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Summary: Xander's new Calculus teacher is more than he appears to be and things in Sunnydale may not survive the way they were meant to.

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Author's Notes: I should not be posting this. My plate is already super full, but I can't seem to put aside my muse long enough to finish one story before putting up another. Perhaps it's because of my slightly obsessive need to share them as soon as possible to get feedback or ideas on if I'm going the right way? Meh, who can say, anyway here we go. Another Xander centric fic, another Steven Speilberg favorite of mine and another wacky road trip for one Xander Harris. This time before Season Three is even finished. LOL

Disclaimer: Buffy and all related characters belong to Joss and ME Productions. Steven Speilberg, Zemeckis and Universal own the rights to all things Back to the Future, I make no claims otherwise. I simply enjoy taking two unrelated universes and sending them on a collision point to see how big a smash up I can make. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Xander Harris had a healthy appreciation for typical guy things, swimsuit editions, Baywatch, Amy Yipp at the water park and of course classic cars, especially ones of the sports variety. Which is why he couldn’t tear his eyes off of Professor Brown’s nineteen eighty-six Delorean, it was the type of car you never saw anymore mostly because nobody could get parts for it, that the Professor actually drove it around spoke wonders of his ability as a mechanic.
A lot of the other male students happened to agree with him, they checked it out regularly, but that was all they did. Xander hated Calculus, but he was going to do whatever it took to wow Prof. Brown and maybe get a chance behind the wheel of that beautiful car before graduation. Provided he could con Willow into helping him study.

“Excuse me, young man, could you give me a hand here?” Xander snapped out of his daydream consisting of driving the Delorean with Amy Yipp in the passenger seat and looked around, the only person in shouting distance was Prof. Brown.

“Are you talking to me?” The teacher nodded with a frown and indicated a large box sitting on the ground filled with stuff Xander couldn’t begin to classify.
“Sure thing Prof.,” Xander said with a big grin rushing to give him a hand, this was it his big chance to start the slow process of becoming ‘Teacher’s Pet’.

“Thank you, I’m afraid my brother chose the more muscular vocation in our family.”

“Huh, he’s what a gym instructor?”

“Hardly so mundane, though unequal to myself and our father in intellect Verne deiced to try his hand at the pugilistic endeavors more commonly known as wrestling,” Professor Brown stated.

“Are you telling me your brother is Verne ‘the Vanquisher’ Brown?” Xander blurted completely stunned, Prof. Brown chuckled and opened the side door of the building for easy access.

“I see you’ve heard of him.” He smiled fondly and Xander shrugged.

“My uncle took me to see one of his fights when I was fourteen,” he explained.

“Ah I see, how interesting.”

“No offense or anything, but why did you come here of all places to teach, Sunnydale isn’t exactly known for being a hot place for teachers, half the faculty… uh, suffers some kind of horrible fate at least halfway through the school year,” Xander remarked trying to be casual.

“Yes the fatality rates of teachers in Sunnydale is rather perplexing, my father might have even considered it downright mysterious and deserving of being studied to discern the cause of the unfortunate deaths were he still alive,” the Professor stated thoughtfully, “being a Brown I could very well attempt such a feat myself, but it would hardly be a valuable use of my time.” Xander’s head was starting to hurt, this teacher liked his vocabulary. “But to answer your question mister…”

“Harris, Xander Harris,” he introduced fumbling with the box to shake Professor Brown’s hand.

“Ah yes,” Brown said with a slight smile, “the one from my class who is always falling asleep. Tell me Mister Harris is mathematical equations really that boring for you? Your grades do not reflect the level to which you can achieve judging from your cranial design and the obvious signature slant of the parietal lobe.” Xander stared at Prof. Brown utterly mystified, he had no idea how this teacher could easily tell what his parietal lobe even looked like without seeing an x-ray, that plus he had no idea what a parietal lobe actually was aside from being a part of the human brain.

“Uh, I’m not sure how to answer that, but in my defense I have a lot of homework and stuff to do all night, I really don’t, well can’t, get too much sleep,” Xander admitted the words swimming around in his head enough to make him dizzy.

