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The Doctor, The Teacher

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Summary: The Time Lords suspected the end was coming. There was only one hope: Send their children out through time. A whole generation of Time Lords is waiting...

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > GeneralNommaFR1811,5211233,35718 May 0918 May 09No
Disclaimer: Joss and the BBC own this stuff. I'm just mucking with their plans.

Spoilers: Post Chosen, AU after Not Fade Away, and AU after Doomsday.

Chapter 1

“Wesley.” Illyria inspected the former Watcher’s wound. “This wound is mortal.”

Wesley chuckled weakly, putting his fingers on the wound. “Aren't we all?” He looked up at her, smiling. “It was good... that you came.”

She nodded. “I killed all mine, and I was...”


“I think so. But I can't help. You'll be dead within moments.”

“I know.”

“Would you like me to lie to you now?”

Wesley looked up again, weakly. “Yes. Thank you. Yes.” He blinked slowly. When he opened his eyes, he saw Fred’s face, her hand stroking his cheek. “Hello there.”

Fred tried to smile through her tears. “Oh, Wesley. My Wesley.”

“Fred.” Wesley barely managed to whisper. “I've missed you.”

“It’s gonna be OK. It won't hurt much longer, and then you'll be where I am.” She barely managed to contain her sobs. “We’ll be together.”

“I… I love you.”

Illyria was now crying openly, no longer caring about her ‘weak human emotions.’ “I love you. My love. Oh, my love.”

Wesley only stared, motionless, lifeless in her arms. She let him go, gently placing his head on the floor. Illyria as Fred blinked slowly and sighed through gritted teeth before getting to her feet. Vail stood behind her.

“How very touching his meaningless death was, but this fight was never for mortals.” He groaned as Illyria turned to face him angrily, still in the form of Fred. “Oh.” He chuckled. “Take your best shot, little girl.”

Illyria swung a powerful punch at Vail, transforming her shape from Fred to Illyria in mid-swing, shattering Vail’s head with the force of the blow.

Behind her, Wesley was surrounded by a sparkling, golden light. Illyria turned, watching with unveiled fascination. His wounds sealed themselves, and she heard his heart begin pumping. Bump-bump. Bump-bump. To her further fascination, she heard something new: A second heart beat. Bump-bump. Bump-bump.

Wesley’s eyes popped open. He groaned, moving to sit up. “Bloody hell…”

Illyria tilted her head to one side. “Wesley?”

“So it seems.” He ground out. He stood, somewhat shakily, looking himself over. “I don’t know how, but… I’m alive.” His face remained impassive. “How odd.”

“Should you not be experiencing jubilation at your survival?” She asked.

He shrugged. “Maybe once I’m sure I’m not a demon. I’ve seen too many supposed resurrections to take this at face value.” He shook his head. “And… There isn’t much proof that I’m human. I can feel… everything. I can feel the Earth, circling the sun. I can see out that window.” He pointed across the room. “There’s a couple, having sex, three rooftops away. I can even hear them. And… I hear two hearts in my chest.”

Illyria stepped closer to him. “Are you a demon, then?”

He frowned. “If I am, I couldn’t tell you what kind. I’ve never heard of anything like this.” He checked his watch. “We’ve got to meet the others. Come on.”


Angel ran down the alley behind the Hyperion, carrying his sword through the pouring rain. He reached the chain-link fence at the end of the alley, looking around for the others. The sky thundered above him as the heavy rain continued.

“Boo.” Spike walked up from the shadows.

Angel nodded in greeting. “Anyone else?”

“Not so far. You feel the heat?”

“It’s coming.”

Spike smirked. “Finally got ourselves a decent brawl.”

Gunn ran down the street toward them, carrying his homemade battle-axe. “Damn! How did I know the fang boys would pull through?” His steps became progressively weaker. “You're lucky we’re on the same side, dogs, ‘cause I was on fire tonight. My game was tight.” He almost collapsed, but Angel and Spike caught him, helping him to a box. He sat down.

Spike inspected the young hunter’s wounds. “You're supposed to wear the red stuff on the inside, Charlie boy.”

Gunn just shrugged. “Any word on Wes?”

“We’re here.” Wesley and Illyria joined them. “Don’t ask me how.”

Illyria’s cold gaze swept over them. “Vail nearly caused Wesley’s death. I am feeling rage. I wish to do more violence.”

Spike looked at the end of the alley, seeing an approaching horde. “Well, wishes just happen to be horses today.”

Angel smirked. “Among other things.”

“Got room for a few more?”

