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Halloween World: Late To The Party

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Summary: As the war draws to a close, the sleeper awakes.

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Multiple Crossings > General > Theme: HalloweenWeaverFR13714,5081224,75819 May 0910 Jan 10No

The Sleeper Awakes

Disclaimer: Halloween World is the creation of spaceman. The shinigami and Arrancar belong to whoever owns Bleach. The OC's are mine.

Author's Note: At the moment I have no plans for continuing this so it's markedas finished, however this may change.

27th October 1997,

In the basement of a non-descript suburban house, two men were sitting on a camp bed and staring at a mug full of foul smelling liquid, one as if it might explode, the other with a air of calm determination.

“Are you sure about this Jem?”

“Absolutely. You know what the doctors’ said, it’s terminal. This is pretty much my only chance.”

“Yeah, but magic?”

“Just think of it as being like those people who get frozen so that they can be brought back in the future, only I don’t have to die first.”

Before he could start having any second thoughts of his own, Jem grabbed the mug and downed the painstakingly prepared potion before lying down on the bed. Aware that they were now past the point of no return, his friend stood up and, putting aside his misgivings, got on with the second part of the spell. As Jem slipped into oblivion the last thing he heard was his friend’s voice chanting in an incomprehensible language.

30th October 2014

Ivor Kerr was a scavenger and wasn’t ashamed to admit it. In fact he took a certain pride in the fact that in a world of magic, brain-breakingly advanced technology, and people who broke the laws of physics on a daily basis he was one of the few who did what he considered an honest day’s work.

His son on the other hand couldn’t agree less. Fifteen year old Enzo (named by his mother, may she rest in peace) had grown up surrounded by what was to his mind extreme coolness and was eager to do anything that had more street-cred then digging through ruins for a living. Unfortunately given that apart from the now universal spiritual awareness the only power he had to his name was an uncanny knack for finding things, even if he didn’t know what he was looking for and they were hidden under over a meter of junk, the only thing he seemed to be good for was acting as a sort of human metal detector. Attempts to join the war effort had thus far been thwarted by his age and/or father, and despite having once declared that he was considering killing himself since at least then he’d have a shot at shinigami-hood, he’d settled for biding his time until he became a legal adult.

Currently father and son, plus a fellow scavenger named Ken, were sifting through the wreckage of what was once a quiet suburb. The site was over half an hour’s drive from the nearest colony but had obviously already been gone over some time previously and even with their, rather grumpy, metal detector they hadn’t made much progress beyond a dozen lengths of copper pipe and a long buried box of cheap jewellery.

“Are you sure you’re not getting anything?”

“Yes Dad. I’ll let you know when I do.”

“It’d better be soon. I’d rather not be out here any longer then I have to, never know when something will try to have us for lunch.”

Ivor patted the rifle he carried for just such an occurrence. Enzo’s own dug into the small of his back every time he bent down, something which he ignored along with his father.

‘I’d rather not be out here at all,’ he thought. ‘I wanted to spend some time practicing with my tonfas.’

Suddenly, he detected something and straightened up. Ivor looked at him with interest.

“Got something?”

Enzo nodded. For a moment, he stood stock still, getting a fix on whatever it was. It wasn’t metal; he could tell that much but that was about it. After a moment, he got a fix on the location and quickly and deliberately walked forwards several steps, paused, then took a step to the left.

“What is it?”

“I don’t know. Whatever it is, it’s below us.”

With that, Enzo took his crowbar to a chunk of masonry and pried it out of the way. His dad and Ken joined in until they revealed an opening in a partially collapsed floor. Since the opening was quite small and Enzo was the smallest of the three he was saddled with the job of checking it out. A holy water grenade was thrown in and when nothing happened, the grumbling teenager wiggled his way inside.

Inside roughly half the basement was full of rubble from where the building above had collapsed, but the rest of the space was largely intact. Enzo shone his torch around. At first, he wondered if his gut had been wrong for once. There wasn’t anything of obvious interest, just rubble, dirt, and the end of a crushed camp bed poking out from under the aforementioned rubble. The intact half looked more or less empty. Then, right at the back, he spotted a large trunk, around which were scattered various odds and ends, like someone had emptied the box without any interest in the contents. It was padlocked, but his crowbar still made short work of the lid. What he found was definitely not what he expected.

