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Dream Guy

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Summary: Buffy unlocked her dream,that she had locked deep down in her heart after becoming a Slayer, but finally now she thinks that she might have that dream, but for it to come true,she need to found her DREAM GUY...

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Multiple Crossings > Buffy-CenteredGoldilocksFR151972011,29817 May 0917 May 09No
Ok let’s make things clear here first of all. I don’t own anything at all, no people or places mentioned in this story. I claim NO rights to anything written in here, except my story plot. This is a fan fiction and it’s where we are making our own stories and nothing is true in them, it’s all just a story. I write what I like, because this is a fan fiction and that’s what I can do here. So you all will have to live with that. :D
Second take so to say. Oh and if anyone might want to lend me a helping hand, you know grammar and all that, I would
really appreciate it.

. . .
(Buffy’s POV)

Not that my life was easy before Sunnydale or after, but it just keeps getting better and better. No, no Apocalypse or some big demons trying to rise and rule the world. Ohh that would have been easy for me, just like a walk in a park, considering this other situation. No in this one I’m way over my head.

You all might be wondering what I’m talking about here. Well let me elaborate you here. My love life. Yeah you heard it right, my, that is Buffy Anne Summer love life, which after Sunnydale got way out of hands. To make thing a little bit more clearly here I will give you a little background as to how I go myself in this miserable situation.

As you all should know we, that is Scooby’s and slayers, destroyed the Hellmouth once and for all. Bye bye Sunnydale, you know when you think about it, I really like Sunnydale as a big hole better, than a Boca del Infierno. So were I was, oh yes. So after our battle we made it to Los Angels, were Angel had set us up at his hotel for a time being. It didn’t take us long to get a plan. Our brilliant Willow had broke into Councils accounts and singed everything over to Giles and lets just say, that we had a new richest person in the world. Us all Scooby’s, minus Dawn and Andrew, flew to London to establish a place were we all could stay and do our business from. So we found a nice little house, ok maybe not that little, but you just see other houses that they have, outside of London, one of the few houses that Council owned and after two more days everyone was flew in. We rolled our sleeves started to work. We had to work really had, we founded a new Council, us Scooby’s being the head members, we also established a school and home for young slayers to stay. Because among those slayers were those that hadn’t any home, other’s needed to learn how to be a slayer and also study. We created the best that they could have. And damn if I wasn’t proud of our job.

Willow decided to travel around world, looking and collecting new slayers. Dawn together with Andrew I had manage to drag them, literally kicking and screaming Dawn, to Oxford University, were they are safe and sound. Xander with Giles stayed at the Summers School for Girls, yep they named the school after me, because well Andrew suggested Scooby’s School for girls, but figure how the names would sound to parents giving away their girls and all that Jazz and Giles had suggested, that it should be named after the one that was the leader and a true fighter and that is how we ended with the Summers School for Girls name. Faith moved to New York City with a few older slayers, were she seems to fit just right. Life seemed great for all of them.

As for me, well I wanting to just get back into normal life, as normal as I could get and have a break from being The Slayer, a Chosen One, older sister, protector, teacher, leader, I took a job as an ambassador for our school. Mostly I have to meet with all sort of people, to travel a lot, enjoy my life, and slay a few vamps there and here. Life seemed really good. I still talked once a day with all my friends, I flew or transported once a month back home, were we all gather and talk what we had done. But after about 5 months I began to feel a little ache in my chest. Living this kind of normal life, well at least for me it was pretty normal, I began to dream about a nice guy. At first my mind was set only on a guy, you know someone to come home to, to have romantic dinners, to get flowers or candies. But then I let myself dream more. Then my mind ventured into dream land, that I had locked when I became a Slayer because of the life that I had led, but now it was different, I wasn’t alone. So I unlocked my dream of a nice guy, nice, simple and warm spring wedding on a beach barefoot with only our closest family members. Then would come nice little house, somewhere in suburbs with a white picked fence, there would be beautiful flowers blooming in the garden and a young golden retriever puppy. And then after few years a baby’s sequels would wake us at the night and at yearly Sunday mornings a little bundle of joy would jump on our bed asking for pancakes. But to have that dream of my, first of all I needed a perfect guy. A dream guy. And not even knowing it, I took a path to founding that guy, but on my way to him, I had encountered more guys, that I had dreamed of. And it all started with HIM...

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Dream Guy" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 17 May 09.

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