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Drusilla Dances through the Universe

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Summary: FFA chapter 3- Drusilla meets a Twilight vampire, and she is not amused. This is a series of unrelated FFA pairings that explores the way Drusilla meets, loves, kills (or does all of the above) to any number of people.

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Multiple Crossings > Drusilla-CenteredlitgalFR1845,242054,30815 May 091 Jul 09Yes

Drusilla and her old flame

The demon circled in the back of her mind, his lust for power and blood tangled in threads of her confusion and pain and guilt and fear. As the demon writhed and strain to break free of the human bindings, she danced. She spread her arms and was five and spun in front of her father. As long as she could keep spinning, she would be always five.

Strong arms caught her. "Luv, that's sunshine. It burns. Remember how it burnt you in China?" The words were soft, like a mother's, but Dru's father was there, only now his neck was bloodied and his hands were tied behind his back and he gurgled out of a mouth that poured red with blood. Crying out, Dru reached for him, but strong hands at her waist pulled her away.

Strong, malevolent hands shoved her down onto the hearth of the fireplace. "I have something to teach you your place, lassie," the big man said, only he wasn't a man. He was a demon that tortured her because she was unclean. She had demon eyes that saw what no one should see, and now he had come to take her to hell. The man pulled the door open, and the woman was there, the blonde one with such cold eyes. She pulled a bound form through the door.

Dru cried out. Her sister's long hair was matted into cords red with her blood. Her hands were purpling from the tight bindings, and her eyes rolled wildly above her cruelly gagged mouth.

"Here's the game," the demon said, crouching down in front of her and reaching out to run a finger down her cheek in a mockery of kindness. Dru wanted to sink into the ground. She'd prayed to god for death many, many times, and yet he never granted it. He'd turned from her and left her to Satan. "If you can pleasure me, maybe I'll be willin' ta spare your sister there. Maybe I'll give her a quick death. If you displease me...." The demon's eyes flashed yellow, and Dru trembled. "Come on, now, girl. Surely you know how to please a man."

Dru didn't. She'd turned her head when the two demons had clung to each other in carnal lust. But she'd learned. For her sister, she'd learned.

Dru slipped to her knees and groped blindly for the demon. "Luv?" a confused voice asked. "Oi, you, get the fuck out. Make sure that entrance is secured. Pet, let's go in here, alright?" Voices blurred, large hands—small hands—brown hair—blond. Demons, demons, demons, even the demon tangled in the skein of her own thoughts. She found her prize, her torment, her goal. It was hardening under her fingers, the skin slipping back from the head, and Dru took it in her mouth. She could save her sister. She was damned, but she could save her sister. Her sister would never have to do this... would never have to lay there while a massive demon crushed her to the ground, his organ splitting her open until she screamed. She could save her sister.

Dru blinked, the taste of blood in her mouth, and the furniture different. They were in the bedroom. Her dolls were lined up on the bureau.

"Bloody brilliant, pet," Spike was saying, and his lips were red with her blood. Dru blinked, and one of her dolls became her sister—blood running down her legs and her wide, glass eyes staring at Dru. Why hadn't Dru been good enough to save her?

"Miss Edith doesn't like you," Dru insisted, hating those eyes.

"Shhh, it's alright, pet." Spike pulled her close, but Dru was gone again, lost in the memory of five, before she'd learned that demon existed, before she'd learned just how great her failure would be.

The End

You have reached the end of "Drusilla Dances through the Universe". This story is complete.

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