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The Pandora Effect

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This story is No. 6 in the series "Hunting the Night". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: With the death of the Ghoulmaster it is discovered that the gland in his head still opens portals! Portals to many worlds are opening. Arrgh! mutiple cross-overs a little at a time.

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Literature > Vampire/Supernatural > Dracula
Television > Surprise Crossovers
ArjaiHFR181119,098073,45917 May 099 Jun 09Yes

Chapter 11: Reborn?

Chapter 11: Reborn?

Disclaimer: Xander, Buffy, and anyone or anything else that pertains to BtVS/Angel belongs to Joss Whedon. Dracula belongs to the estate of Bram Stoker, or Francis Ford Coppola, or someone I think. Larry Talbot, the Frankenstein Monster, and some others may belong to Universal Pictures. ‘NCIS’ belongs to Belisarius Productions, and CBS. Ghost rider belongs to Marvel Comics, Dimension Films, Crystal Sky Entertainment, Columbia Pictures, and Sony (Whew!), and was played to perfection by Nicholas Cage! Primeval belongs to Hodges and Haines, Impossible Pictures and ITV, Sarah Connor Chronicles belonged to Fox till it was terminated…boo Fox! Scooby-Doo was owned by Hanna-Barbera, and is now owned by Warner Bros. &/or Cartoon Network or someone.
Anybody new you recognize probably belongs to someone else who for the record is still not me and likely never will be! And I don’t make a dime from this…mores the pity!
OCs do belong to this guy…& as always I remain…the man behind…the hockey mask...Grrrrr!


I open the door, Night's coming on
I know my dreams is coming true
A kiss of the water
Leaves a mark on the sand
I close my eyes - I'm listening to
This friendly tempting call
I'm reborn, I'm living, I face it, Fears are gone

Song Lyrics: Reborn Artists: Dreamscape

Chapter 11: Reborn?

(Recap)The teams headed back to Edinburgh, and it was there that a pale, almost bone white Dawn collapsed. (End Recap)

Willow had decided to travel back by jet rather than teleport. Teleporting at this point in her pregnancy made her morning sickness much worse. Marie decided that she would go by jet as well. Thank God the two witches made that decision!

Dawn’s face looked wasted and as if she were rapidly aging! Wrinkles began to form on her face, grey hair to appear in her long brown mane.

Willow instantly cast a shield of brilliant white energy around her fallen friend. Marie slashed her hand and using her voudon blood magic reinforced Willow’s shield. Abby stepped forward and added her blood to that of her mentor. The shield slowed the aging process but by no means did it stop.

Buffy’s face showed fear…fear for her younger ‘sister’s’ very existence..

“Something or rather somethings are draining her energy,“ Willow waved her hand. Three thin emerald green lines appeared one line disappeared in the distance to the northeast, one to the southwest, and one into the city of Edinburgh itself.

“We know that one of the glands is in Atlanta. That is most likely the line running southwest.” Mina said with sudden realization!

“When I was in Medical School here in Edinburgh we discovered just such a gland in one of our cadavers, well my colleague and once good friend Doctor John D. Watson did anyway,” said Doctor Hall. “I believe that it was confiscated by our Professor of Surgery, Doctor Joseph Lister, what he did with it we never were never told.”

Victoria thought for a moment, “Charles,” she said to her driver, “Call the University tell them I want that item found, NOW!” She stood motionless for a second, “Northeast you say,” she asked Willow?

“Yes Majesty,” Willow curtsied.

“Stop that! All of you. Hence forth to you I am Victoria, unless we are at an affair of state. No bowing, no curtsies, no ‘Majesty’, just Victoria. If this was before my coronation I’d have you calling me Vickie, dammit” she giggled, “Now, northeast from here that would be one of the Scandinavian countries, or more likely St. Petersburg. Robert place a call to my cousin Anastasia in Moscow, when it goes through hand me the phone.”

She was finally handed the mobile telephone after several tense minutes. “Anya dear… Vickie here I need you to make some important inquiries for me…this is something of an emergency…Yes, yes he’s fine, a great lover too…A dear friend of mine’s life hangs in the balance. If you have any witches at your beck and call have them help…Yes I said witches, witsz! This is for one of your friends too whether you know it or not, she is one of the Naithantaz (Nighthunters)…Thank you dear cousin.” Turning to Willow she said, “When the Tsarina speaks her people listen…if they know what is good for them! She not as cruel as her forebearers, but she can show a bit of temper. Her Duma definitely more obedient than my Parliament!”

Buffy was down on her knees next to her sister’s prone form, Victoria joined her. She said nothing, but she placed a comforting arm around the blonde’s shoulder. Mina knelt on Buffy’s other side her hand desperately clutching that of her ‘sister’

The driver cleared his throat, “Majesty the item at the University has been found and it is on it’s way here by SAS courier.” Victoria nodded, her eyes never leaving Dawn’s haggard face.

