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Bunny, Buffy, What’s the Difference?

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This story is No. 2 in the series "B,B,WtD?". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy fills in for an injured Xander at NCIS and meets her father, who thought she died two decades ago. **With fanart by MistressAshley.**

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NCIS > Buffy-Centered
Literature > Action > Author: Tom Clancy
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Chapter 32: A New Humiliation

Chapter 32: A New Humiliation
A/N: Back after a very long hiatus.

Warning: I don’t know; maybe language and innuendo somewhere along the way. A bit mean to Jenny here.

Challenge: #4472 ‘Bunny is my what?’ by CindyB.

Thanks to my betas: zigpal, Chrislover and AshDawnSoulmates.

Disclaimer: BtVS characters belong to Joss Whedon / Mutant Enemy. NCIS characters belong to Donald Bellisario, Don McGill and CBS Paramount Television. Jack Ryan and his friends belongs to Tom Clancy. I claim no rights to any copyrighted material. Please do not copy or take this story without my permission.

Posted In Honor of being too long since the last update! Sorry ‘bout that, hopefully things will get better soon.

8 pm, almost 4 hours after the rescue…

When Buffy woke up, she groaned at the sight of the room she was in. ‘Stupid bad guy with his stupid gun! Stupid Powers for not letting me be more like Superman and able to move faster than a speeding bullet – or be bulletproof for that matter.’

Her groan alerted the concerned individuals in the room that she was awake.

On one side, she had Oz looking a mixture of relieved, concerned and annoyed. Buffy had to bite back a smirk at the notion she got the stoic werewolf to make an expression, doubting that he would find it as funny as she did.

“Thought I told you to be careful,” Oz scolded.

Buffy shrugged, wincing as it pulled at her injury. “Sorry. Couldn’t let Ziva get shot.”

A squeeze of her other hand let the injured Slayer know she had another upset man to deal with. Seeing the partially-hidden terror in his eyes, Buffy weakly raised her hand to stroke his cheek. “I’m okay, Daddy. You can’t get rid of me that easily,” she promised.

Hearing her call him ‘Daddy’ broke Gibbs’ emotional control. He leaned over to kiss her forehead. “Oh, Baby Girl, don’t do that again! I can’t handle losing you again!” he choked out raggedly.

The shocked gasps reminded him they weren’t alone in the room.

Peeking around her men, Buffy grinned sheepishly at their audience and waved with her good hand. “Guess the cat’s out of the bag, huh?”

“Probably better than what they were thinking about us.” Buffy’s face was screwed up in confusion, so Gibbs reminded her, “Well, we were both out of town this morning and came in together.”

Her expression went from bewildered to revolted in less than a second. “Eww! That’s disgusting!” Buffy rolled her eyes at his mock-hurt look and said, “Oh please, you know what I mean by that. You can’t tell me the idea doesn’t squick you out, too.”

“Touche,” Gibbs replied with a chuckle. His heartrate was slowly returning to normal now that his daughter opened her beautiful eyes again.

“You’re Gibbs’ daughter?!” two voices cried at the same time Tony blurted out, “I hit on Gibbs’ daughter?!”

Gibbs turned and growled at his senior field agent, “I forgot about that.”

“Eep!” Tony hid behind Ziva, hoping the Mossad agent would slow Gibbs long enough for him to escape. He pointedly ignored the snickers of Ziva and McGee at his less-than-manly sound.

Buffy grabbed her father’s arm and tugged on it again. “Stop scaring him, Gibbs; he learned his lesson a long time ago.” She looked at the younger agents and began to explain, “Yeah, we found out after I came here that I’m his kid. It’s up to him if he wants you to know the rest of it though.”

“Maybe later,” Gibbs offered. To be fair, it was more than they expected from him. “Buffy, you should know that you have more company on the way – most of whom want my hide for letting you get hurt.”

She rolled her eyes again. “Then they must not know me very well if they think you ‘let’ me do anything. I simply did my duty – like I always have – and was just unlucky enough not to be able to avoid getting shot this time. It’s not as if it was due to any negligence or stupidity on your part.”

Oz seemed to relax with those words. “She’s right. I’ll explain it to the Council people,” he assured the pair.

“Thanks, Oz,” Buffy replied with a smile at her friend and housemate.

