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You're Welcome

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Summary: Kara Thrace is a genuine, bone-fide, real McCoy Champion for the Powers that Be

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Television > Battlestar Galactica > Cordelia-Centered(Past Donor)bakatulipFR711,526021,18317 May 0917 May 09Yes
Title: You’re Welcome
Fandom: Angel/BSG
Characters: Kara Thrace, Cordelia Chase
Spoilers: Daybreak (BSG), You’re Welcome (Angel)
Words: 1466
Rating: PG
Summary: Kara Thrace is a genuine, bone-fide, real McCoy Champion for the Powers that Be
A/N: I have this really strange equiverse thing going on. I’ve references all of Joss’s TV shows and two others. Cookies if you find them.
Disclaimer: I do not own BSG or the Buffyverse

Suddenly she could see.

She didn’t just see Lee as he stood in the field, held in the arms of the wind with the sun beaming down on him as he found himself alone. In the same instant, she saw him fall off his bike at age three, and climbing a mountain at age forty-six, and defending his brother from a bully in middle school, and breaking the heart of a woman pregnant with his child.

She saw herself for the first time in uniform, and a young brunette screaming in the rain, and a weakened young woman struggling to hold on to life as her lover held her, and a man kneeling beside his sister. She saw fires and swirls of dust and bullets and swords.

She saw Kobol and gods and humans and sacrifices. She saw lovers and demons and rocket launchers and friendships, a thousand hearts calling out in pain and a thousand souls singing with joy.

She saw the patterns and felt like she was about to lose her mind.

She also saw another figure in the white light that surrounded her. “Hey there, Kara,” the figure said with a smile.

“I’m pretty sure I never told you my name,” she replied with some amount of skepticism, but no real accusation. After all, she was dead now, what more could happen to her now?

“Yeah, well you’re kind of a big deal around here,” the woman replied with a bit of a sway in her hips. “You are a genuine, bone-fide, real McCoy Champion for the Powers that Be, Kara Thrace.”

“Oh gods,” Kara replied as she rolled her eyes. “More of this destiny crap? I did my part already; lead the human race to its end and all that.”

The other woman wrinkled her nose at the thought. “Prophecies. Cryptic crossword puzzles of ‘sucks-to-be-you.’ They never give you the big picture. I had this… friend, a vampire, and there was this whole big to do about how he was going to play a major part in the apocalypse and then he was gonna get to be human. Didn’t tell him what side of the apocalypse he was gonna be on or that getting turned human meant he was gonna get stuck working for the FBI with this crazy-“

“Okay, okay!” Kara threw up her hands. “I get it; you understand this mystical stuff. But who are you and what are you doing here and while we’re on the subject where is here?”

“Let’s work backwards. The world isn’t just the world. There are all these layers, dimensions, universes, all pressing against each other or around each other. We happen to be on one of the higher planes where the big mystical forces who like to screw with us reside. The universe is pretty much always in danger of getting royally screwed up so it’s up to people like us to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

“So… you make history go the way it’s supposed to?” Kara asked, folding her arms over her chest.

“Not exactly. There’s some Doctor guy who’s responsible for that. No, there’s always this big cosmic good versus evil thing going on, trying to keep the universe in balance and that’s pretty much what we do. So, we played our parts down there and now we play our parts up here.” The woman must have noticed Kara rolling her eyes at the notion, because her speech became very pointed at this juncture. “The Powers thought you might have a hard time adjusting to all this crazy, so they sent me to help you out. Time also doesn’t have the same meaning up here as it did down there, as you could probably tell by the Surround Sound vision. I actually died about… 150,000 years after you did, but the Powers thought I’d be a good guide, which brings me to ‘Hi, I’m Cordelia Chase, it’s nice to meet you Kara.’” Eagerly the brunette extended a hand.

Kara eyed her tentatively. Everything about her was so honest, but sort of in the way that getting hit in the head with a pyramid ball is honest- a very plain, simple, blunt event. From the sparkle in her eyes to the ease of her smile, there was nothing about Cordelia that was deceitful. Allowing herself a smile, Kara reached out and shook her hand. “Nice to meet you, Cordelia.”