“Right, well back to your question, the reason why I chose to practice my craft in this quaint little town is because a colleague of mine said it was a ‘good opportunity’. Naturally I found out quite quickly that he only said it to get transferred before he met his maker.” Brown’s eyes lit up with some mirth and Xander shook his head, they’d reached his class by now so together they set the box down. It rattled slightly and an odd sound escaped from it for a moment, curious Xander tried to peek inside only to be ushered quickly back out of the room.

“Hey,” he protested.

“My apologies Mister Harris, but that equipment is extremely sensitive and specialized weather sensing equipment I would hate to have to repair any of it at this late stage in the experiment,” Brown explained with a secretive smile.

“Oh wow, what kind of experiment is it?” Xander asked curiously.

“A ‘Personal’ experiment, I’d ask you kindly to keep it under your hat.”

“No problem Prof.,” Xander said with a slight shrug as he started to head for the Library ignoring the fact that Professor Brown hadn’t actually told him what it was he was trying to figure out with the weather.

“Please call me Jules, or if you must use a ekename which is often the case among peers of your social and ecological status then might I suggest a more suitable alternative, Doc would suffice as I am a certified PHD in the field of Astrophysics, Mathematics, Geology, Etymology, and of course several other related fields which my father was quite insistent on,” Professor Brown insisted sounding more like he was bragging to Xander.

“Doc huh, well ok ‘Doc’ glad to help out. Maybe you could let me try out that car of yours someday, I promise not to damage it,” Xander said shrewdly planting the seeds of his desire in the man’s awareness.

“I’m afraid that would be out of the question,” Doc stated candidly his eyes darting a fraction to the side in a nervous twitch, “the car belonged to my father he liked to tinker. Only someone who knows how the car operates on certain principals could ever hope to drive it properly without, shall we say crashing it,” he informed quickly making his way back to the parking lot. Xander shook his head with a disappointed sigh and continued towards the Library, maybe seeing what was up in the Slayage department would cheer him up.

Jules Brown opened the door to the time machine and quickly made sure everything was secure before he locked it back up, bad enough he and Verne had become stuck in the past due to the strange phenomena surrounding this very city he couldn’t have some fool teenager hopping in and trying to steal this thing for a joy ride. Who knows when they might wind up?
Now he had the rather ‘fun’ task of meeting with Principal Snyder to discuss changes in the faculty, the curriculum and of course several other things that the man clearly had no interest in going over, but was compelled to by the laws of the educational board of directors. It made Jules slightly envious of his brother who had the choice of blending in more naturally, becoming a high school Calculus teacher wasn’t exactly what one of his talents ascribed to be.

A few weeks later Xander was officially bummed out mostly because a lot of bad stuff was happening in Sunnydale, the news on the Slaying front was not good, Mayor Wilkins was planning an ascension and tons of shit had gone down with Faith. He was royally bummed, but he always had Doc’s class to look forward to, especially since he was actually applying himself for a change. Doc encouraged him a lot, but things were still not of the good and he doubted they could be any time soon. Still he was getting closer to his goal of taking that sweet ride out for a spin, if only Doc wasn’t so protective of the car and his experiments.
Smiling as he reached Doc’s class he was surprised to find the door locked and he could hear voices inside, which was kind of odd because it was the middle of the school day and he didn’t think Doc got any visitors. Definitely not the time to have private meetings with the teacher if it was a student, putting his ear to the door he tried to listen mostly because he was worried that troll Snyder was harassing Doc. One of the only decent teachers in this place since Miss Calendar died.

“Honestly Verne it wasn’t a very intelligent choice to develop a public face, mother and father are sure to notice.” That was Doc, but it sounded like he was talking to somebody else, Verne… could his brother have come in for a surprise visit?

“Don’t blame me, we’ve been stuck eight months this time since our last attempt, are you sure that doohickey is working right?”

“It is functioning as it was intended to brother, honestly if Hollywood can contrive such a base design for a film building a fully functional model should be simplicity itself for a Brown, especially one of my qualifications,” Doc stated haughtily.

“Yeah sure, science ain’t solved our problem yet, we still can’t get back to when we’re supposed to be,” Verne said with a laugh, “you sure this supernatural stuff is real?”