Now that he was feeling a little better, Gibbs grinned at the young man. “I appreciate that; especially seeing as how you looked ready to rip my head off when you saw Buffy earlier.”

Refusing to apologize for his earlier response, Oz simply shrugged, “Instinctive reaction. Then I realized Buffy wouldn’t be happy if I killed her dad. At least not unless I had a good reason.”

“Yeah. I’ll say right now that there’ll be no killing – or hurting,” Buffy clarified, since there was more than one way her friends and family might handle this, “…of my dad. That includes making him feel guilty for something that wasn’t his fault. Make sure everyone understands that. I’ll spar with anyone who does – and not in a nice, friendly way, either,” she added with narrowed eyes.

Oz smirked at the implied threat, knowing it would stop several people from acting on their first reactions. “Understood.”

“Good. Now that that’s settled, who’s coming to visit?” Buffy asked in a cheerier voice. She still sounded a little tired, but already was sounding pretty good for somebody who was just shot.

McGee answered for the NCIS people, “Ducky and Abby are coming as soon as they can get away from work.”

“Your grandfather,” Gibbs added, stunning the younger agents again. Gibbs had a father? “And I don’t think threatening him will stop him from tearing me apart.”

Buffy remained unconcerned. “Then I’ll just have to use my other weapon on him: my pout,” she said, demonstrating her weapon for those in the room.

Fighting the urge to laugh at the memories of how often that pout got Buffy what she wanted, Oz interjected with his own news, “Anya and the boys are waiting to get the okay from me. Jordy is pretty frantic about seeing with his own eyes that you’re okay.”

“Do I look good enough for him to see me?” Buffy asked, understanding how important it was for Jordy to see her well and relatively unhurt.

“I’ll have Anya come in first to fix you up,” Oz suggested.

Tony’s response was fairly predictable, “Your little cousin have a crush on Buffy?”

“No. I’m more of a big sister/mother figure to him,” Buffy explained.

20 minutes later…

Their plan was good in theory. However, they failed to consider Jordy’s reaction when they came up with their plan.

Being several months’ pregnant, Anya wasn’t in any condition to hold onto Jordy – especially since she was also trying to push JR’s stroller. That meant that as soon as the worried trio stepped onto Buffy’s floor, Jordy was free to run to his Alpha’s side. And that’s what he did.

The hospital staff was startled to see a young child sprinting through the hallways, but he ignored their requests to stop, and sidestepped any attempts to apprehend him. Before anyone inside the room knew what was going on, Jordy had burst through the door and was launching himself at Buffy. Only Oz’s quick reflexes enabled him to catch his cousin before he landed on the injured Slayer or her bed.

Oz scolded for the second time that day, “You were supposed to wait outside until she was ready for you.”

Not sounding the least bit sorry, Jordy explained with tears in his eyes, “But I had to make sure she was okay! I can’t lose her…not after losing Mom and Dad.” He knew that Buffy and Oz wouldn’t think he was a wimp for being so upset, and anyone who did, they would beat up for him.

Buffy patted the bed next to her. “Don’t worry, Oz. Just put him on my left side, ‘k? That way it won’t bother my injury. When Jordy was snuggled into her side, she reassured him, “Hey there, mini-Growly, I’m okay. ‘Tis but a flesh wound.”

Smiling at her quote – ‘cause it meant she wasn’t too hurt – Jordy replied the way he was supposed to, “You gonna bite my legs off?”

“Wow. You’re both giving Monty Python quotes? You are officially my heroes,” Tony declared, holding his hand up for a high five from Jordy, which the young boy goofily gave him.

“You can thank Giles for that,” Buffy said with a bemused expression. “I would have expected it from Xander, but not Mr. Stuffy Tweed. I just didn’t think Giles had that kind of sense of humor.”

“He is British,” Oz reminded her, taking a seat next to the bed on the side where Jordy was sitting.

Buffy shot him a look which almost seemed reproachful. “That’s a generalization, and you know it.”

Oz just ignored the rebuke and said, “Yeah, but you have to admit Giles does stereotypes of Englishmen pretty good.”

Anya, who just arrived in the room with JR, said in her usual blunt fashion, “Except for the bad teeth, thank goodness. Kissing him would have been a nightmare if he had teeth like some of the people I’ve seen over there recently.”

“You kissed Giles?!” Oz asked louder than he normally talked, looking very non-Oz-like with his gobsmacked expression.

