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Demon blood

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Summary: Sam drank Demon’s blood and is thrown into Bobby’s room to detox. Detox isn’t working well and Castiel offers them an alternative. Enter Buffy & Faith.

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Supernatural > Multiple PairingsDarkPhoenixFR1513,430041,93918 May 0918 May 09Yes
Demon blood

Summary: Sam drank Demon’s blood and is thrown into Bobby’s room to detox. Detox isn’t working well and Castiel offers them an alternative. Enter Buffy & Faith.
Rating: PG-15
Pairings: Faith/Sam, Buffy/Dean
Disclaimer: Don’t own Supernatural or Buffy.
Note: So I wasn't really in the mood to write anything, since there’s some personal stuff going on in my life. But when I came home today I saw my brothers watching Supernatural. Not sure what the episode is called, but it’s the one where they're detoxing Sam who drank Demon blood willingly. This idea immidiately popped up into my head and I had to write it.
Note2: So this is my first fic where I tried to put the Faith/Sam pairing as main pairing over Buffy/Dean. Let me know what you think.

“The detoxing isn’t working Dean.” Bobby informed the other Hunter.

“We just need to give him more time.” Dean replied.

“He isn’t going to get better Dean… we need to put him down.” Bobby’s voice betraying how much he hates the idea as he suggested it.

“That’s not gonna happen.” Dean told him.

“Then what is going to happen, Dean? Sam is dangerous and we have a response-”

“Don’t tell me-” Dean started only to stop when noticing another presence in the room.

“There is another way to help Sam.” Castiel stated walking closer to the two Hunters.

“What’s the catch.” Dean inquired.

“You’ll have to convince them to help. And even then there is no guarantee.” Castiel answered.

“Who’s them?” Bobby questioned.

“The last of the Chosen, Slayers.” Castiel answered.

“What’s a Slayer?” Dean wanted to know.

“A female warrior strengthened by the essence of a Demon.” Castiel replied.

“So they’re evil.” Dean stated.

“You should know by now that it isn’t that simple. The Slayer line was created long ago by men wielding dangerous magics. They took a girl, chained her up and forced the essence of a Demon into her. After the ritual, the first Slayer hunted the forces of evil. She was a force of good and when she died, the demon’s essence passed unto one of the Potential Slayers, who took over the fight. Slayers are warriors, but also human. They can get lost in their power and stray from their path.” Castiel explained.

“How come we never heard of these Slayers?” Bobby inquired.

“While Hunters take care of ghosts and incorporeal Demons and the occasional physical demon. The Slayer takes care of the common vampire and other physical demons.” Castiel answered.

“You mentioned The Slayer several times, but earlier you said Slayers. As in plural. If this Demon essence jumps to the next Potential after the pervious Slayer’s death, how can there be more than one?” Dean questioned.

“Actually there’s quite a lot of them now. A witch activated them all with a spell and a Slayer’s tool forged long ago. But only two of all the Slayers that are active now, have been chosen. One of them is too stubborn to die, even has friends to bring her back when she does die. The other, she was Called when the successor of the other active Slayer was killed.” Castiel told them.

“How can they help Sam?” Dean wanted to know.

“Your brother wants more Demon blood, if one of the Slayers offers him hers, she’ll be able to get inside Sam’s head.” Castiel told him.

“How does that help us?” Dean continued to ask.

“She’ll be able to help Sam expel all the Demon’s blood from his body in one go.” Castiel informed him.

“If it was that simple, why haven’t you told us about this sooner?” Bobby inquired.

“Slayers are special, and these two… even more so. This ritual will be as dangerous to them, as it will to Sam. We couldn’t risk losing them.” Castiel explained.

“What makes now different?” Bobby questioned.

“Lilith attacked one of the Slayers younger sister, crossing a line in the scales between good and evil in their favor.” Castiel told them.

“Oh, yeah? What did the sister do?” Dean inquired.

Castiel winced, “She’s on a warpath. Lillith picked the wrong Slayer to start a war with. She’s a lot like you in that regard.”

“I think I might like this girl. When can we meet her and this other Slayer?” Dean wanted to know.

Castiel waved his hand and a blonde and brunette looked around startled. Before either the Hunters or the Angel could act the two women moved. Castiel grunted and was flung back by a kick from both women hitting his abdomen, hard.

The brunette saw Bobby raise his shotgun at her, she kicked it out his hands, grabbed him by the color and flung him into Castiel
The blonde tackled the younger Hunter to the ground and pinned his hands to the floor, one of them was holding a gun. But Dean was unable to raise it enough to aim at the tiny blonde woman. She was straddling him and under different circumstances he might have liked it.

