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This story is No. 1 in the series "Runaway". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: What if Jenny in Doctor Who regenerated when she died? What if Buffy ran away to San Francisco instead of LA? Will be a Charmed and Buffy crossover Doctor Who

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Multiple Crossings > Buffy-CenteredosbiannightFR152668,97911818,67820 May 0926 Sep 10Yes

Valhalley of the Dolls Part 2

Disclaimer: i don't own any of the characters or anything from either Charmed, Doctor Who or Buffy the Vampire Slayer
A.N. took that last bit of speech from Charmed 6x02 between Leo and Chris and the title from the same episode.

“Wake now little warrior, wake,” A soft, gentle voice whispered in Buffy’s ear as she slowly started to open her eyes to a hand slowly stroking her hair. Looking up Buffy saw the woman who had come out of the portal before she fell unconscious with blood loss. The woman had shoulder length black hair that was softly curling at the end, which framed a soft, pale face with kind grey eyes looking right into Buffy’s silently.

Buffy was laying down on a bed with her head sitting in the woman’s lap, allowing her to see the woman’s brown leather top, that reveled her stomach.

“Who are you?” Buffy said breathlessly, memorized by the woman’s eyes that showed kindness and strength that only a true warriors could.

“My name is Eir, little warrior. I was the one who brought you here and healed you.” Eir replied still gently stroking Buffy’s hair.

“Thank you but… where is… here?” Buffy asked looking round the room but not moving from her position on Eir’s lap. It looked like they were in a small, wooden, cozy feeling hut. She felt safe and happy and didn’t want to let that feeling go yet after everything that had happened to her.

“You are in Valhalla, warrior. The land of the Valkyries.”

“What?! As in Valkyries that choose and train dying warriors Valkyries because that its impossible cos they’re meant… to be… myths, like slayers are. Wait you don’t want me to be one of your Valkyries. I’m annoying and can’t take orders. Wait you don’t want me to be a Valkyrie do you cos that would be bad……” Buffy babbled remembering some of the books Giles had on Valkyries only to be gently interrupted by Eir.

“Hush now brave warrior. Yes I would like you to become a Valkyrie but I can let you decide after you’ve spoken to our leader. You are quite learned of our people little one. What is your name?”

“Buffy.” She replied feeling a little calmer. *Hopefully I can just tell them no and leave. I don’t think I can teach anyone how to be a warrior after everything I’ve been through.*

“The slayer. You have become quite famous even here little warrior. You could make a fine Valkyrie.” Eir told her smiling, getting off the bed and helping Buffy off it as well. “Now come on we should go see our leader.”

Buffy was completely awed once they stepped out of the hut. Valhalla was absolutely beautiful. She could now understand why it was supposed to be a warrior’s heaven. Everywhere around the there was trees and flowers of all kinds, giving it the feel of tropical island. As Buffy and Eir walked on the dusty paths to see the Valkyrie leader they were silent. This gave Buffy the chance to see groups of people being taught how to fight by women dressed similarly to Eir. Buffy was now starting to rethink about her objections to being a Valkyrie. She knew deep down that no what had happened to her she would always be a warrior it was how she was made in Messaline, to be a solider. She just needed a break at the moment from the fighting but this place looked like the perfect place to start up again when she was ready.

Eir lead her to a small, sparkling clear waterfall where three women were siting on rocks surrounded by vegetation, at the side of it.

“Freyja. I have someone for you to meet,” Eir called out making a blond woman stand up and come towards them. The other two women stayed behind, their faces hidden by leaves.

“Eir. You’ve finally come back to us and who is this you’ve brought us?” the person Buffy assumed was Freyja said,

“This little warrior is Buffy, the slayer. I found her dying after a vampire attack and healed her. I thought she would make a good Valkyrie, but she doesn’t think it would be a wise choice.” Eir replied in her soft voice. Buffy stayed silent behind Eir, evaluating Freyja in case she had to fight her, still thinking about Eir offer of becoming a Valkyrie.

“The slayer. You would make a fine Valkyrie but if you’re sure your free to try and find your own way off our island. Eir take her to get some new clothes and explain to her all about being a Valkyrie, just in case you change your mind,” she said turning and walking back to the other woman.

“There’s no way off the island is there,” Buffy asked quietly, realizing that they were going to keep her here but trying to stay calm.

“There is but only magical means, which we know you probably don’t know,” Eir replied not looking at her. She took Buffy to go and get changed into the brown leather clothing, similar to what all the other women were wearing and told all that Valkyries did. Eir then left and let her do whatever she wanted. Buffy decided to explore the island for any way of escape. During the walk Buffy learned that some of the warriors, including something called an elder named Leo, had escaped and were out in the real world.

Buffy soon found what looked like a cave with two men coming out. Once they had left Buffy went to the entrance and looked inside. The floor was covered with sand and there was a sort of throne looking thing and a cage with two more men inside circling each other.

“You know this isn’t funny anymore. And this isn’t very elder like either,” the younger of the two said looking at the other one nervously.

“Me being trapped here for five weeks and fighting for my life has changed me a lot. Pick it up.” The other one replied indicating to a sword on the floor.

“Forget it.” The older one kicked him a shield and started attacking. “I didn’t do it.” When the elder managed to get the younger one on the floor he put his sword to his neck. The younger boy, in his early twenties, quickly said “You can’t kill me I’m a whitlighter”

“No. Then why you sweating? I’m going to find out the truth , I’m going to find out who did this to me I promise. Right now we’re going to catch up with Phoebe and Paige and have a little chat with the elders.” When he had dragged the boy up Buffy finally revealed her self.

“What’s going on here?”
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