“My thesis in College proved emphatically the existence of vampiricus aurelius as well as lycanthropes, demons and of course spectral entities of a supernatural class. Such as this so called Vampire Slayer which has become popular myth amongst certain circles. The only logical reason I can deduce for why we are currently stuck here in this general timeframe and location is the result of outside influence due to the mystical nature of this area of the globe, the readings do not lie see for yourself Verne.” Paper rustled and Verne whistled, Xander almost gave himself away. What he was hearing was just not possible and some of it definitely didn’t make any sense to him.

“I’m no brain, but that can’t be good.” Jules let out a frustrated sigh.

“Must you persist on the use of contractions brother, our father would not be impressed.”

“He used contractions all the time and you do too on occasion,” Verne defended. “And now isn’t the time to be arguing about that kind of thing, these readings, they aren’t… are not good right?”

“Definitely, the readings are of the extreme variety, I would venture to say that there is an immense storehouse of mystical energy permeating the very air around Sunnydale for approximately an eight hundred mile radius outside city limits.” Doc made a sound as if he was clearing his throat, Xander still couldn’t believe what he was hearing, his favorite teacher knew about the supernatural just like Miss Calendar. It couldn’t be coincidence that the good teachers were the only ones to have any foreknowledge, Doc didn’t look like a gypsy though. “My analysis of the entire spectrum indicates there is a strong concentration of negative mystical energy directly beneath this very building, which would explain the numerous and frequent deaths of faculty and students.”

“You sure know how to pick’em Jules,” Verne commented with a chuckle, “that really doesn’t explain why we can’t just leave this area and get back somewhere else, like Vegas or something,” he noted poignantly.

“I’ve taken readings of the car too, the energy levels vary and fluctuate sporadically, I can only infer that somehow father’s invention is absorbing these energies. If I could just find some method of purging the flux capacitor of all the negative energy once we leave this area we can get home, the problem is I believe in the supernatural and have proven it logically to my way of thinking, I do not understand all of its more subtle nuances.” Doc let out a sigh.

“We could ask dad for help, it isn’t like we can’t go to Hill Valley.”

“And risk creating a paradox by encountering our younger selves.”

“They couldn’t recognize us, besides didn’t dad say that when Jennifer met herself all she did was faint?”

“No! I refuse to ask our parents for assistance, we risk contamination even further than your wrestling career or my teaching one as it stands the more people we interact with.” Verne sighed in frustration.

“By that logic we should have just lived on the streets as hobos.”

“The damage has already been done thanks to your leaping at this opportunity to make a name for yourself,” Doc stated, “therefore it would be foolish to even attempt undoing it. Better to maintain the status quo than risk further alterations.”

“Fine, what about Marty?”

“Martin is preoccupied with his band and if I remember correctly he fell behind in his college education because of it thus he is still involved in school.”

“Oh yeah the Pinheads,” Verne said with a chuckle.

“I do have a class to teach in five point seven seconds and you have a bout to prepare for, we can discuss these matters and options at further length after the school day.”

“Yeah, yeah I know, can I borrow the car?” Verne asked hopefully.

“Absolutely not, the Delorean is a not a toy and you are no longer twelve years old.”

“I wasn’t going to do anything, honest,” Verne said. A long silence followed and then Xander heard footsteps approaching, quickly rushing to the drinking fountain he started to gulp down water so he missed the last part of the conversation between the Brown men. “Just as long as we can figure it out before this place turns into a crater.”

“True, I have no desire to perish in the past, the ramifications of such a death alone speak for themselves as evidenced by our own father’s past pseudo-deaths.” The door opened and a younger man stepped out, he wasn’t wearing his mask of course, but the build obviously was that of Verne Brown the famous wrestler. Xander did his best not to stare or even notice them both, after things seemed to be over and he was sure he’d given Doc enough time he headed into the class with a big cheery smile on his lips. Secretly though he was going to have to keep a closer eye on Doc, no telling what they were up to and even if they seemed harmless that could always be a ruse. Not to mention what was all that talk about proving the supernatural in college and stuff, what was a flux capacitor?

“Afternoon Doc, what’s on the lesson plan for today?” He was fine, it was normal just another ordinary day.

