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Chuck Versus the Buffyverse

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Fan Art

Summary: A compilation of Buffy-Centered art that started with a slight (major) obsession with one of my favorite shows, Chuck.

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Chuck Versus the Collision Course

Disclaimer: Only in my dreams to I own either Buffy or Chuck. Though, I wouldn't mind stealing Zachary Levi...

A/N: Okay, so I've loved Chuck ever since it aired on NBC. However, for reasons I don't even remember, I kind of fell out of watching it. Stupid real life priorities. *pout* But I am now all caught up with the last two seasons, praying -I'm sure - like all my fellow Chuck enthusiasts, that Chuck does indeed get another season. Although, it already looks like it's going to get at least 13 episodes for a third season! *does Snoopy dance in triumph*

Anyway, because I'm long overdo to give the masses some art (not to mention my delay on getting new chapter for my stories up) I thought I'd try to jumpstart my muse with some Buffy/Chuck art.

This pic was inspired by the idea that Buffy is Ellie and Chuck's little sister. She had either been the Slayer for a short time or just gets called around the time that Chuck becomes the Intersect. Whether or not he or Ellie knows about what she is is up to your imagination, as I could not decide. But either way, the life of spies and the CIA/NSA and the supernatural are definitely going to collide at some point. Hence the title.

BTW- if anyone were to feel inclined to write this, I would love you forever and ever. I might even feel inclined to make art just for you!

Well, what are you waiting for? Review, my minions, review!

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