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The Assassin of Sunnydale

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Summary: A Halloween fic crossover with Assassin's Creed

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Memory Block 2

Disclaimer: see chapter 1
Memory Block 2

Xander crashed on his bed that night and dreamt.

“Shalom, my host for the night. My name is Altair ibn-La’had and it seems you need my skills to assist you. Therefore, I propose a merger of my abilities with your self. Apparently, I do not exist in your realm and you need training which the Watcher is unable to make available to you since he is watched by those he calls equals.”

Xander pondered this for a second and then agreed saying.

“I will need this, not just to help myself but to help the people of Sunnydale because the police do nothing.”

“The blending will take time; for now rest my host.” Altair said.

Xander fell into a dreamless sleep until his alarm woke him up. He rushed through the motions of getting ready for school. He got in just shy of the bell and sat in homeroom; taking note of exits and people. Few had retained outward looks from last night; they had gravitated to the corners of the room.
Others had gained different attitudes such as Larry; who seemed more belligerent and prideful than usual. Likely, he had been a Templar that evening, but that was something for later; others needed to be observed. Several cheerleaders seemed to be more muscular than they were before likely they had dressed as female warriors of some kind.

Xander’s girls seemed to be largely unaffected besides a look of shame on Buffy’s face. Once the bell for first period rang and he got up, he was beckoned over to Willow.

“Morning Xan, Giles wants us to meet him in the library after school to discuss what happened last night.” Willow said.

“Morning Wills, I’ll guess I’ll see you then. I got to get to class.”

Along the way; he ran into Larry blocking the door. He just walked past shoving the football player backwards.

He was not expecting the quarterback to fall back an iota; when he was propelled back several inches allowing passage he was surprised.

Sitting in class, Xan-Altair decided that it was better to assess the situation rather than learn from this one teacher that seemed more full of herself than useful knowledge.

He had an unknown number of enemies; the Brotherhood was not here to provide a support structure and there was a group that may have ties to the Templars ready to punish him if he were to act rashly. The guards in this town were already focused on his group and might have to be dealt with eventually.

His first decision was whether or not to get the Watcher involved fully; maybe he should downplay Altair’s knowledge into some leftover abilities. The Templars were an issue for later, right now he would watch the Watcher.

The bell rang for Xander’s favorite subject: lunch. In agreement with his host, Altair proceeded down to the cafeteria.

Fast Forwarding memory to a more recent one

He sat at the table in the library with Buffy, Giles and Willow and listened to the Slayer sobbing about what she went through last night and then listening to Willow’s account of her time as a ghost. Then the conversation turned to him and he launched into a speech.

“I got dressed as a medieval soldier of some kind, I kind of know some things.” Xander said happy that the Watcher was satisfied with the explanation.

“Yes, well some of these memories will fade in the coming weeks. Buffy, we need to talk about your training regimen.” Giles went on.

Altair and Xander decided to prepare elsewhere for a patrol.

End Memory Block 2
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