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A Charmed Redemption

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Summary: After the murder of the Deputy Mayor, Buffy and Faith were found guilty and sent to prision. It is four years later when they are contacted to save the world once again. But this time two evils have joined forces and Buffy's past is going to come to light

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Charmed > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Other
Anita Blake > Buffy-Centered
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Chapter 11

* Chapter 11 *

Disclaimer: BtVS characters belong to Joss Whedon / Mutant Enemy. Charmed characters belong to WB. Anita Blake characters to Laurell K. Hamilton. Please do not copy or take this story without my permission.
A/N: Thanks to my beta for her help... mmooch.
A/N2: Hey guys!!! I know it’s been a really long while since I’ve updated but I’m going to try and finish this relatively soon. I apologize in advance for the sucky fight scenes but I’m trying. Hope you enjoy this chapter and I’ll try and update soon.
A/N3: Hey if anyone's interested I would like a background or title picture for this story. If you come up with anything please let me know and maybe I could add it to the story.

Everybody was sitting around waiting for someone to say something. The Halliwells had smiles on their faces as they thought of their ‘little Angel’ finally being happy with her soul mate and their daughter. Xander leans towards Willow and whispers in her ear, “I don’t see what the big deal is, if some big evil is only coming after us for one little brat. Why don’t we just hand her over? I say we just grab her and give her to it, then its all over. She’s evil anyway. How can she not be with who her parents are?”

Their conversation continued on about how they could accomplish their plan, neither of them noticing that Giles’ face was red with anger from over hearing them, nor do they notice the fact that Buffy and Angel have both entered the room as they conversed over kidnapping their child.

“If we just get rid of her then we are in the clear and maybe the First will leave us alone,” Xander whispers before he is yanked out of his seat and thrown into the wall. What really surprised him was the realization that he seemed to be hanging from the wall as if he were stuck.

The Halliwells turned collectively to look at Buffy and Angel, before Piper scolds, “Elizabeth Halliwell! You put him down right now!”

“Why is it always, automatically my fault?” Buffy asks acting offended.

Piper and the rest of the older Halliwells give Buffy sardonic looks before Phoebe says, “Oh, I don’t know, because it usually is you.”

“Alright fine, I’ll admit that I may have gotten into some trouble when I was younger but I would like to point out that it was usually Wyatt and Chris that put me up to it,” Buffy admitted, before trying to take the focus off of her and onto her brothers. “Besides I’m not doing anything. I might have thrown him at the wall but I’m not holding him there now.”

Chris and Wyatt, still hung up on being blamed, piped up, “Hey! We didn’t always put you up to stuff. Whose brilliant idea was it to leave mom a note and then go demon hunting in the Underworld! I have never seen mom so mad as when she came down to get us,” Chris finished.

“It was Wyatt’s idea to leave the note. I said we should just go. Don’t blame that on me. Anyway, I’m not holding him there,” Buffy said as she leaned against Angel’s chest.

Nobody noticed just how quiet the younger group of Halliwell children were. As everyone focused on exactly who is was that was holding the wimpy ‘man’ against the wall, the group was trying to suppress their laughter. Finally, Leo turned to Buffy and said, “Angel, could you please just release him?”

“You could have gotten me down and you left me hanging here? Why you little…” Xander started shouting before Buffy snapped her fingers and his voice was cut off. While his lips continued to move no sound came out of his mouth.

Buffy shook her finger at him as she said, “Uh uh uh. Watch your language in front of my sisters and cousins. Also, what have I told you about calling me little! I’m not that short.” She turned to the older group of adults, “Do I really have to get him down? I mean at least this way he’s out of the way and outta trouble.”

“Now Buffy while I do agree with you, I don’t think you should just leave him up there. I don’t really like him, at all really, but being powerless myself and understanding the feeling of being forcefully stuck to the wall, I really think you should just let him down,” Henry told his niece.
Buffy pouted with a kicked puppy look as she said, “I said I was sorry about that. I mean, jeeze, I was only three at the time. You’d think you’d get over it.”

“Hey! If you’re not gonna get him down then I will!” Willow shouted as she pushed her way through the crowd.

Giles, trying to stop her, knowing the possible outcome, said “Willow, I really wouldn’t recommend doing that. You have no idea just how powerful this power could be. You don’t know what will happen if you try and break it.”

“So wait you don’t think I’m powerful enough to break a little spell to stick someone to a wall?” Willow asked insulted.

Giles tried not to upset the volatile and untrained witch, “Willow you have to understand that the Halliwells are trained hereditary witches. They are born with their magic.”

“Yea, everyone but Buffy and Wyatt. Those two were using magic while still in the womb. Now that was something to miss, huh Piper?” Paige interrupts.

Giles, looking excited with this new information, interrupted, “So, only two of your children had powers before being born? Do you know why?”

“Those two had prophesies about their births, “Phoebe said, smiling as she walked to put her arms around the two sheepish looking adults. Buffy and Wyatt look at each other before facing Giles and said consecutively, “Chosen One” and “Twice-Blessed”.

“Oh My God! So you’re telling me that just because they were ‘born’ with it, that they are more powerful than me?” Willow continues to rant.

Giles completely ignoring her and focusing on his excitement at the prophesies, said “Do you recall what those prophesies were? Do you think I could hear or see them?”

“Sure but Angel, sweetie could you release the boy from the wall,” Leo said, trying to get his little angel to release Xander from the wall.

Buffy pouts as she walks toward Xander, “Fine, if you really want me to. But Daddy, don’t you think he’s better up there?”

“Oh, no you don’t young lady, you let him down now. I don’t want him in the way any more than you do, but you still have to let him go,” Piper insists as she sees Leo start to melt at his little “angel’s” pout. “And stop trying to pull the daddy’s girl card.”

“I wasn’t! But fine, I’ll let him go,” Buffy said disappointed. She turned to Xander and snapped her fingers.

Xander crashed to the ground with a yelp. Willow ran to Xander as she yelled at Buffy, ‘If all you had to do was snap your fingers, then why did you leave him there for so long?”

“Oh, please. He was only up there for five minutes. Whoever put him up there hasn’t had that power for very long,” Coop said, before everyone of the Halliwell group turned and looked to the empty grouping of chairs and sofas where the younger generation was once seated.

Everyone’s attention is then caught by the sudden influx of noise coming from the front room. Buffy starts heading for the door before breaking into a run at the screaming that followed. “BUFFY!!” Everyone starts running toward the door to the front, trying to get there before it’s too late. They rush through the door just in time to witness one of their own get attacked from behind.

“Look out!”

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