“Dean?” the blonde suddenly spoke and Dean stopped struggling and looked up to see.

“Buffy? You’re a Slayer!?” Dean exclaimed.

“Great, another love interested turned evil.” Buffy complained. “Why does this always happen to me?”

“I’m not evil.” Dean denied.

“Right.” Buffy stated, unconvinced.

“You sure know how to pick them B.” Faith stated, then let her eyes roam over the man Buffy was straddling.”Though I might add, I do know what you saw in him.”

“There’s been a misunderstanding.” Bobby spoke as he got off Castiel.

“Right, cause being brought here against our will, clearly speaks of a misunderstanding.” Faith drawls sarcastically.

“I believe I can explain that.” Castiel told them as he too got up.

“Really, this should be interesting.” Faith replied, then noticed Buffy studying the man with a frown. “What is it B.?” she inquired.

“I know him.” Buffy answered and let Dean’s hands go, but still didn’t move off him.

“Yeah, don’t tell me you dated him too?” Faith exclaimed.

“No! It’s just… I can’t… who are you?” Buffy demanded to know.

“Castiel, I’m an Angel.” Castiel replied.

“An Angel? Shit B. You recon you two knew each other when you were playing your harp up in the clouds.” Faith exclaimed.

“Huh? You’ve died too?” Dean inquired.

“What do you mean too?” Buffy questioned looking at him.

“Dean died and went to Hell because of a deal he made with a Demon.” Castiel explained.

“Hell? But you’re-” Buffy started.

“Here? Castiel brought me back.” Dean told her.

“I was gonna say you’re still you. How long were you dead?” Buffy wanted to know.

“Four months.” Dean answered, tightly.

“So you were what? 40, 400 years in Hell?” Buffy queried.

“40.” Dean replied.

“And yet you’re still the same old Dean feeling me up.” Buffy replied as she looked down at his hands running up and down her legs. Unlike usually Buffy was wearing a skirt, exposing her tanned legs which Dean was heating up with his touch. Dean flashed her his Winchester grin.

‘B. must really dig this guy, since she’s not moving.’ Faith thought to herself. “Why don’t you two find a room later to catch up.” Faith suggested and grinned as her sister Slayer jumped up and off Dean in one go, blushing.

“So why did you bring us here?” Buffy questioned Castiel, trying really hard to stay on business and not look at Dean.

As Castiel, Bobby and Dean explained the situation to the two Slayers, Buffy frown deepened as worry for Sam settled deep within her stomach. She didn’t know Sam that well, he’d probably figured her one of Dean’s many conquests. She’d been fresh out of her relationship with Angel, the vampire had left Sunnydale and moved to set up shop in Los Angeles, when she met him.

Buffy had gone with her mother to help her out on one of her business trips for her art gallery. She’d met Dean in a bar, where she had gone to drink herself into forgetting a certain vampire when Dean showed up. She hadn’t been drunk when he took her back to his motel room. God the sex had been awesome. She’d only had her experience with Angel before, but Angel’s body had been cold. Whilst Dean’s was warm.

“So will you do it?” Dean’s voice broke her from her thoughts and she fought the blush creeping up on her and turned to Faith.

Seeing the other Slayer nod at her, Buffy looked back at Dean. “Looks like we’re in.”

“Which one of you is going into Sam’s mind?” Castiel inquired.

“I guess B. will” Faith answered.

“Creeping around into other peoples mind is your thing. You did the mind-walk thing with Angel, remember.” Buffy replied. “Plus, Sam’s on the edge of going evil, if anyone knows how to come back from darkness, it’s you.”

Faith couldn’t argue with that, Dean however could. “What does that mean?”

“It means she’s got experience with darkness. More than I have. So she’s the best candidate.” Buffy elaborated as much as she was gonna.

“If we’re gonna do this, we need to hurry. Sam is falling deeper and deeper into darkness as we speak.” Castiel spoke.

“Just tell me where you want me.” Faith replied.

Under different circumstances, Dean might have said something like ‘between my sheets’ but since this woman was gonna save his brother…


“So you’re Sam, you’re a big fellow.” Faith drawled as she stepped into the circle where Sam was sitting up.

“How’d you get loose?” Dean questioned moving forwards, but was held back by Buffy.

“Let Faith handle this. She won’t hurt him… well not too bad.” Buffy told him.

“Who are you?” Sam inquired as he shifted his body into a fighting stance.

“I’m a human with a little demon bit inside of me.” Faith replied. She took a dagger from somewhere on her person and ran it over her bare arm. “you wanna taste?”

Sam jumped towards her, but before he could reach her. Faith had him on his back with a swift leg sweep. Put her foot on his chest and wiggled her finger in a disapproving way at him. “You have to say the magic word first, Stretch.”

