would be it. But the moment she hit the ground, she was faced with a woman who called herself Oma Desala and the rest is history as they say. She was offered the chance to ascend to a higher plane, and the first thing that came to Buffy's mind was Giant Snakes. Everywhere. She almost said no, but Oma seemed to know what she was thinking and informed her that ascending was not the same thing that Buffy was used to.

So, glowy all-knowing ball of energy or giant snake or unknown destination of the religious-kind? Buffy chose to ascend. At first, she didn't believe she was worth it. Oma had described in detail everything she was allowed to in those precious seconds Buffy was given to make her choice. And it almost seemed unattainable to the young woman who was the Slayer.

Was the Slayer, a human infused with the power of a demon, worthy of a place among the enlightened? Oma seemed to think so.

The path to enlightenment was one that Buffy would forever be on. With all of the knowledge she gained, she still felt young and stupid compared to her other ascended brethren. The Ancients, a people who had once lived on Earth for a time before ascending, were the first ones to gain enlightenment and their many thousands upon thousands of years only served to remind Buffy how young she was and that she had a very long road ahead of her in terms of getting to a place that was both comfortable for her and the Universe.

Sometimes she wondered if The Powers That Be were anything like ascended beings. But, they interfered so much and that was one of the first rules about her new existence; as much as you want, you cannot interfere with the lives of the people. They must make their own way.

Buffy sighed in resignation as she watched her little sister shop with Willow and Tara. Buffy stood in the shadows, even though she was invisible and definitely non-corporeal, she still felt used to a little darkness when she was being stealthy. They were healing, she could tell. Every once in a while, they would get far-off looks in their eyes when they were sad and Buffy knew. She would try to comfort them as she only knew how; sending her love in waves to them, hoping they would feel it.

She cast her eyes down, suddenly feeling depressed. As an ascended being, she was unable to be there with them and it hurt Buffy more than words. She was able to see them, yes; but she could not be involved. She couldn't talk to them, help them out or let them know. The path to enlightenment sucked a lot sometimes.

Having seen enough for today (she'd check in again tomorrow or the day after) Buffy decided to seek out Oma and get the latest news from her side of things. Oma was often teaching the newbies the ways of being enlightened and sometimes Buffy found it rather amusing to peek in and see who she'd be sharing glowy-knowledge with.

She settled herself down some distance away so as not to get in Oma's way and distract the newbies, but close enough so she could clearly see and hear what was going on. Though she didn't seem to need her Slayer powers, Buffy did still possess them along with the abilities she was granted as an ascended being. It was just that her new existence of just watching and learning didn't really give her an opportunity to show her glorious strength, but her sensitive hearing and sight, oh yeah, that helped especially when she was eavesdropping.

Oma was speaking with a man from Earth, and Buffy only came to that conclusion from hearing his name and listening to his speech, which although reminded her of a mini-Giles, was American in all its glory. He was older than her by a few years, clean cut and handsome, and he seemed genuinely ready to take the path of enlightenment. Oma left him with a few more words of cryptic advice, which she was quite skilled at, and took her leave, dissipating into a golden mist as she floated away somewhere.

He frowned, taking in her words as they sunk into his brain and Buffy spared little time as she approached him.

"Oma likes confusing people; don't let it get to you." She said lightly with a small grin tugging at her pink lips.

Daniel looked up, for the first time taking in her presence. "Yes, I noticed. I'll figure it out eventually, right?"

Buffy grinned, "Of course. Birds of a feather and all that... with the flocking... and togetherness."

He was still for a moment before chuckling loudly, his chest heaving with his gasps of breath.

Buffy faked insult, "Well, I never said I was as good as Oma with the vague and cryptic life-explaining euphemisms!"

He shook his head, "No, you just remind me of someone back home. He would have said that exact same thing and it was good to hear it." He held out his hand, "I'm Daniel."

"I know." She smiled and shook his hand, "I'm Buffy; newly ascended Southern California twenty-something."

Daniel grinned and couldn't help but feel the warmth and obvious joy from Buffy. Her green eyes sparkled and her blonde hair shimmered like sunshine. She was absolutely beautiful. He voiced his thoughts with no hesitation, "You're not at all like the others here-"

"Oh, you mean not stiff or broody with the weight of the universe on my shoulders? Not almighty 'I was born a millennia before you, fear my awesome glowy knowledge'?"

"Well, yes."

"Eh, give it a few thousand years, I might gain some insight and lose my sense of humor... or my sense of fashion."

Daniel simply adored her in that moment despite himself, "I certainly hope not, Buffy."


Daniel and Buffy had fallen into a routine after their first meeting. Though time passed as it should on Earth and in the galaxies, time flowed differently for the enlightened ones and to them it seemed like life times had passed and at the same time only seconds. They spent their time visiting other worlds, learning what they could from the people and checking in on their loved ones from their old lives. Often, Buffy accompanied Daniel on his visits to his friends and he took pleasure in showing her who his family was before ascending. The same could be said for Buffy; she allowed Daniel to go with her to check in on Dawn and the others and was happy to share her memories of her life with someone who was experiencing what she was.

The first bump in the proverbial road came for Daniel. His friend Jack had been captured by a Goa'uld named Ba'al and Daniel, despite the first rule had gone to Jack to see him through his imprisonment.

Buffy had felt only slightly abandoned by her friend, who had come to mean so much more than she ever thought he would. In the place where time didn't matter, your existence was eternal, and above all enlightenment was the ultimate prize, the ascended didn't care much in the way of romantic sentiments, but Buffy found herself caring.