Everyone turned. Angel’s eyes widened. Before him, was Buffy, Willow, Giles, Dawn, Xander, and Faith.

“What are you all doing here?”

Willow grinned at the vampire. “I’m the most powerful witch in the hemisphere. You didn’t think you’d get away with not telling us about this, did you?”

Shaking his head and grinning, Angel looked at the approaching crowd. Hundreds, if not thousands, of demons of all sorts, shapes and sizes. A huge winged dragon flew angrily toward them overhead.

Gunn stood, barely. “OK. You take the 30,000 on the left...”

Illyria looked at him. “You're fading. You'll last 10 minutes at best.”

“Then let's make ‘em memorable.”

They all stepped, weapons in hand.

“In terms of a plan?”

“We fight.”

“Bit more specific.”

“Well, personally, I kind of want to slay the dragon.”

The demon horde attacked.

“Let’s go to work.”


3,000 Light Years Away, Somewhere In The Future

The Doctor ran around the TARDIS’ control panel frantically. The sentient ship had detected something, and was hurtling toward it. The Doctor was doing his best to keep them on a more or less steady path.

“What’s going on, Doctor?” Rose asked.

“I don’t know!” He exclaimed. “The TARDIS is heading for something, but I don’t know what! Look at the screen, there. Tell me what it says!”

Shrugging, she did as instructed. “It says… ‘Energy Pattern Detected. Class Alpha. Frequency, 10473.8779.’”

The Time Lord’s breath caught in his throat. “What did you say? The frequency?”

“10473.8779.” She repeated.

“What’s all the fuss about?” Donna, the second companion The Doctor had picked up, asked. “It’s just a bunch of numbers.”

“That’s the frequency of a Time Lord regenerating!” The Doctor exclaimed.


The battle was over. Willow’s magic had leveled the playing field, allowing them to finally defeat Wolfram & Hart. The law firm would never bother this dimension again.

Angel, Spike, Dawn, Wesley, and Illyria were the only survivors. They sat together, in the bloody alley, letting it all sink in.

Dawn was the first to speak. “I never want to do that again.”

Angel nodded. “Hear, hear.”

Spike shrugged. “Maybe not on that scale… But a good bar fight once in a while does you good.”

They just glared at him.


“Cease your noise, pet.” Illyria commanded.

Knowing better than to piss her off, Spike stopped talking.

Wesley sighed. “Well, now what?”

Angel shrugged. “The Slayers still need teaching. We could do that.”

Dawn nodded. “Yeah. You guys do that. Me… I’m going to sleep for a month, and start my rebellious phase. I’ve just gotten a major trauma. I deserve it.”

The others, even Illyria, laughed at that.

Suddenly, Illyria’s head snapped up, looking at the bodies of their fallen friends. “Wesley. Do you remember when you revived yourself?”

“Of course. How could I—” He followed her gaze. “Oh, my— Someone’s doing the same thing!”

Both of them leapt to their feet, running over. The others were close behind them.

The bodies of their fallen friends were all glowing. The incredible concentration of energy caused them to rise up into the air. The light became blindingly bright, and when it receded, Buffy, Willow, Faith, Giles, Xander, and Gunn were standing again, looks of amazement on their faces.

No one moved for a long moment. None of them could think of a possible reason for what just happened, or, for that matter, anything to say.

Thankfully, they didn’t have to come up with either.

A sound, like something between an asthmatic wheeze and the grinding of gears, came from the end of the alley. Everyone looked, trying to find the source. A light appeared first, about two and a half meters off the ground. From beneath the light, a shape could be seen. It started to form, finally becoming… “A blue box?”

The question came from Dawn. It broke everyone’s shock, and they went to inspect the box itself. A door opened in the front of it, letting three people out. The first two were obviously human women. One blonde, roughly twenty, or so. The second was a redhead, somewhere in her thirties.

The third, and by far most interesting to those with enhanced senses, was a man. He wore a suit, with a long trench coat. His hair, while looking uncontrolled, seemed to suit him in an odd way. But what made him interesting, was his heart beat. Or rather, his dual heart beat.

He grinned at them. “Hello! I’m The Doctor! And you have no idea how glad I am to meet you all!”


Sahrvin Lair

A field of golden light receded into the Time Lord’s body. He sat up like a bullet, gasping. “You don’t kill me!”

After a moment, his thoughts cleared, and he caught his breath. “Whoa. That’s… That’s somethin’ else.”

Lindsey McDonald stood up. Angel had betrayed him. That wouldn’t do. Not at all.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Doctor, The Teacher" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 May 09.

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