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Hush Little Baby

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Summary: The Gentlemen attack Wisteria Lane

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Television > Desperate Housewives(Past Donor)bakatulipFR714180159717 May 0917 May 09Yes
Title: Hush Little Baby
Rating: PG
Words: ~400
Fandom: Buffyverse/Desperate Housewives crossover
Setting: Hush
A/N: One of the sets for Hush was later used for Wisteria Lane. P.S.- Julie Mayer is totally a potential.
Disclaimer: I do not own Desperate Housewives or BTVS

The air was still on Wisteria Lane, that silent December night. The Pristine Houses normally hid the fighting, the infidelity, the desperation. But not tonight. Tonight no one was talking and the sturdy houses on this idyllic road would protect no one. And the day would pass in silence, and the next night the nightmare would begin.

Silently they slid through the streets, the men in suits with the grin like knives. The woman could see them from her son’s bedroom as she waited up the night, praying to God to protect her and her family from the monsters in very tasteful eveningwear. Tucking a red lock of hair behind her ear, she watched a pair of them approach the yellow house across the street. Number 4353, belonging to her good friend, Susan Mayer.

She couldn’t sleep. The day the voices stopped, she found lipstick on his shirt, a shade she didn’t own and without her tongue to tell him off, words buzzed in her mind, keeping her up. And that was when they came.

The dark side of a story book, they forced their way into the house. She opened her mouth to holler in silence, hands flying up into the air and batting at non-existant flies. She hadn’t taken more than two strides before she caught herself on a glass coffee table and took a spill, brining the table with her with a night-shattering crash.

And still they approached. Scrambling to her feet, she grasped for a flower vase on the mantle, and with as much precision as she could muster sent it whirling past their heads, colliding with the wall beyond them.

Susan never knew how she survived the night. Whether it was the table, the vase, the glass a milk left out too long, the barrage of romance novels, or when her 9-year-old daughter appeared at the top of the stairs and threw a free weight down, clonking one firmly in the head, she wasn’t sure. But some event of the night must have made them realize Susan was just not worth this kind of trouble.

The nightmare wouldn’t last long. In three days time, the women of the road would be sitting on Susan’s porch, sipping coffee and discussing the bizarre events. And a very pregnant Lynette would comment about the strange blonde girl she saw, fighting a man in a straight jacket on her lawn the other night.

The End

You have reached the end of "Hush Little Baby". This story is complete.

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