Sam moved to get up, but found he couldn’t. The demon possessed woman sure had some strength. He grabbed her foot with both hands only to open his eyes comically wide as he felt something almost step unto his manhood.

“Try it and I’ll squash them. It’ll be a shame to do so, but I will.” Faith threatened.

“What the hell is she doing?” Dean questioned the blonde next to him.

“Showing him she’s the one with the power, not him.” Buffy answered.

“You wouldn’t.” Sam protested.

“Try me. You think you’re bad ass, you don’t know evil if it struck you in the face.” Faith told him.

“I’ve fought-” Sam started, but stopped when he felt pressure increase on his lower region.

“I’m not talking about fighting evil, Stretch. I’m talking about doing evil.” Faith explained and cut her arm with the dagger, she moved the cut over his mouth. “Drink up and find out.”

It didn’t take long before his mouth was sucking her on her wound, gulping his blood down his throat.

“Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention that now that you’ve completed the ritual, I’ll be taking a tour in your mind.” Faith informed him and felt him abruptly pull away from her.

“What?” Sam demanded.

“You just drank Slayer blood, dosed with a magical drug. See you in your dreams.” Faith elaborated before slumping to the floor unconscious.

Sam felt dizzy, his eyelids were so heavy, a moment later he too slumped.

“So you know anything to do while Faith takes your brother out for a trip?” Buffy questioned, then paused eyes going wide at the double meaning of her words. “I mean mind-trip. Not trip, trip.” She quickly added.

Dean grinned, “sure you did Buffy. If you don’t mind, I’d rather wait here and watch over Sammy. When he’s OK, we can catch up.” He wiggled his eyebrows in suggestive meaning.

Buffy blushed, “I wasn’t… look I know that ever since… that first time we’ve been giving each other booty calls whenever the other isn’t in a relationship, but I’ve got other things on my mind too.”

“Was it your sister that was attacked?” Dean inquired.

Buffy nodded, “Dawn’s in the hospital, Willow’s watching her.”

“We’ll get the bitch.” Dean replied.

“I know I will, why are you after her?” Buffy wanted to know.

“She’s the one that sent me to Hell and she’s trying to bring about the apocalypse.” Dean filled her in.

“Apocalypse huh? Ambitious bitch. She opening a portal of some kind?” Buffy questioned.

“A gate, she’s trying to get Lucifer here.” Dean answered.

“Dawn must be able to stop that somehow.” Buffy pondered out loud.

“How did you figure that?” Dean inquired.

“She’s got a thing with portals.” Buffy replied. “God, I hope I’m not gonna have to die again.”

Dean shot her a confused and questioning look. “When my sisters opens portals, it’s bad. Dimensions bleed into each other and only when either mine of Dawn’s blood stops flowing, does the portal close.”

“You died for you sister.” Dean told her, understanding.

“I’d do anything for Dawnie. Even if my Mom hadn’t told me to protect her, I wouldn’t have let her die.” Buffy informed him.

“You mom gave you that job huh? Dad gave me the same with Sammy.” Dean replied. “I’d do anything for him too.”

“Huh, kinda nice to know someone else gets that.” Buffy told him, a smile sneaking its way to her face.

“Yeah.” Dean replied, smiling his own smile back at her.


“Fire huh?” Faith inquired as she walked up to Sam standing there watching an apartment building burning. A woman’s scream could be heard inside.

“What are you doing here? You shouldn’t be here.” Sam told her.

“Nah, I’m good. Saving hot men comes with the gig.” Faith replied.

Getting no reaction from him, whatsoever Faith continued. “So how do you wanna do this Stretch? Personally I think we could occupy our time better.”

“Why did you come here, I don’t need saving.” Sam stated turning towards her.

“Yeah, I know you think that. I’ve been where you are, hell I’ve been worse.” Faith replied.

“What so they sent you because you regret what you did and you wanna talk me out of it. Not gonna happen.” Sam told her.

“Yeah, I know. I had the same reaction when someone attempted to talk reason with me. I’m not much with touch feely, emotional crap. So I’m just gonna tell you how I see it.” Faith informed him.

“So, let me guess. You feel alone, like no one is on your side. You have power but it’s not enough, not enough to stop the hurt, the pain. You feel like everyone is against you, no one trusts you. How am I doing so far?” Faith inquired, seeing Sam stare at her, she smiled faintly. “Yeah, I get it. I get how just thinking fuck it all, fuck all that pain, guilt, fuck it and you just give in. You let that power consume you. Because you think, that as long as it does, you’re safe.”

“You telling me it didn’t work for you?” Sam questioned.