“Alexander, early as usual I see,” Doc greeted with his customary smile, “I think you’ll like this lesson. Today we’ll be dealing with mathematics and applying them to real world developments, as my father was fond of saying, the universe is filled with numerical possibilities and you never know how relative they might be once you apply them fourth dimensionally.”

“Uh, sounds like a good man,” Xander returned shrewdly as he once again tried to disassemble what it was Doc had actually said.

“Yes he certainly is… er, I meant was.” As the other students started filing in Xander eyed Doc carefully as the forty-three year old turned to the chalkboard.

“I’m going to find out whatever you and Verne Brown are planning Doc, and once I do you better pray Buffy doesn’t have to get involved.”

Xander decided to do some private research during his free period, which coincided with the last period of the day, he headed to the library downtown just in case Willow or Buffy showed up to bug him. Besides the school’s library wouldn’t have everything he needed, plus it was on the Hellmouth which always made the back of his neck tingle and the hairs stand on end. He didn’t have much to go on, two words or things were immediately on his mind. Hill Valley and Flux Capacitor. Willow might have been a genius with computers, but Xander was no slouch and he knew how to Google with the best of them.
Hill Valley turned out to be a town in California, it made Xander’s fears and suspicions become even more founded concerning his ‘friend’ Doc, Flux Capacitor didn’t show up at all. At least not together, there were capacitors for stuff, energy output, and then there was flux, whatever that was. An Influx of Mosquito populations, that sort of thing.
Officially stumped but unwilling to give up he ran a search from the Hill Valley homepage for Jules and Verne Brown, what he got was a hit on two middle school students, well Verne was in middle school Jules was in high school and had skipped a couple of grades, he was graduating this year too.

“Not what I was expecting,” he admitted to himself. Checking further into the Brown family name he discovered quite a few Browns living in Hill Valley. One stood out to him for some reason. “Emmet Brown, 1887, Emmet Brown 1955, Emmet Brown 1991, Clara Brown, Jules Brown, Verne Brown. There are no records of birthdates for Clara Brown, Jules Brown and Verne Brown and for some strange reason the date of death of the Emmet Brown in 1887 was listed as missing presumed dead,” he read aloud, “not really that strange in its own right, but call me paranoid something just isn’t adding up here. Or maybe it’s adding up too good.” Xander clicked on the eighteen eighty-seven Emmet Brown and got a list of marriage certificates featuring Emmet Brown and Clara Clayton with a link to a birth date in eighteen eighty-eight. He pulled up an old family photo and stared at it in shock, the Emmet Brown of the eighteen hundreds looked identical to the Emmet Brown of the nineteen hundreds. There were no physical changes and despite the grainy looking black and white photo that someone had obviously scanned into the system he could tell they were identical right down to the hair style. “That’s not possible,” he blurted a little too loudly.

“Shhh,” another teenager hissed from the computer a few tables down.

“Sorry,” Xander apologized. Checking his pockets for change he found that he had enough and quickly selected the pictures for printing. Once he got them from the librarian he took a careful look at them just to be sure his eyes weren’t playing tricks on him, the pictures weren’t in the best of conditions after all, but he was right, Emmet Brown and family were the same a hundred years later. This wasn’t good, especially if another small town guy had made some deal with demons to prolong his life like Mayor Dick had. The question now was, should he take it to the others and Giles, should he confront this Jules Brown he’d come to know as a friend, a good man and a cool teacher who insisted on being called Doc or should he take off to Hill Valley on the weekend and talk to this Emmet Brown guy?

“Maybe Jules doesn’t know what his father did exactly. I mean it is possible isn’t it,” the inner voice that belonged to Soldier Boy stated wishful thinking.

“Which means I’ll have to speak to this Emmet Brown character, preferably without his wife or kids around,” Xander muttered, “good thing I’ve been saving up for that road trip, I wonder how much the bus ticket to Hill Valley will cost?”