And perhaps that was the first rule she had broken since her death and subsequent rebirth as a glowy ball of energy.

When he returned he looked a little like the way Buffy had described the Ancients when they had first met; broody, I have the weight of the galaxy on my shoulders. Jack had survived Ba'al's horrific torture, refusing Daniel's offer to help Jack ascend during the times that Ba'al had killed him and revived him with a sarcophagus. Daniel seemed to have learned something while she didn't; what being ascended really means is having to watch your loved ones suffer terrible things and you have no power to stop it.

After that, Daniel seemed more determined to step in even though it would be a major rule-breaker. And though Buffy was never one for following the rules, even she was hesitant to do so because of the knowledge of a power greater than herself. Daniel and Buffy still drew happiness from each other; that would never change between them, but the restlessness had been growing in Daniel and it was all Buffy could do to let him be.

It happened very quickly. Daniel had left again, this time to check on his friends Teal'c and Bra'tac who he believed were in trouble much like Jack had been, and Buffy was left to her own devices. She was just about to go to Earth and see how Dawn was doing when Oma appeared beside her. Oma locked sad eyes with Buffy and did not speak for some time, but when she opened her mouth her voice was low and resigned.

"The rules that we live by must be abided. We cannot interfere in their lives."

Buffy's gaze dimmed to the point where there was nearly no green in her hazel eyes. "It is hard not to, Oma."

"Yes. It is a burden we bear." A pause and then, "There are forces at work in the universe now that you will want to fight so badly, but you cannot. Anubis..."

Buffy inclined her head sharply, "You mean-"

Oma smiled gently at Buffy and took her hands in her own, "You have such a potential, Buffy. Your spirit could take you there; I see it in you even if you cannot."

Buffy didn't have an opportunity to respond as she watched Oma fade into her golden glowy-ness and fly away.

Oma was usually one for cryptic over straight-forward, but when Buffy started understanding what she was saying, maybe Oma DeSala was losing her touch. Rules would be broken, choices would be made, and evil would see what a Slayer really was.

To no one in particular, she said, "They need help."


When Daniel had returned, looking sad and despondent, Buffy had done the only thing she could think of to help; she embraced the once-archeologist in her slender arms and held on as long as she could. He returned the gesture with appreciation of her efforts. He held on for a moment longer but was alarmed when her hold seemed desperate and in the pit of his stomach he felt an overwhelming sense of agony.



A voice, not his or Buffy's commanded from nowhere and Buffy turned frightened eyes to him which stood out on her terribly pale face. "They're taking me." She managed to breathe, her hands clenching in some unseen pain.


"No," he breathed. He was unsure of what was happening to her, but something deep inside told him exactly what was going on. She was leaving. Buffy was leaving him. "No!"

She shivered once and with a painful scream she was forcibly ripped from his arms and she was gone.

Daniel hitched over as he struggled to regain his ability to breathe. He had to find her. Buffy didn't want to leave, so he had to find her! He traveled all over, looking for her, searching, the thought never occurring to him why he was searching so desperately. It was in the dead of night that he arrived in Sunnydale and he stood breathless as he watched a now mortal Buffy stand from her crouched position in a dirty and dank part of town. She looked bewildered at the young woman who Daniel knew as Dawn and asked with a shaky, hoarse voice:

"Is this Hell?"



“Arrom,” the villager corrected, watching the scene playing out before his eyes.

“Arrom?” Jack asked in his usual snarky way.

“It’s what we call him. It means ‘naked one’. That’s how we found him in the forest two moons ago.”


Daniel sat across from Teal’c, trying to concentrate on memories he lost, things that were nagging at him in the back of his mind that he couldn’t quite reach.

Rya’c begging for help… Bra’tac being attacked while trying to activate a stargate…. Blonde hair and beautiful hazel eyes.

“It will come to you, Daniel Jackson,” Teal’c replied from his position on the floor, his arms at rest at his sides.

Daniel wasn’t so sure.


It was about two years later when Daniel found himself faced with Oma Desala once again. The human form replicator that looked like Sam had captured him, tortured him for knowledge and killed him.

That was when he found himself in the diner and finally had a chance to question Oma about Anubis and why she couldn’t help. He didn’t want to ascend again knowing that he had given it up for a reason that he couldn’t remember, but he didn’t want to die either. And that was the choice that was before him. As he sat at the table, fiddling with his waffles he thought about what memories he did have.

There were brief flashes of things that he had seen and one particular memory always seemed to make him a little bit sad and incomplete. Blonde hair, hazel eyes, and a wonderful smile.

Oma sat down in front of him and it was as if she knew what he was thinking about. “You’ll see her again.”

Daniel stared at her, “Who is she?”

“She was a human who ascended shortly before you. But she’s gone now, back where she came from.” Oma stated, unaffected.

“Back on earth?”


“You’re not going to give me a name?” He asked, clearly annoyed.

Oma just smirked, “Buffy Summers. Now, eat your waffles.” And then she got back up and disappeared behind the kitchen doors.

And that was how it worked with her; Daniel waiting for answers, Oma avoiding, and that guy Jim slipping Daniel tidbits of information that had him thinking that the whole universe was just some screwed up place. But then Daniel figured it out. Anubis, half-ascended and a permanent pain in Oma’s ass.

After he returned to earth, able to remember everything that happened at the diner with Oma, Anubis and the other ascended beings, he couldn’t shake the memory of her.

Buffy Summers. He knew her name. Now he wasn’t going to stop until he found her.

Hope you’ve enjoyed it! Please review!

The End

You have reached the end of "Buffy Summers: Ascended Being". This story is complete.

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