Buffy choked back her laughter, looking at the others as she replied, “Yeah, long story for another time. Let’s just say it was kind of like the band candy thing. Huh, never realized how often Giles gets hit by those things,” she added after considering the oddness of those two situations.

“At least Giles never thought he was engaged to Spike,” Anya remarked with a smirk in Buffy’s direction.

Oz added with his own look of amusement, “Or regressed to the behavior of a cavewoman.”

“Who’s this Spike?” Gibbs growled at the thought of his baby girl being engaged to anyone…especially one named Spike.

At the same time, Tony – forgetting about his safety in doing so – asked, “Cavewoman? Was there a leopard skin bikini involved?”

“Ziva? Take care of DiNozzo for me. He might not survive if I come over there,” Gibbs requested of the Mossad officer from his spot next to his daughter. The glare he shot DiNozzo had the younger agent backing up in fear.

Buffy decided just to ignore Tony’s comment, despite the pang she felt thinking that it sounded like something Xander would have said. Instead she answered her dad’s question, “Doesn’t matter anymore; Spike’s not a part of my life now.”

Just then, Abby came rushing in all excited. “Buffy! You’re okay!” She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw her pseudo-father looking very cozy with her friend. “Why is Gibbs leaning-slash-sitting on your bed?”

Biting her lip nervously, Buffy thought about how to explain this without hurting Abby’s feelings. “Umm, okay… first I want you to know that the only one who knew before today was Ducky. The others found out just a couple hours ago when I woke up and accidentally spilled the beans. So this isn’t something everyone’s been keeping from you, ‘k?”

“O-kay,” Abby drawled warily. Something told her that she wouldn’t be happy with what she was about to hear.

“Buffy’s my daughter. I thought she died 20 years ago, but she and my first wife went into Witness Protection,” Gibbs practically blurted out, deciding that upfront about the basics was better than beating around the bush; hopefully less painful, too.

Abby staggered back at the news. She shook her head and murmured, “Wow.”

“That’s it? I would have expected a bigger reaction from you,” McGee commented in surprise.

She glared at him in return. “I’m trying to process this, McGee. Funny thing is, I can totally see it. You don’t really look similar, but your personalities…” Abby started laughing, which worried the others until she continued, “I thought you were a female Gibbs when I met you. Guess I was more perceptive than I knew. So how long have you two known?”

Thanking the stars that his non-biological daughter was taking this well, Gibbs chose to be honest about as much as he could. “Fornell told me right after she started, but we wanted to get to know each other before going public.”

“And I didn’t want anyone thinking I got this job only ‘cause my daddy worked at NCIS,” Buffy added.

Latching onto part of Buffy’s explanation, Abby bounced excitedly as she repeated, “Gibbs is your daddy! This is so cool!”

Later that night…

Director Shepard looked in through the window of Summers’ hospital room. Because of the screen around the bed, all she could see were the occupants of the bed: Gibbs and that…woman.

She ground her teeth at the sight. He was actually laying on the damn bed with her! Something in her mind snapped, and she burst into the room in a rage.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing, Agent Gibbs?! While in public, you should at least try to appear professional! It’s bad enough that you’re sleeping with someone young enough to be your daughter, but do you really have to advertise it? What if your team saw you together like this?” Shepard ranted.

Buffy sing-songed, “Told you she’s jealous!”

When she heard the snickers and embarrassed throats clearing around her, Director Shepard saw Gibbs’ team, Ducky, Abby and some people she didn’t know sitting where she couldn’t have seen them from the door. Oddly though, it only increased her anger. “How long have they known? Have you told everyone but me?”

“Since our personal relationship hasn’t affected our working relationship, it isn’t any of your business, Director,” Gibbs replied coldly. When Buffy slapped him with her good hand, he added in a softer tone, “However, before today, only Ducky and her family knew that she is my daughter. I only learned she was still alive when she joined NCIS.”

Sensing that her dad needed to resolve this, Buffy suggested, “Gibbs? Maybe you and the Director should go talk privately about this. Jordy will keep your spot warm for you.”

A/N: Tiny poll question: How badly should Jenny react, even knowing the truth? Should it be bad enough to get rid of her somehow?
1. Yes, she’s a bitch and needs to suffer!
2. No, she’s not that bad.
3. Eh, ignore her whenever possible.

A/N2: Next… Taking care of an old debt.
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