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Freaks and Demons

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This story is No. 5 in the series "They are on the List!". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to Freaks or Heroes - Sam's missing and demons are hunting the freaks.

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Blood from Ice

Logan was shocked and suspicious when they allowed him to have a cold shower the next morning. He could feel the water at his feet freeze and crack, the water running down his body turning to slush. He stepped out of the shower and laughed at the ice cave that had been created.

“Oh, Veronica, if you could only see me now.” He muttered to himself.

“That can be arranged.”

He turned and glared at Ruby. “Making up for past mistakes?” At her surprised look, he smiled and clarified his statement, “just because the door’s closed doesn’t mean we can’t hear.”

She reached to grab him when she noticed crystals forming along the floor toward her. The door behind her was yanked open to reveal Zeke and Lilith.

“Logan, back off,” Lilith ordered.

Logan stepped back and the crystals on the floor melted.

“Logan, Sam’s waiting with breakfast.”

Logan stared at Lilith confused.

“Go, ice cube,” Zeke spoke.

Logan glared at Zeke and left the room in search of clothes and breakfast.

Lilith shivered, “here’s the plan for this afternoon.”

Monica Dawson watched her cousin, Micah as he fiddled with the tv. She couldn’t believe that only a month ago she had been normal, where as now she appeared to be like a character out of a comic book.

“I found it,” Micah exclaimed.

Monica looked up, “found what?”

“It’s cable channel we used to get at home.”

Monica smiled politely, but was thinking about how she needed to get Micah out of the house. She looked back down at the newspaper she was reading, when one of the postings in the classified caught her eye.

“Discovered something new about yourself? Not sure what to do next? Isis Foundation can help. No problem is too weird.

Under it was a number, Monica cut it out and pocketed the slip of paper.

“Hey, let’s go for a walk.”

Micah turned, “where?”

“Have you seen the big mansions yet?”

“Mansions? No,” he sounded excited.

Monica smiled.

As Sam finished his coffee he got a head rush and felt dizzy. He looked over at Logan who had turned his coffee into slush. When Lilith entered the room smirking, Sam knew something was wrong.

“You poisoned me!” He exclaimed.

Logan spit his toast out.

Lilith laughed, “I did not.Logan, finish eating, Sam, eat you breakfast. There is nothing wrong with your food, it’s a health supplement.”

Zeke and Ruby stared at each other nervously. They watched Sam eat all of the tainted food. After breakfast they were led out to the backyard. Logan was ordered to follow Ruby and Zeke and do everything they told him to do. Lilith led Sam to the end of the yard where a man stood inside a devil’s trap. The man watched Sam with his black demony eyes.

“Sam, I want you to pull the demon of the man.” Lilith didn’t use Chuck’s power to order him, so Sam was free to turn and stare bewildered at the demoness.

“I…I can’t…do that.”

“Not yet, but with practice, yes, you can. Now try to pull the demon from the man.”

Sam raised his hand and concentrated.

Dawn contacted Chloe with the new info they had that Sam and Logan may be in the south. Marie contacted Blair asking if the Bass’ had any real-estate in the south or were close to anyone who did. Robin and Ray were contacted and told to be alert. Robin went back to Anna’s journal. She had noted a large mystical convergence in New Orleans after Katerina. Anna had thought it was survivors thanking the gods they were still alive.

“Magic can knock out cell phone signals,” Dawn confirmed.

“That explains the static I get when I tried tracking Chuck’s phone,” Chloe supplied.

“Can this gossip line be of any help here?” Robin asked.

“Possibly, but none of these socialites have left New York and I’m concerned that Lilith may be watching Gossip Girl.”

“So let’s post something to get her attention.”

“We did try something, but maybe it has to be more personal to Chuck.” Marie spoke.

Monica and Micah stepped off the bus and Monica watched as Micah’s eyes lit up.

“How old are these?“

“Maybe over a hundred, unfortunately the hurricane got a few.”

“Wow,” Micah stared at the mansions in awe.

Blair held Serena’s hand as she listened to Marie explain what they had found out about Chuck. Nate remained silent watching Jake in Dean‘s form.

“So you’re saying,” Dan spoke up, “that Chuck was kidnapped, because some crazy cult thinks Chuck is their dark prince?”

Marie nodded her head, she glanced over at the form Jake was inhabiting. They weren’t going to tell these kids what was really going on, but if they had to they would.

“So why are you telling us and not going to the police?” Nate asked.

Marie and Jake glanced at each other.

Blair understood the look. “Chuck wouldn’t want the police involved.”

“Is he really that vain about his public image?” Dan asked.

“It’s not Chuck’s call.” Jake spoke.

“What do you mean?” Serena asked.