She waved off the words with her free hand. “Call me Cordy. All my friends do.”

“Okay… Cordy.” Kara broke eye contact with her and looked out at herself in a prison cell designed to look like a home and a group of young adults, slaves in a prison that looked like a spa. “Why did they think you’d be a good guide for me? I mean do we have anything in common? Were you military or something?”

“Oh, hell no. The uniforms, ick no.” Kara considered feeling offended for a moment, but decided there was no point to it, especially as Cordelia barreled on in her speech. “I was a cheerleader and then a demon fighter. No it was the whole… ‘going back and making everything right’ deal. I mean, you died Kara, pretty nasty death. But the Powers gave you a get out of jail free card; they gave you a chance to go back and make sure you got humanity back on track. And you got months, I only got a day.”

“What could you do in a day?” Kara asked.

“My… friend… Player in the Apocalypse Guy, he was breaking down, giving up, big dummy. I gave him the key he’d need to keep the scales tipped in the good guys’ favor.” Cordelia said eyes starting to look a bit distant, about to zone out into her own world before she snapped right back to her perky attitude. “Like I said, he’s FBI guy now, so, must’ve done something right. Aaand since we existed in the first place, you must’ve done something right.” She gave Kara a light nudge in the ribs with her elbow. “Enough about me, tell me about the cutie I saw you with before the poof!”

Kara edged away from her with an eyebrow raised. This had moved from frakked up mystical crap to frakked up girl talk crap, and Kara thought she’d prefer to go back to talking about prophecies. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

Cordelia shrugged her shoulders. “Well I could just… you know… look. You saw it too, you can see everything here, all that there was, all that will be, all that jazz. I just figured I’d give you the chance to tell me yourself.”

Kara heaved a sigh and her shoulders dropped slightly. “There’s no way out of here is there?”

Cordelia smirked. “Sorry, sweetie. You’re stuck with me.”

“Frak,” Kara groaned running her fingers through here. “Okay… okay… Lee’s… he’s uh… a friend.”

“A friend, huh?” Cordelia said; her voice dropped and a knowing glint lit up her eyes. “A pat-you-on-the-back, how-was-your-day, shoe-shopping-at-the-mall friend or a love-you-more-than-anything-but-we-missed-our-moment-so-I’ll-just-call-you-a-friend friend?”

Kara snorted a sorrowful laugh. “It seems like you already know.”

“Been there, loved that,” Cordy confessed.

“Apocalypse guy?”

“Pretty obvious, isn’t it?”

“Yeah. Can we stop the girltalk now? I’m just… not good with girltalk.” Kara looked at Cordelia and then around at the blinding whiteness of this… realm… dimension… whatever and yet another truth hit her. “It gets really frakking boring around here, doesn’t it?”

“Why do you think I took the job of coming to hang out with you?” Cordy asked and answered herself. “It’s pretty much the most boring place ever, with the white and the watching.”

“Shit,” Kara kissed and bit her thumb. “What the hell do you do when there’s no huge battle against evil?”

“Ever felt like the universe was fucking with you?” Cordelia asked. “It’s usually because someone’s really bored up here. So… anyone you wanna mess with? Maybe a certain friend you left behind?”

A devious smirk crossed Kara’s face. “How about a pigeon? It can just follow him around for a while. Maybe take a crap on his shoulder.”

“Sounds a little evil,” Cordy said, smiling as well. “I like it.”

“And… we’re Champions for the forces of good… playing cosmic practical jokes with pigeons,” Kara mused. “The universe is a really frakked up place.”

“Truer words have never been spoken,” Cordy replied. “I should know, I can see everything from here. Why a pigeon, though?”

“I guess… I guess I wanna let him know I’m still watching him,” she said. “Always looking out for his ass.”

“Very nice ass.”

“Yeah,” Kara agreed with a laugh. “It really is. I don’t know… I think I just wanna say ‘Found a planet for you, you’re welcome.’”

The End

You have reached the end of "You're Welcome". This story is complete.

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