The rest of the week couldn’t end fast enough for Xander’s liking, two months were all that were left before graduation and he had this sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach that he might not survive the encounter. He’d paid for his ticket, it was a ten hour drive to Hill Valley which left him enough time to find Emmet Brown and confront him. Sure it was probably stupid to do it without any Slayer back-up, but this was deeply personal for him, he actually liked Doc Brown and would hate to have to watch Buffy slay him. Or his father. So doing it by himself was the best plan he had even if the Jules Brown he knew wasn’t the same Jules Brown whose father was apparently over a hundred years old by now. He still had enough money for a hotel room, though he’d hate to wake up as vamp chow if Hill Valley had any of the bloodsucking fiends to contend with, so he’d made sure to pack the essentials.
He didn’t tell his friends what he was doing, no sense in getting them worried, he just told them he’d be busy with family stuff and they bought it. Of course with Buffy and Willow on this stupid keep Xander out of the Slaying thing it wasn’t that hard for them to believe he wasn’t up to anything untoward as Giles might say. So here he was sitting around a bus terminal at five AM waiting for a bus to Hill Valley early on a Saturday morning, not too many people were around the sun hadn’t risen completely yet, but the sky was light enough that the vamps were rushing back to their hidey holes. He’d be safe.

“I never thought you’d ditch this place boytoy,” Faith said taking the seat beside him, Xander glared at her.

“I’m not ditching, I’ve just got some personal business to take care of before I kick the Mayor’s ass with Buffy,” he stated.

“Sure you will.” Faith laughed and took out a knife twirling it in her hand. “He told me to make sure you didn’t come back, put you in the hospital until it’s over.”

“So, it’s come to this huh?” Xander asked coldly. “Hurting the only guy who ever actually cared enough to try and help you?”

“I didn’t ask for your help,” Faith snapped at him.

“Well you sure as hell didn’t take long to switch sides after killing a guy,” he shot back sarcastically, “we could have helped you damnit, it was an accident, but you didn’t even give us a chance.” Faith laughed tonelessly and shook her head.

“None of you cared one speck about me, you always compared me to Buffy, you shut me out of the group thing, hell you didn’t even bother to find me decent living arrangements,” she accused a trace of resentment in her tone.

“Yeah keep telling yourself that Faith,” he said with a sneer. Inside he was hurting, but he didn’t dare let it show. “It’s all on us, we weren’t the best, I say get over it. Buffy was a bitch to you, I can’t deny that and Giles wasn’t much better in the awareness department, but I did what I could, you just didn’t open up enough to see that. Kendra was a great friend and a good slayer despite the short amount of time we knew her. We cared a lot about her, but Drusilla killed her and we all hurt after that. Buffy didn’t want to go through that again so she tried a different approach, you were nothing like Kendra it threw her off, maybe ‘cause she saw what could have been. Willow just followed Buffy’s lead, I tried something new too and what did it get me? Oh that’s right, a one night stand and a door in the face!” he shouted. Faith stared at him really seeing his pain for the first time, it brought her entire case crashing down within her mind, Xander almost looked about ready to cry.

“Boytoy I…” Faith trailed off, she wasn’t supposed to actually care anymore.

“Yeah I kind of figured, I always knew my first time would be different, never thought it’d be something my dad would have actually wanted to happen to him knowing him the way I do,” he muttered. The bus pulled in and Xander grabbed his bag, it was time to go.

“Xander,” Faith said her face a mask of calm indifference, but her eyes were full of confusion and regret.

“Forget it Faith, just go back to the Mayor and give him a message from me,” he said pulling her knife out of her hand and tossing it to the floor. “If he isn’t afraid of us, if he thinks he’s actually going to win he’s just fooling himself. I don’t care how many fucking deals he’s made or what he turns into come ascension, he could be a fifty foot chimpanzee for all I care and we’d still stop him and you want to know why?” Faith looked up at him numbly not sure what she was seeing, Xander’s eyes were full of conviction his posture one of confidence and his tone serious. “Because we’re the good guys, and I personally have no intention of letting any innocents die because some pissant pantywaist mage decided to listen to his delusions of grandeur, humans drove the Old Ones from this plane even before the Slayer, we won’t let them come back. Earth belongs to us it’s fact now, demons are just ancient history, and if he doesn’t believe me tell him to go look it up.” Xander turned and quickly left before Faith had a chance to react, as the bus drove away with Xander in it Faith began to realize how stupid she’d been and how wrong it was for her to treat Xander the way she had. She started to cry, and she wondered if she could just walk away from the Mayor, but there was just no way. He’d kill her despite the way he treated her because he couldn’t afford to let her join back up with the white hats.

