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Freaks and Demons

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This story is No. 5 in the series "They are on the List!". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to Freaks or Heroes - Sam's missing and demons are hunting the freaks.

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The Choices We Make

Disclaimer: I own the plot, the creators of SPN,Heroes, Nana, ER, VM, Run Lola Run, Young Americans & Buffy own the characters.

“Sam!” Dean yelled.

Sam was gone, Dean pushed past Lola who was checking Ray’s pulse.

“Smells like…”

“Sulfur,” Dean interrupted Dawn.

“He’s dead,” Lola spoke.

Dawn stepped into the bathroom and closed the door, “Dean, what did this?”

“The demon with the yellow eyes, son of a bitch killed my mom.”

“Where would it take Sam?” Dawn asked.

Dean shook his head.

Dawn pulled out her phone.

“Who are you calling?”

“Hana would know who could help us.” Dawn replied as she began texting.

“Hana ditched us!”

“Maybe there are people in that company who could help us.”

Lola had been watching them; not wanting to upset Dean even more she spoke to Dawn in German. “Hana hated the company, why would she send us to them?”

“The enemy of my enemy?” Dawn suggested. Her phone beeped, she opened it to find a text with coordinates. “Dean, can you put Ray in the bedroom?”

Dean wanted to argue, but the way Dawn was looking at him made him not want to. As he went to do as he was told; Dawn went out to talk to everyone else.

Dawn, Logan and Nana popped into an apartment in New York City. Before any of them could move they heard the click of a gun safety being turned off. All three raised their hands; mist began to rise up from Logan’s hands.

“We come in peace?” Nana suggested.

A man stepped out of the shadows; he held a gun to Dawn’s head. “Who are you? What do you want?”

“We need help finding our friend; we heard someone here could help us.”

The man appeared to be listening to something, they couldn’t hear.

“Matt,” a young girl’s voice calls out, “I want to help.” A young girl holding the hand of another man entered.

The man looked at the threesome suspiciously. The girl let go of his hand, passed Dawn to a chair where an atlas sat. She sat in the chair, pulled the book into her lap and introduced herself and her guardians. “I’m Molly, that’s Mohinder and Matt, he’s a cop,” she told them as though it was a warning.

"I’m Dawn, this is Logan and Nana, our missing friend’s name is Sam.” They lowered their hands as Dawn spoke.

“I need something that belongs to Sam.”

Dawn and Logan looked at each other confused. Nana slowly reached behind her as she held up the other hand, she told Dawn something in Japanese.

“She says; he gave you what?” Dawn exclaimed, “okay, she has something of Sam’s, so please don’t shoot her.”

Nana lifted the back of her shirt to reveal a gun in the waistband of her jeans. She pulled it out slowly, the safety was on; she released the clip and put it back in her pocket. She made sure there wasn’t a bullet in the chamber before handing it to Molly.

“Who is this guy?” Matt asked. When no one answered, Matt continued talking, “Winchester? That sounds familiar.

“What do you like read minds or something?” Logan asked.

“Yes, he does,” Molly spoke. She held the gun and began flipping through the atlas. “Mohinder, I need a tack.”

He took one off the map and handed it to her. She stopped on a page and put the pin to the page.

Logan came over to her to see, “Cold Oak, South Dakota.”

Nana took the gun back, reloaded it and put it away. “Ready,” she asked holding out her hands. Logan and Dawn took them.

“Wish us luck,” Logan spoke winking at Molly.

“Good luck,” she spoke as they vanished.

Nana, Dawn and Logan found themselves in a rundown town looking like it was torn from a western movie. It was night; there was yelling and the sounds of a fight in the distance. Logan began running, Nana and Dawn followed. They came upon Sam fighting a man in fatigues. Logan held the girls back.

“Nana, grab Sam, pop in and pop out.”


“Hey, GI Joe,” Logan yelled.

Fatigues looked up.

“Nana, now!” Logan yelled as he absorbed the moisture in the air and built a wall in front of fatigues.

Nana fearing for Logan and Dawn left Sam at the first place she thought of with Matt, Molly and Mohinder.

“Huh, hi,” Sam spoke as Nana vanished.

She popped back to find the man punching Logan so hard it sent him flying. He stood and fired a hunk of ice, “grab Dawn, now!”

Nana did as she was told.

“Jake,” Logan looked up to see a man with bright yellow eyes walking up to Fatigues. “Winchester forfeited, come on,” the man walked over.

Logan stood and stared at the man that was how Sam described the demon from his vision. “Christo,” Logan called out.

Yellow eyes turned around and smiled, “see you around, ice cube.”