“Oh it did, it worked really well. I betrayed my only true friend, went evil and killed a bunch of people, helped the bad guy ascent to a fully fledged demon before B. put me in a coma for a couple of months.” Faith answered.

“So when you woke up, you realized your mistake and what begged for forgiveness?” Sam inquired.

Faith scoffed, “Hardly. When I was under, I dreamt B. was killing me over and over again. So when I woke up I beat up the first person I saw and stole her clothes. Then set out to ruin B.’s life. Like I knew she had ruined mine. She had killed the only person I thought cared for me, the bad guy. So I used some funky gizmo that was left to me and switched bodies with her while the guys sent to take me back to England or kill me took her in my body. Of course her little friends find out, but not before I had a ride on her boyfriend. B. used some magic her friend cooked up and switched us back. She wasn’t happy with me and wasn’t the only one, so I ran.”

“Is that when you had your revelation?” Sam questioned.

“Nope, I went to L.A. took a job for an evil law firm, caused havoc and killed some more people. I tortured someone because I didn’t like him and blamed him for how I turned out. I took pleasure in doing it. Someone stopped me and still offered to help me, after everything I had done. He still wanted to help me. I wasn’t going to just go along with it without kicking and screaming. So we fought and somewhere along the fight, I just broke down.” Faith informed him.

“And everyone just welcomed you back with open arms. You should sell that story to Hollywood.” Sam told her.

“Right, and watch how they fill my character with some B-movie actress? No thanks.” Faith replied. “’Sides, not everyone was as forgiving as Angel was. B. showed up and demanded I went to prison. Some stuff went down and Angel got arrested in my stead. He’d have died cause of his sun allergy and I couldn’t let that happen. I had to make things right with B. as well so I turned myself in.”

“You just turned yourself in?” Sam inquired.

“Yeah, I couldn’t let him die for me. Not after everything he did for me. It’s not unlike you and your brother. He died for you, didn’t he?” Faith questioned.

“Yeah, he did. Dean went to hell to bring me back to life. Demon gave him a year to live.” Sam answered.

“Do you love him?” Faith wanted to know.

“Of course I do, he’s my brother. He practically raised me.” Sam replied.

“Then why are you hurting him? After what he gave up for you. You just turn your back on him. You think it’ll be easier? When you wake up, you’ll see what left of your life and it won’t be pretty. You’ll truly be alone. Dean will have died trying to protect you from the good guys who were trying to stop you. You know that right?” Faith questioned.

Sam watched the brunette, torn. What should he do? On one hand there was she telling him to let it all, all that power, go. On the other with his power he could kill Lilith, she wouldn’t be able to hurt either Dean anymore… what should he do?


“Ugh, what a trip. This was he last time I’m going into someone else’s mind.” Faith groaned out as she sat up and gave the blonde hovering over her an annoyed look.

“Is Sam going to OK?” the older Winchester brother wanted to know.

Before Faith could answer, a groan from Sam shifted Dean’s attention from the brunette Slayer to his brother. “Sammy, you OK?”

“For the last time Dean, it’s Sam.” Sam’s tired voice informed the other man.

“Sounds like him, you still feel like some Demon blood?” Dean inquired.

“Yeah, but I hear it’s not good for a person’s morality. So I’ll probably have to go cold turkey.” Sam replied.

Dean let out a relieved laugh and hugged his brother, then quickly pulled back and said. “Now enough with all these chick flick moments. We’ve got work to do.”

“How about we party first, then kill some baddies.” Buffy suggested.

“How about Sam and me sleep for a week first and you two go and get that room.” Faith told them.

“I like that idea.” Dean perked up.

“For once, I’d have to agree with you.” Sam agreed.

“Scary thought?” Buffy inquired.

Sam nodded, “Really is.”

“Come on princess, we’re wasting time here.” Dean insisted.

“What makes you so sure I’m even in the mood?” Buffy questioned.

“Please, like you haven’t been checking me out the moment you laid eyes on me.” Dean responded cockily.

“Yes, oh God Dean. Take me now.” Buffy replied sarcastically, but let out a squeal when Dean swooped her up in his arms. “What are you doing? Dean?” Buffy protested only to have them ignored as she was carried off to another room.

Faith was about to comment on it but as she looked over to Sam, she noticed he was sleeping again. Faith sighed and felt her own exhaustion. She didn’t have a bed here, nor did she have a place to sleep. Why the hell not? She figured and crawled closer to Sam, resting her head on his chest. It wasn’t long before she drifted off to sleep, never noticing the man beneath her putting his arms around her and pulling her closer to him.

~ Fin ~

The End

You have reached the end of "Demon blood". This story is complete.

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