Less than a hour later the courier arrived and the ‘item’ a Pandora Gland still wrapped in Doctor Lister’ old oil cloth was placed on the ground above Dawn’s head. No one as yet had dared to touch it with bare skin.

Dorcas Goode one of the Nighthunter’s redeemed witches appeared on a nearby grassy spot between runways. She was carrying the iron box holding the American Pandora Gland. Dorcas had been convicted of witchcraft at the ripe old age of FIVE. Her mother was hanged for that very ‘crime’. Dorcas was imprisoned and subjected to terrible tortures in a noxious dungeon. Though she was not a witch then, she was later. Schooled in witchcraft by Korlu the mulatto servant of the jailer. She was cruelly imprisoned for nine months. After she was released on a bail of fifty pounds she continued to see Korlu on the sly. At fourteen she began to extract her revenge. Revenge on the Sheriff who had arrested her and her mother, on the Judge who hanged her mother and imprisoned her, and the father that had sacrificed his wife and daughter to save his own skin. She finally died of pneumonia at age seventeen. She was offered and accepted redemption and served as one of the Nighthunter witches.

Dorcas placed the box on the ground where Willow indicated, next to Dawns head on the right and stood by for further instructions.

As the hours passed Dawn appeared older and older. By the time the Imperial Russian Witch Envoy arrived Dawn looked like a woman in her mid nineties! Victoria simply indicated a point on the ground next to Dawn’s head on the left.

Absolutely nothing happened! Until...

Drusilla quoted one of her earlier prophecies, “Green calls to The Emerald and those who can’t will, and the old will become young again,” She sighed deeply, turning to her husband she said in a voice that conveyed both fear and anticipation, “My dearest heart, I love you with my whole being, and I must tell you this now because beyond this day I cannot see. From this ‘now’, this time the stars are silent, and will speak to me no more.” She leaned in and with tears in her eyes she kissed his astonished cheek.Then with all of the vampiric speed she could muster she stooped and reached out her hand grasping the oil cloth wrapped object, and held it unwrapped in her bare hand

William Pratt pushed his way to Dawn’s side. His eyes filled with horror he saw his beloved, saw her dying, withering as he watched. He cried out, “I promised to protect you! I love you!” and he grabbed one of the glowing iron boxes and tore it open, revealing the Pandora Gland inside.The third box opened by itself and the glowing Pandora Gland inside rose as if held by an unseen hand and swiftly penetrating Willow and Marie’s magic shield and landed on Dawn’s forehead.

The first land implanted itself in Drusilla’s unbeating heart. The second faded into William’s chest, and finally the third was absorbed into Dawn’s brain.

Drusilla and William screamed in agony, in mortal terror, an emerald green glow suffusing them so bright that no one could look directly at them. They looked as if they burned with emerald fire!

The third gland caused Dawn to glow with the same blinding green light.

When the light faded Drusilla, William, and Dawn stood before the assembled Nighthunters. Dawn had regained her youth, the only difference in her was her eyes, they were bright emerald green. Drusilla and William looked much the same, but their complexion was no longer deathly pale. Ian ran to his wife and embraced her. Then he stepped back in shock. Buffy walked over to the two former Scourge of Europe members.

“I can’t feel the vampire in either of you…you both have heartbeats,” she was shocked.

“Green calls to The Emerald,” Mina said. “The Pandora Glands called to Dawn’s Key energy, and mindlessly began to draw on that energy to sustained themselves.”

“And those who can’t will,” Ian said in awe. “Those that can’t TRULY LIVE…vampires in other words, will truly live once again.”

“And the old will become young again,” Drusilla spoke her eyes twinkling, “and Dawnie regained the youth she lost!”

“And the Pandora Glands,” Buffy asked?

“They now have intelligences to guide them, as they were meant to when they were first created. Who created them we may never know,” Dawn said. “Sadly I'm afraid that that means that Dru and Spike are as nearly immortal as I am.” She did not look sad at all as she wrapped her arms around her husband and kissed him soundly.

Author’s Note: Yes I know that I have not returned Cutter, Abby and Connor back to their respective dimensions. Who created the Pandora Glands in the first place, where did they come from? IS Abby Sciuto involved with Victor Mann…the Frankenstein Monster who became a man. Gibbs is involved with a mysterious redheaded insurance investigator named Erin. Who is she really? And Buffy and Willow are still both pregnant. What will their kids be like? Let me know if you want to hear more in this series. I do but that’s just me…The man behind the mask! PS: The Russian words for 'witch', and 'Nighthunters' are as near as I could get them translated phonetically
ArjaiH (RJH) 06/09/2009

The End

You have reached the end of "The Pandora Effect". This story is complete.

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