“If that’s the way he’s going to play it fine,” she said with angry eyes, bending down she retrieved her knife. “Fuck it, I’ll stick with what I’ve got for now, but boytoy is going to regret leaving today. I can’t touch him, but I can touch his parents.”

A ten hour bus ride wasn’t as fun as he would have preferred, but it got him to see the sights and there were a lot of them. The address he had wasn’t too far from the terminal, but he had to cross through the center of town first. Xander paused when he came upon the old clock tower something about it seemed to feel important to his Sunnydale senses for some reason, he looked up at it and smiled briefly his eyes falling on the piece of missing ledge, it was a little curious that they’d preserved it so thoroughly.

“Save the Clock Tower, Save the Clock Tower!” someone exclaimed shoving a collection tin into his face startling him.

“Uh, what?” he blurted confused.

“The town council is trying to force Mayor Wilson to go against the preservation societies wishes and repair the clock tower,” the twenty-nine year old woman explained picking up a flyer from her kiosk thing and handing it to him, “forty-four years ago lightning struck that clock tower and the clock hasn’t worked since. The preservation society feels that it should be left as a monument to our town history, fourteen years ago we managed to get it declared a historical landmark, but some businesses are trying to force the issue and insist on turning it into a cheap outlet mall.” Xander shook his head and reached into his pockets, he pulled out a couple of dollars and slipped them in.

“We can’t have that,” he said with a soft smile.

“Bless you,” she returned smiling herself, “save the clock tower, save the clock tower!” she called out heading after a few other people walking past. Shaking his head Xander turned to head off down the street again and paused. He still wasn’t sure what he wanted to say to Emmet Brown, but he knew he had to be careful, demons were a tricky bunch. Deadly too. Just so long as they were there, maybe he should use a payphone first and call them just in case they were out terrorizing or sacrificing or something.
Pausing next to the payphones he debated the issue for a couple of minutes, a young couple walked towards him as he was mulling it over.

“This could be my one real chance Jennifer, if I pull this off the Pinheads will be bigger than N’Sync,” the man told his girlfriend.

“I get that Marty, I just wish you’d spend a little more time with me and with your school work,” the woman said, “I still want to have a future together and I can’t keep bailing you out with my job.”

“Future,” Marty repeated somberly, “yeah I know Jen I do too, but… well thanks to Doc I’m a little worried about our future. Ya know?”

“I’m not,” Jennifer returned, “Marty McFly I love you and I’ll always love you I don’t care what the future brings as long as we’re together.”

“Me too Jennifer, it’s just, some days I wonder why I ever got in that Delorean,” Marty complained. “Doc’s right no man should know too much about his own future.” Not really paying much attention to their conversation Xander snapped out of his deep introspective mood and turned around just in time to run smack into the man knocking them both to the ground.

“Oh geeze, I’m sorry I should have paid more attention,” Xander apologized with a slight frown.

“That’s ok, you look a little lost can we help you find someone?” Jennifer asked while Marty helped Xander by picking up his bag, a few things had fallen out including one of the pictures he’d brought along as proof.

“No that’s ok I know where I’m going,” he replied snatching his stuff back from Marty hurriedly, “again sorry about knocking you down. I’d better go.” Xander turned away from the two of them and took off, he didn’t have much time after all.

“Marty what’s wrong?” Jennifer asked seeing the scowl on her boyfriend’s face.

“That kid had a picture of Doc, I mean an old picture from eighteen eighty-seven,” he said with a troubled frown.

“Maybe he’s a relative or something?”

“Can’t be, I could have sworn Doc was an only child,” Marty muttered.

“Why don’t you call him?” Marty shook his head reluctantly.

“No time Jennifer, not if I’m going to make that audition, maybe you could?” he trailed off leaving the rest unsaid. Sighing Jennifer patted his arm and offered a wan smile.

“Sure, I will Marty, just for you ok? Now get going or you’ll be late,” she urged.