Blair sighed, “just tell them Serena and Dan are very resourceful, they’ll figure it out anyway.”

Marie turned to Jake, “what?”

“Well, I’m not a show and tell type of person.”

Jake sighed, “fine.” She shifted out of Dean’s form and into Logan’s.

Everyone’s eyes widened.

“Before you ask, I’m a shape shifter.” She turned into Blair, “I can only change into someone I’ve met, so I can’t show you what Chuck can do.” She turned back into Dean.

“Chuck was kidnapped, because he’s like us.” Marie spoke. “He’s dangerous in the wrong hands, like he is now.”

“So what do you need from us?” Nate asked.

“We can’t seem to pinpoint Chuck’s exact location, but we can use Gossip Girl to find him. We know he’s checking it to keep tabs on Blair. We need you to post something that will shock and anger him.”

The teens looked at each other before zeroing in on Dan.

“What?” He stared at Blair alarmed, “oh, no.”

“I’m not happy with it either, but if there is anyone Chuck would not want to see me with its you.”

Dan sighed.

Marie pulled out her cell and called Chloe, “we’re setting the bait now.”

Blair grimaced before she reached for Dan, “no, fun stuff, Humphrey.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it.”

Jake winced at their awkward attempt at kissing. They both tried multiple times, before she had to intervene. “Blair,” Jake morphed into the teen, “let me.” She grabbed Dan, slammed him against a wall and pretending he was Hamilton she practically devoured the teen. Serena, Nate and Marie all used their phones to take pictures and videos.

“Stop!“ Blair announced.

Jake stepped back and smiled as she morphed back into Dean.

Dan opened his eyes and stared at Dean’s muscular body, “are you really a man?”


“Why won’t you show use who you really are?” Nate asked.

“Because I know you and I don’t want any of you tattling to my mom next time you see her.”

“Not even a clue,” Serena asked.

“No, ready?” She asked Marie as she morphed into Nana.

All their cells rang or beeped.

Uh oh, Chuck better reappear soon, before Queen B moves to Brooklyn.

Micah and Monica were staring at one large mansion sitting at the end of the block surrounded by trees. Micah held out his hand, “Is it raining?”

They both looked up.

“No,” Monica whispered, she was so shocked, “it’s snowing.”

Both stood still for a moment.

“Over there,” Micah whispered.

They made their way around the house and hiding amongst some tall grass and bushes, they watched a teenaged boy. Neither were sure how, but they both knew he was causing the snow. They heard a cell phone ring and another teen opened his cell.

“What the hell,” they heard him announce.

“What?” The blonde woman asked.

“Why would Chuckie’s girl kiss a guy she hates? Sam, Logan, any ideas?”

Micah looked up at Monica, “there’s something wrong with his voice.”

“No, it’s his power, he’s manipulating them. What‘s on his phone?”

“The message is being traced.” Micah followed the trace back to its origin in Kansas. The more he searched the phone, the more odd stuff he found.

Monica gasped as she watched the dressy teen, Chuck wave his hand and Sam was flung into a tree. She grabbed Micah and ran.

“Did the trace work?” Jake asked.

Chloe shrugged, “sort of, most Gossip Girl followers are in New York, a few in Europe and one in Louisiana.”

Suddenly the screen that showed the Louisiana trace blacked out.

“Are we being hacked?” Marie asked.

“I don’t know what it is, there’s no IP bounce back.”
(Watchtower?) Typed across the screen.
(Who are you? What do you want?“) Chloe replied.
(Are you Watchtower??)

“Marie, keep talking to who…ever. I’m going to try to track this guy.“
(This is Rogue, I‘m Watchtower‘s gatekeeper.)

Chloe looked over at what Marie had typed, she chuckled, “you now have a hacker identity.“
(You need to talk to me first.) Marie continued.
(I found Chuck Bass.)
(New Orleans)
(Do you have any proof?)
A photo appeared on the next screen. It was Sam, Chuck and Logan in the back yard of a large house.
(Watchtower can‘t seem to track you, we need your co-ordinates.)
(I‘m Rebel and I’m untraceable.)
(That‘s very cute, but we still need your co-ordinates.)

Dawn laid the cell on the nightstand and put it on speaker. Dean continued to ignore it as he broodingly cleaned his gun.

“Dean, we found them.” Chloe’s voice announced.

Dean looked up from the gun to Dawn with a bored and skeptical look, “found them or think you found them.” He asked not at all excited.

Dean’s phone beeped. He pulled it out and stared at a photo of Chuck Bass with his hand up in Sam’s direction who was flying toward a tree. “Alright, Watchtower, what’s your plan?”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Freaks and Demons" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 7 May 11.

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