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End of the Worlds

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Happened Before". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Uberfic - the first four seasons occur mostly the same way. But instead of 20th century Earth, they occur on 22nd millennium Caprica. Now the scoobies face a manmade apocalypse even the Slayer can't stop.

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Television > Battlestar Galactica > General(Recent Donor)ElessarNettFR181222,81344911,89517 May 0910 Feb 10Yes

Beginnings and Endings

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, nor do I own Battlestar Galactica.  They are owned by Joss Whedon and Ronald D. Moore respectively.  I merely play with their toys while they’re away.  Also, this series entirely ignores anything not directly mentioned in Battlestar Galactica, so ignore anything from Caprica.  This was conceived before that, so I’m not letting it hamper my creativity.

And so it took once again human flesh, so as has happened before, and so as shall happen again in times to come, as is written, as is being written, and as will be written again.  It became she, she was given form, family, protection.  None recalled a time without her, and her protection became paramount among all of us in Koboldaemmerung.
-Disputed fragment of the Cordelian Writings, from the Colonization Era

Less than a day ago

The room shook.  The ferocity of the Beast.  Dozens of monks had already fallen to its terrible attacks.

Charlton quickly bowed his head in a prayer for his brothers and sisters who must have perished in the last strike.  They were giving their lives for the safety of this most holy article of the gods.  They had their place.  And Charlton had his.

He retrieved the focusing crystal from its hiding place, drawing it up into his arms and running.

"Brother Charlton!  Get to the main chamber!  Quickly!" barked an order from the order's warrior sergeant.

"Yes, Brother Anicetus!" he said, not losing a stride as he ran, though hearing the loud screaming of another warrior - his beloved, Sister Dina.  He pushed that thought from his mind.  Nothing could distract him, now, or her death would be in vain.

He rushed into the main antechamber, apparently the last, nodding to Brother Earle, one of the final guards.  He immediately gave the order to the warriors outside to seal the door.

Sister Mahine was standing at the head of the room as the other ten monks quickly painted out a ritual image of the phoenix on the floor, placing a variety of sacred articles around it as the building once again shook from the fierce attacks of the Beast.  Had he ever left this hidden monastery moon, Brother Charlton would have noted the image's resemblance to the Seal of the Twelve Colonies.

Sister Mahine, pressing several buttons opened a door, and a bright green light filled the room.  She turned back around, rushing to the center.

"It'll have to be close enough.  We are out of time."

At her words, Charlton put the focusing crystal in the center of the still wet ritual circle, where it belonged, and returned to his place so they all sat in a circle around it, twelve circling the ritual image.  They joined hands, and Sister Mahine began to speak, her voice filling with the authority of the ancient, ritual magics they were now invoking.

"Most holy gods, rulers of Olympus and the entire Universe," began Sister Mahine, "its Heavens and its Underworlds, listen to our invocations!  Lords of Kobol, hear our prayer."

More shaking.  The sounds of battle.

"Benevolent Asclepius," cried the first monk, Brother Mukesha, "Lord of Healing, form it from the dominion of Hecate to your own dominion, and preserve it as you preserve all your children."

"Veiovis nos avdi!" Charlton cried out, with the rest of the monks under Sister Mahine.  The next monk continued,

"Powerful Hades," called out Sister Julienne, "Lord of Elysion, of Erebus and of Tartarus, accept it not into your realms, but reject it utterly until its safety is sure."

"Plvto nos avdi!"

"Majestic Hera," began Brother Balendin, "Lord of the Hearth, bring it to a new home with the rest of mankind."

"Ivno nos avdi!"

"Great Poseidon," spoke Sister Anouk, "Lord of the Void, guide it safely to its destination."

"Neptvne nos avdi!"

"Skilled Hephaestus," said Brother Jon, "Lord of the Forge, deliver it the tools it needs to survive."

"Vvlcan nos avdi!"

"Virgin Artemis," cried Brother Elwud, "Lord of the Hunt, let it not know need nor want."

"Diana nos avdi!"

The building shook again, and the signs of battle grew louder, but they could not be dissuaded from their purpose.

"Blessed Demeter," called out Brother Naum, "Lord of the Seasons, make its way pleasant as it walks the worlds."

"Ceres nos avdi!"

"Strong Ares," began Brother Odmun, "Lord of War, make your servants protect it in the dark times."

"Mars nos avdi!"