“Thanks Jen you won’t regret this,” Marty said before giving her a quick kiss and rushing to where he’d parked the truck. With a shake of her head Jennifer turned and walked off after the teenager not really understanding why she should bother, but wanting to help her boyfriend out. She was a little annoyed though that they weren’t already married, by now that future they’d both seen should have been nothing more then a distant memory, after all it was almost the year two thousand and nobody had come up with any hover conversion technology yet. Unless the Doc invented it somehow, but wouldn’t that create a paradox? Best not to think about that sort of thing.

Jules Brown nearly spat his coffee out when he heard the news that the Harris family had been brutally murdered and that the authorities were searching for Alexander Harris in connection with the deaths, they believed their son had something to do with it. Rushing over to his trusty and not invented yet palm sized personal computer he ran a quick search, it was as he’d feared, the Harrises weren’t supposed to die until after Sunnydale’s collapse. Which could only mean somehow the timeline had been tampered with, but how exactly could it have been?

“This is not good, I must find a way to repair the timeline, I can see the consequences of this one change already. Buffy Summers, Willow Rosenberg, Harmony Kendall, Cordelia Chase, every graduating member of this year’s senior class was killed on the day of graduation. Great Scott! I’m listed as deceased as well, but they have a picture of my younger self, that’s impossible, such a drastic change should have…” Jules trailed off afraid he might vanish at any moment. Pulling out his very own fully functional PKE meter, which he perfected as part of his thesis he began a quick sweep of the area. “Of course, those changes wouldn’t affect me of the present or the future that is supposed to happen as a development of this change until we reach the exact date and time of my past self’s death, which means I have approximately sixty-eight days, thirteen hours and fifty-eight minutes to repair the timeline. I have to get to Alexander immediately, he may be the only one who can help repair this timeline before everybody dies as he appears to be the focal point of the change, but where is he right now? Ah I know I’ll read the paper from the day after he is picked up.” Jules flipped open a small attaché case and removed another device which he perfected in his youth capable of reading future headlines from any point in time, when he found the date in question his eyes widened in shock and fear. “Great Scott!” Packing everything back up he rushed out the back door and to the Delorean, flinging the door open he shoved everything inside and strapped in, flipping the switch which activated the hover conversion and the recently installed invisibility switch he gunned the engine and blasted off for Hill Valley.

Xander stared up at the house of Emmet Brown his bag slung over one shoulder prepared to confront the possible demon or worse, he wasn’t sure exactly if this was the right thing to do, but he couldn’t turn back now. He took one step towards the house and heard a loud roaring sound from the backyard, there was a gigantic flash of light and before he could even think to question about it he was staring up at a giant steam locomotive which was hovering off the ground on funny looking repulsors or something. His jaw dropped, he couldn’t believe what his eyes were telling him. This went way beyond what he’d been thinking, it was like something out of a Steven Spielberg movie, he half expected to hear the theme from Close Encounters. The train lowered behind the unusually tall fence and seemed to disappear, Xander stood staring for a good fifteen minutes unsure what to make of what he’d just been witness to. The front door to the Brown house opened and a brunette woman stood eyeing him curiously.

“Can I help you young man?” she asked in a pleasant sounding tone with a hint of some accent he couldn’t place.

“Train, flying,” Xander blurted still dumb struck.

“Oh dear,” the woman said, “Emmet!”

“Alexander,” a voice called out startling Xander from his stupor, turning he found Professor Brown standing nearby.

“Doc, what are you doing here?” he demanded suddenly suspicious and wary, “I’m beginning to think I shouldn’t jump to conclusions about people because of conversations I stupidly overhear, after Buffy it shouldn’t really be that hard to just walk away.”

“Alexander we don’t have time to waste attempting to explain to one another you must come with me at once your very future depends on it,” Doc said urgently leaning into Xander’s personal space and staring intently into his eyes.

“Wait a minute, who are you?” the woman at the door questioned sounding like she might half already know the answer, but wasn’t quite sure.

“Clara you called for me?” Emmet Brown asked as he joined the woman at the door, Doc and Emmet saw each other at the same time their eyes staring at each other with curiosity and despair respectively.