Lying in the box, slightly scrunched up as if whoever had put him there had been in a hurry, was a man that looked to be somewhere in his twenties. He looked like he was just sleeping and Enzo had seen enough dead bodies in his fifteen years of life to be able to tell the difference. Enzo stared at him apprehensively for a moment, then prodded him with his crowbar. No response. Silently praying that he wasn’t going to regret it, he tugged off one of his work gloves and touched the man’s cheek. The skin was soft, slightly stubbled, and held the faintest trace of warmth. Enzo was suddenly certain that whoever this was, he wasn’t dead.

“Hey Enzo, is everything okay in there?”

“Yeah, I think. You won’t believe what I’ve found.”

13th November 2014

The first thing that Jem was aware of was noise, muffled at first but gradually becoming clearer. Beeping, footsteps and voices. There seemed to be something wrong with the voices and after a moment he realised what it was. Although he could understand everything that wasn’t muffled by distance, not all of what was being said was in English. What language it was he had no idea, it sounded like someone had taken every language in existence, stuck them in a blender and somehow ended up with something that worked.

The second thing he noticed was that apart from being a bit groggy he felt better than he had in a long time. What he’d been doing prior to falling asleep came back to him with a jolt.

‘It worked. Yes! Okay, time to see what the future is like.’

With that thought, he opened his eyes, something which was harder than he expected, blinked repeatedly and looked around.
The room he was in was quite small with a curtained window talking up most of the wall dividing the room from the corridor. As he’d expect of a hospital in the future there was a fair bit of strange looking equipment in the room. However, he did not expect the large purple figure that passed the window. Shaking his head and gathering his courage, he disconnected himself from a drip and various wires before getting up and rather unsteadily making his way towards the window.

At first glance, it seemed like a fairly normal hospital scene that is until he took a closer look at the people. Watching the people who walked past, Jem saw people with animal ears, tails and/or weirdly coloured skin. A girl with wings ran to catch up with a young man sporting a small but noticeable pair of horns, while a man who looked at least half machine ducked into a room on the opposite side of the corridor. Another man in white with a hole through his chest that neither he nor anyone else seemed concerned about leant against the wall, obviously waiting for someone or something. There were also a few people who he vaguely recognised from comics and TV, as well as a couple who looked downright demonic. Jem did what a lot of people would do in his situation, he screamed.

“So you’re awake then, nya.”

Jem jumped and stared at the person who’d spoken. Standing in the doorway was a perky looking young woman in a nurse’s uniform who would’ve been perfectly normal except for two things. One, her hair was pink; two, she had a very twitchy pair of cat ears poking out of said pink hair.

“You shouldn’t be up yet, nya. You may have been sleeping a long time but you still need to take it easy.”

By now Jem was in a state of shock and didn’t resist as he was steered back to the bed and tucked in.

“Where am I?”

“The hospital of course. I’ll go and tell the doctor that you’re awake.”

The apparent nurse wagged a finger at him.

“No getting up, nya.”

With that, she vanished out the door leaving Jem to wonder what the hell was going on.

The doctor, when he arrived several minutes later, was in his thirties and blessedly normal looking.

“Ah, our mystery patient. How are you feeling?”

“Freaked out.”

The doctor smiled reassuringly.

“I’m not surprised. From the sound of things you’ve been hidden away for quite a while, you’re lucky that someone found you. Can you tell me your name?”

“Uh, yeah. It’s Jem, Jem Murphy.”

“Okay then Mr Murphy. Can you remember what happened to you?”

Jem hesitated, then decided that given the amount of weird there was around here, they’d probably believe the truth.

“It was a spell. I got diagnosed with Hodgkin’s and there wasn’t anything that could be done about it, so I started looking for alternatives and I found this spell that would sort of stop time for me until a cure came along.”

The doctor nodded like the whole thing was perfectly normal.

“We thought it might be something like that. You’ll be glad to know that your plan worked by the way. The cancer was fairly advanced but it wasn’t anything that a few nanites couldn’t deal with.”

Seeing the look on Jem’s face, he smiled.

“Don’t worry; we took them out again as soon as they finished doing their job. Out of curiosity, what was the date when you did the spell?”

“27th October 1997.”

The doctor’s face suddenly became a lot more serious.

“It’s now 2014. I’m afraid that a lot’s happened since you went to sleep.”

“Yeah, I kind of guessed that much from the freak show outside. So what happened?”

Now the doctor looked downright awkward.

“I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news.”
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