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Here for you

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Summary: Buffy’s is sent to Atlantis to help a man…

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: John SheppardDarkPhoenixFR1511,0632114,49618 May 0918 May 09Yes
Picture This: Here for you

Summary: Buffy’s is sent to Atlantis to help a man…
Rating: PG-15
Pairings: Buffy/John
Disclaimer: Don’t own Stargate Atlantis or Buffy.
Note: This is for the Picture This challenge on Paradise Lost. Also this is unbeta'd, so please forgive any spelling and grammer mistakes.


The klaxon sounded loudly and as the Stargate activated.

“Unscheduled off-world activation.”

“Wraith?” Dr. Weir inquired as she rushed into the control room.

“No… the readings are strange.” McKay answered.

“Strange how?” Weir queried.

“Control room, this is Sheppard. What are you doing to the shield?” Sheppard questioned.

Weir looked over at Rodney McKay who quickly shouted, “I’m not doing anything. It’s like the shield is just failing.”


Before anyone could do anything else, the shield flickered off and a small blonde woman stepped through.

Buffy looked at the raised rifles, pointing at her. “You guys sure know how to make a girl feel welcome.”

“Who are you?” a dark haired man demanded to know.

“Earth’s back-up force.” Buffy answered as she studied him.

“That is unlikely. You are but one.” a woman spoke up.

“I’m The Slayer.” Buffy stated as if it explained everything.

“What does that mean?” the same woman inquired.

“It means, I can kick ass well.” Buffy stated.


“Dr. Weir, wormhole… its origin is Earth, but not the SGC.” Dr. McKay informed her.

“The Russians?” Weir wanted to know.

“Russians, no we’re not using their gate. We’re using something else. I’m Xander Harris from the Slayer Watcher Council. Earth is and always has been under The Slayers protection. You’re in luck we have more than one Slayer at the moment. Oh, I’m sending you new orders, signed by Henry Hayes himself.”

“The President.” McKay sputtered as he began pressing buttons, retrieving the file and bringing it up.

“Yeah, President Hayes is an OK guy.” Xander casually informed them. There was a small pause before Xander added, “Sorry gonna have to cut this meeting short. Tell Buffy good luck and to kick some blue alien ass.”

“Buffy? Her name is Buffy? How is she gonna help us!? The wind could knock her off her feet!” McKay exclaimed.

“Shared command?” Weir spoke up as she read the orders signed by the President himself.

“There is a note attached.” McKay informed Weir and put it up.

“Dr. Weir,

I know this must seem strange to you, but please take care off and listen to Buffy. She’s a capable warrior and won several difficult battles on Earth. Do not underestimate her. She commanded an army on Earth for several years and waged a war hidden in the shadows.

Henry Hayes,
President United States of America.”

“The codes used in the orders are authentic.” Bates told her.


“You feel different.” Buffy stated as she leveled her gaze at the woman who questioned her earlier.

“I’m am Teyla of the Athosian people.” Teyla introduced herself. “I do not understand what you mean with different.”

“Buffy Summers.” Buffy stated. “you must be the one with the blue alien DNA in her.”

Teyla’s eyes widened briefly with surprise.

“Colonel Sheppard? It seems that our guest has confirmed orders that tell us she’ll be sharing command with both of us.” Dr. Weird informed him over the comm. set.

“You’re really from Earth?” John Sheppard inquired.

“California, to be exact.” Buffy replied, then frowned and dropped her duffel bag to the floor and opened it. She took a box out and walked towards the dark haired man. She handed it to him with a bright smile on her face.

John accepted the box warily and studied it before opening it, carefully.

“Jack said you might like this.” Buffy told him.

“This is…” the man started but raised his head to look at her.

“Some DVD’s, Jack said you liked football so I figured it might get us off on the right foot, since we’ll be working closely together.” Buffy responded nervously.

“Jack? You mean General O’Neill?” another woman inquired.

Buffy nodded as she regarded the other woman. “Dr. Weir, I presume. Buffy Summers.”

“It’s nice to meet you.” Weir told her. “It seems like you got into the Colonel’s good graces quick.”

Buffy turned to watch the dark haired man eyes shine brightly as he studied each DVD. “It seems so… got to remind myself to thank Jack for the idea.”

“Buffy, I think I might love you.” Sheppard states as he looked her in the eyes smiling.

“Colonel, perhaps you should introduce yourself first.” Teyla informed him.

“I’m John.” John introduced himself with the same happy smile.

“I know, I’m here for you.” Buffy stated.

John smiled dropped and confusion settled unto his face. “Me?”

“Lt. Colonel John Sheppard, United States Air Force. Military leader of the Stargate Atlantis project.” Buffy elaborated. “I dreamt of you and blue life sucking aliens.”

“Perhaps we should continue this in the conference room.” Weir suggested.

“Sure, whatever.” Buffy replied and moved to pick up her duffel bag only watch as John picked it up and swung it over his shoulder, grunting a bit by the weight.

“What is in this?” John inquired.

“Oh you know, weapons, clothes, chocolate, shoes.” Buffy replied.

“That’s impossible, there is no way all of that could fit in there.” McKay stated.

Buffy laughed, “Of course not. It’s magically enlarged.”


several hours later,

“Now that, all the boring stuff is settled. Can you show me to some quarters?” Buffy inquired of the Colonel.

The Colonel smiled and held out an arm, which Buffy linked her with. “So do you like Ferris wheels?”


“Here we are.” John stated as he opened a room and watched her walk towards the balcony and stare out at the water. “Quite a sight, isn’t it?” he questioned joining her after dumping her bag on her bed.

Buffy turned around to answer, only to discover him standing right behind her. She gazed into his stormy blue eyes, her words caught in her throat.

John looked at her mossy green eyes and then lowered his gaze towards her pink lips. Leaning in her captured them with his own.

Buffy felt herself respond to his kiss, her arms automatically came up and wrapped around the back of his neck. ‘This was wrong, she was a professional. They were in charge. They couldn’t just…’ her train of thoughts stopped as he deepened the kiss and swallowed her moan. ‘Screw it.’ Buffy thought and opened her mouth and let his tongue enter her mouth as she met it with her own. His arms wrapped around her, pulling her closer.


The End

You have reached the end of "Here for you". This story is complete.

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