“Great Scott,” both Brown’s blurted at the same time.

“I shouldn’t even be here,” Jules Brown said under his breath.

“What are you doing here?” Emmet Brown demanded. “The consequences alone could be disastrous, do you want to trigger a paradox, I thought you of all people would know better.”

“I’m sorry father I haven’t any time to explain now, all of our futures depend on me and most likely Alexander as well leaving at once,” Jules Brown stated. Xander stared between the two of them noting certain things that just seemed to click for some reason.

“So you two are related,” he accused and then his mind caught up to what Doc had just said, “what are you talking about?” he shouted feeling totally out of the loop.

“Your parents were murdered earlier today and that one event has triggered a temporal altering event which if left unchecked could spell all of our doom,” Jules explained bluntly.

“Huh? How can you possibly know that?”

“I’m from the future, I came here in a time machine he invented,” Jules said indicating Emmet, “he’s my father. When we were attempting to return to the future our time machine flew over Sunnydale and the mystical energies surrounding the town caused the flux capacitor to malfunction. Every time Verne and I attempt to return to our own time we always wind up in Sunnydale of the future, the year two thousand and three to be precise, we can’t go forward beyond that point only backwards. I suspect my presence has led to your parents’ death, therefore I must rectify that mistake, so you must come quickly.” Jules removed a tiny controller and pressed a switch, the Delorean shimmered into existence beside him on the street. Xander stared dumbfounded between the three Browns not sure how to take the massive info dump. Clara Brown looked concerned and eyed both her husband and future son switching between them both rapidly, Emmet Brown on the other hand eyed his son with a look of curiosity in his eyes. Finally Xander’s mind seemed to make itself up and he turned to Emmet his eyes blinking rapidly.

“You built a time machine out of a Delorean!” he blurted. Emmet furrowed his brow slightly and glanced between his wife and son with a slight expression of baffled amusement.

“Is he related to Marty?”

“Not as far as I can tell.”


“I guess that explains these,” Xander said fishing out the pictures he’d brought with him, “so you’re not a family of demons bent on taking over the world then?”

“Demons,” Clara repeated horrified.

“I am a man of science my boy,” Emmet stated proudly, “whatever made you think I was a demon because of a few old photographs I failed to locate?” He eyed Jules thoughtfully. “It wasn’t easy tracking down every copy of them you know, I’m surprised nobody else has put two and two together.”

“Many tend to ignore the more improbable things,” Jules noted. “I found that out while studying the supernatural for my thesis.”

“Yeah, well to answer your question Mister Brown. Our town mayor is a sorcerer that’s lived over a hundred years and is planning to become a really powerful demon on graduation,” Xander said figuring that if they were being honest with him he should be honest with them.

“Great Scott!” Emmet exclaimed.

“To quote Martin, this is getting heavy,” Jules added.

“Uh, I think… yep I’m going to pass out now,” Xander said suddenly feeling funny for some reason and then he promptly fainted in a heap.

“Definitely not related to Marty,” Clara said with a soft smile, “usually he has to hit his head to lose consciousness.”

“Right, we’ve got to get out of here before the Hill Valley Police come to arrest Alexander on suspicion of murdering his parents,” Jules said urgently.

“You can’t just run off in time with the poor boy,” Clara said, “you don’t even know what to do to fix whatever you broke in the first place,” she accused.

“I thought it was obvious, go back and stop that Mayor from going down the path which leads him to become a demon,” Jules said.

“That could only create worse problems,” Emmet said, “come on let’s get him in the garage, we can figure this out there.”

“But father my past self is here,” Jules reminded, “not to mention the other Delorean.”

“He’s preoccupied with a project he won’t come outside,” Emmet said dismissively, “besides at one point in nineteen fifty-five there were a total of four Deloreans in the same time and the same place relatively speaking.”

“I can’t risk contaminating the present day flux capacitor with the negative energies the future flux capacitor has absorbed from Sunnydale,” Jules stated reactivating the invisibility function.

“Very well, come on Clara help me carry the poor boy inside Jules park the Delorean and join us when you have, but try not to leave it too far in case you need to escape quickly and keep it in its invisible state.”

“Yes father.”

To Be Continued

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