"Beautiful Aphrodite," spoke Sister Chidigwu, "Lord of Love, make it joyful as you can."

"Vene nos avdi!"

"Holy Apollo," said Sister Caleigh, "Lord of Arts, give it the qualities which you yourself desire."

"Phoebe nos avdi!"

"Enlightened Eos," cried Sister Lisbet, "Lord of Light, grant it your name as a standard to guide it."

"Avrora nos avdi!"

Sister Mahine now spoke, finishing the twelve chants, "Mighty Zeus, Lord of Heaven and King of the gods, grant it divine protection in troubled times!"

"Ivpiter nos avdi!  Sic narramvs omnes!"

"So say we all," Mahine said, looking upwards as the green light filled the room, concentrating into the crystal.

Mahine closed her eyes as the magic filled the room once more, and she began the next chant.

"Calyntha, Divine Protector, goddess of the Chosen, hear me, hear us, grant our request."

"Spirit of Kelara," the other eleven monks spoke in perfect unity, the magic coursing through them all, "First of the Ones, do not ignore our plea."

"Bring it into your arms, and love it with fraternity," Sister Mahine spoke, "Protect it as you would your kin, for it shall be your kin.  As was, as is, and as will be."

"For all of this has happened before, and all of this will happen again."

"Hold it dear as a companion, Kelara," she said, "as your closest beloved."

"For as is written," the monks spoke, "So the Key shall take flesh in the end of Kobol."

"As it was then, as it is today and forever."

"So say we all."

"And say we again?"

"So say we all!"

As a burst could be felt upon the door to the chamber, Mahine looked up, a fire in her eyes.

"And thus we die that it may live!  We stand together, as one, before the gods, for the sake of all mankind!"

"So as was written, and so shall be written again."

"Embrace eternity!"

In that moment, they saw the visions of Elysion as they fell to the ground.  Their life force filled the room and, in a split second, the crystal was gone. When the Beast entered, only seconds later, they found nothing but corpses. And at that moment...


Dawn pulled on the rest of her second sock, before beginning to pull on her shoe.

"Dawn! Are you ready?"

"Yeah, I'll be right down, mom!" she called back, as she tied the first shoe, and then the  second one.  She jumped up, going over to her jewelry box.  She opened it, looking through as she hummed a song to herself.

"Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me," she sang quietly as she looked through the necklaces, while one caught her attention.  A small, golden idol on a chain, decorated with tiny jade elements, which seemed to call out to her, almost glowing.  She took it up, and, unfastening it, put it around her neck as she continued the song, "Happy birthday, dear Dawnie, happy birthday to me!"

"Dawn!  We're going to be late to meet Buffy at the restaurant!"

"Yeah, yeah!  I'm coming!"  Dawn said, rolling her eyes.  She quickly kissed the small image of her namesake deity in respect as she bolted from her bedroom and down the stairs.



“We have to get out of this storm.  The radiation affects our silica relays.”

“Where did they go?”

“I don’t know.  They were prepared for a big jump.”

“We can’t let them go.”

“If we do, they’ll return one day and take revenge.”

“It’s in their nature.”

“They have no choice.”

“It may take several decades to track them down.”

“Summer escaped with them; we have no time to lose, she must have it.”

“Could it not be with Liathain?”

“Liathain is dead; she was imprisoned in Saloniki.”

“A new Slayer will then be called.  Find her, turn her against her sister with the escapees.”

“We still need to find it; it must be with them.  Perhaps an agent could guide us to their fleet.”

“Don’t worry.  We’ll find them.”

“We had better, or we risk total annihilation.”

“The Key is the link.  The link must be severed.  Such is the will of God.”

“By your command.”

Light years away, on Colonial One, cuddled into the arms of a sleeping Tara, Dawn Summer shivered with a fear, quiet and nameless, as she subconsciously held the idol on her neck, silently whispering half-remembered mantras and poetry as she fruitlessly sought a feeling of safety from her long-forgotten gods.


Don't worry.  This will be continued soon.  Look out for the upcoming sequel, Flight for Survival, soon to be hosted at a Twisting the Hellmouth near you! Thank you to the readers and reviewers whose helpful comments and constructive criticism make all of this worthwhile! Special thanks to Ronald D. Moore and Joss Whedon, whose brilliant imaginations made this crossover possible.

-Elessar Nett

The End

You have reached the end of "End of the Worlds". This story is complete.

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