Nana returned, Logan picked something off the ground and let Nana pop him out. They returned to Matt’s apartment.

“Molly, I need one more favor.” Logan spoke as she handed her a piece of torn uniform. “When this guy stops call me.” He started writing down his cell number, when Mohinder stepped up to him.

“We don’t even know who you are; you could be putting us in danger.”

Matt looked to Sam, “can you protect us if this demon comes looking for you?”

“Line all entrances to the apartment with salt, windows and doors.” Sam told him.

“What about the thing on the ceiling?”

Sam stared at him, “are you reading my mind?” Sam asked silently.

Matt nodded his head.

Sam thought, ”I can put something on the ceiling to trap a demon if one gets in, but you’ll need my or my brother’s help to get rid of it.”

Matt nodded his head, “yeah, okay,” he spoke aloud.

Logan and Mohinder continued to argue as Sam stood on Mohinder’s desk. He began drawing the devil’s trap on the ceiling in permanent marker.

“Matt, what is that?” Molly asked watching Sam.

“It’s for protection.”

Logan soon got sick of Mohinder and froze his lips shut. “We have both been through stuff, but neither of us knows about the demons. Winchester does, don’t you want to protect her from everything.”

Mohinder glared at him and mumbled something.

“I found him.” Molly was quiet for a moment, “he’s inside a star.”

Sam glanced down, “Nana, go back and get Dean, we don’t have much time. Dawn,” he reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. He dialed a number and handed her the phone, “can you hold this and put it on speaker?”

Dean sat next to Ray’s prone form staring at the wall. When Chloe entered he didn’t even look at her.

“Dean, they will find him.”

Dean’s head dropped, he raised it again and Chloe could see the tears in his eyes. “He’s my responsibility; I shouldn’t have let them go alone.”

Chloe put her arm on his shoulder, “you’re too emotional, the others like Sam, but they’d be more rational.”

He felt Chloe put her arm across his back. He wanted to push her away, but knew she was right. He was so afraid for Sam; as he finally let the tears fall he let her hold him. “Where did they go?” He mumbled into her shoulder.

“Dawn said something about a person who could find anyone anywhere.”

Dean was about to say something, when there was a loud gasp behind them. Chloe and Dean jumped off the bed startled as Ray sat up and stared at them breathing heavily.

“He was dead.” Chloe muttered.

Dean reached into his jacket pocket, pulled out a flask and splashed it on Ray.

“What are you doing?” Ray asked.

“Well, you’re not a demon.” Dean replied.

“You said I was dead?”

“Yeah, a demon came after Sam and killed you.” Chloe replied.

Ray stared at them for a moment before checking his pulse.

“Wait, didn’t Hana say you’re a healer?” Chloe asked.

“That’s what she told Nana.”

“So what he can heal himself or everybody?” Dean asked.

“I think both,” Ray replied.

Dean walked over to the door, opened it, took one look at the sober faces outside and spoke, “hey, Hamilton, can you clean off Ray’s chair, he’s going to need it.”

Jake jumped up horrified, “that’s not funny, you ass, he’s dead!”

“Not anymore,” Dean smirked as he opened the door all the way and stepped aside so they could she Chloe helping Ray sit up.

Hatchi jumped up and ran to Ray. She hugged him and was babbling incoherently; well it was incoherent because without Dawn nobody knew what she was saying. Dean left them to help Hamilton.

“Good to see you back, Dr. Wheels.” Kevin smirked.

Ray laughed, when he noticed the bruise of Jake’s cheek. Curious he touched it with his index finger and watched it heal.

“Whoa,” Chloe whispered.

“Well, I don’t feel so left out now.” Ray replied, “so what happened to Sam?”

“What do you remember?” Kevin asked.

"Whispers and this rushing sound, like wind and voices at the same time; then everything went black, but before I…I died, I guess. I heard Sam scream.”

Dean and Hamilton were in the bathroom cleaning the blood off Ray’s wheelchair when they heard Hatchi exclaim, “Nana!”, and Nana speaking in the other room.

“Go,” Hamilton told him.

Dean hurried to the other room hoping to see Sam, but it was only Nana. He turned and went back to help Hamilton finish. They dried it off and Hamilton wheeled it back into the other room. He and Dean then helped Ray into his chair.

“Dean, Sam is fine, we need to go, we found yellow eyes.”

Dean looked around at the group realizing what was happening. “I guess this is it, parting ways, I can’t ask…”

“You’re fighting a war,” Chloe spoke, “I want to help, but we all have to make our own choice.”

Everyone looked at each other.
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