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The Assassin of Sunnydale

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Summary: A Halloween fic crossover with Assassin's Creed

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Games > Sci-FirothosFR1552,98401412,67218 May 095 Jun 09No

First Kill

Disclaimer: see Interlude

Xander woke up the next day with Dracula standing above him. He resigned himself to being a prisoner needed for his mind, thankfully he wasn’t stricken insane like Tara with Glory.

“Get up, ve have vork to do.” Dracula proceeded outside to a computer.

Xander resigned himself to laying on the tablet as the plastic shielding came over him.

Accessing Memory Block please hold

Xander was across the street from the church, he mentally prepared himself for probably the stupidest thing he was going to do yet- scale the church.

He took a full speed run across the street, white robe flapping in the wind and jumped onto a shed near a fence, another jump cleared the fence and latched him onto the lip of a stained glass window. After a few minutes, Xander reached the steeple and looked around town. Clientele were streaming into Willy’s Alibi Room, near the Bronze he could see vampires moving into the building.

Now for an even less intelligent idea, he saw a pile of leaves and he was going to take a leap into it. Xander spread his arms, aimed for the pile, closed his eyes and jumped towards the pile.

Xander didn’t feel dead or injured so he opened his eyes to see blackness and then rolled out of the leaf pile. He brushed a few leaves out of his outfit and started to walk towards the Bronze when something told him to dodge. A vampire impacted the ground, still clad in his burial clothes, likely a day-old riser that hadn’t killed enough people.
Xander drew his sword and the vampire attacked again; Altair’s memories flooded back and he effortlessly sidestepped slicing the vampire at the knees. After the trip Xander pinned it to the ground through the heart. Since the world refused to get more dusty, he loped off the head and the poof happened.

He sheathed the blade and continued towards the Bronze feeling the release for his hidden blade in his hand. Unlike Altair’s blade this one was wooden and did not require him to sacrifice fingers to use it. It took a long time to shape it correctly and even more time to get used to pushing the release during an innocuous action.

He went inside the Bronze and started to seek out those people that had a smell of earth around them. His first target was trying to seduce a young man outside to feed on him. She took the mortal ruse too far when she went to the bathroom, an area in the Bronze that was well hidden. It took half a second to stab her in the heart through the back with a blade, the dust took longer to hide.

End of Memory Block

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Assassin of Sunnydale" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 5 Jun 09.

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