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A Charmed Redemption

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Summary: After the murder of the Deputy Mayor, Buffy and Faith were found guilty and sent to prision. It is four years later when they are contacted to save the world once again. But this time two evils have joined forces and Buffy's past is going to come to light

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Charmed > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Other
Anita Blake > Buffy-Centered
ChrisloverFR151215,04028032,23322 May 0913 Feb 14No

Chapter 2

*Chapter 2*

Disclaimer: BtVS characters belong to Joss Whedon / Mutant Enemy. Charmed characters belong to WB. I claim no rights to any copyrighted material. Please do not copy or take this story without my permission.

A/N: Thanks to my beta for her help... mmooch.

A/N2: Well, this is the end of their time in prison. Next time it’s off to Sunnydale where we will see the reactions of Buffy’s friends and the start of Buffy’s past being revealed.


“Hey G, Wes. How’s it hanging?” asked Faith, who had pushed Buffy out of the way when she stopped in the doorway.

“Hey Ward. You rang?” Buffy stated after recovering enough to slouch in a chair with her feet planted on the warden’s desk. “What did Faith do this time that was so terrible you had to call in the boys?”

“Hey! I resent that!” Faith retorted childishly as they stuck their tongues at each other.

“Girls! That’s enough!” the warden snapped.

“Sorry, sir,” they said together both contrite.

“I would really love to know how you did that. It takes ages to get them to stop once they start arguing,” Giles started.

“Oh well it’s really in the tone of your voice…” the warden started when Wesley interrupted.

“Gentlemen, we have more pressing matters to address.” It was after this statement that Buffy and Faith’s eyes met and they realized that whatever was going on, it was serious, and probably on its way to being apocalyptic.

“Sorry. Ok girls, as I’m sure you noticed that you have been treated differently from your other inmates,” the warden explained.

“Yea, we also noticed that you’re half demon,” Faith replied smartly before being shushed and punched in the arm by Buffy. “Oww, that hurt. What did I say?”

“Yes well that’s neither here nor there. I am sure that you don’t know the situation in LA or Sunnydale, so I’m going to let Mr. Giles and Mr. Wyndam-Pryce fill you in and then I’ll give you the reason you are here,” the warden finished, ignoring Faith and gestured to Giles.

“OK. Well. for the past two months, Watchers and the potential Slayers that they were training have been slaughtered. LA and Sunnydale are covered in an endless night. This is the first time we have seen the sun in two weeks and it wasn’t until after we left the town. We have collected the remaining Potentials that were alive and they are safe for the time being. We need help, we need you, the only activated Slayers to help us protect and save these girls. That’s why we came here today,” Giles finished.

“Well, that explains the increase in attacks, huh B?” Faith commented, looking over at her sister Slayer.

“Yea, the Council was trying to kill one of us so that a new Slayer could be called. Ok, we get that you need our help but there are two immediate problems. One is that we
are here serving 20 years to life,” Buffy stated looking around the room at its occupants.

“Ok well, the Council’s plans didn’t work and your sentence is why you are here. Girls, I am releasing you two, with permission from the Governor of California, on the grounds that your Mayor was corrupt and had you two framed for the murder of Deputy Mayor Allen Finch. At least that is the story we are going to sell the public. The truth is that it was an accident and I know you girls feel guilty but the man was in the wrong place at the wrong time. You can’t change who you are and Sunnydale, hell the world, needs you,” the warden told them, stopping them before they could interrupt him.

“Ok that takes care of problem one but there is still problem two. They don’t want us to help them, and I know you two came here for our help without telling them,” Buffy said looking at Giles and Wesley.

“Yes, you are right; we did not tell them that we were coming here for your help, but they will just have to deal with this. Like I will tell them, you are the best and we need you if we hope to defeat the evil that is attacking us,” Wesley said in response.

“Ok…I guess there is nothing left for us to say except goodbye and thank you for everything you have done for us,” Buffy spoke for both girls as they rose from their chairs and gave the Warden and Brody, the two men who were like a father and brother to them, hugs goodbye.

“Well boys, it’s been fun. Do you think we can get some other clothes? Not that I don’t love these comfy, plain, *cough* ugly *cough* sneakers but I kinda miss my leather boots,” Faith said sarcastically.

“This is really sad to say but I gotta agree with Faith on that. Plus bright orange, not really my color,” Buffy joked.

“Ha, ha, ha. Ok girls, here are the clothes you were wearing when you got here,” the warden started, and noticing the looks on their faces, continued, “I’m sure Mr. Giles and Mr. Wyndam-Pryce will stop and get you something not so out of date on the way back to Sunnydale.”

“Yes, girls, we will but we have to leave now so that we have time to stop and then get to Sunnydale as soon as possible,” Giles said glancing at his watch and trying to get the two women moving.

“Ok, ok G we’re movin’,” Faith said catching on the Giles’ plan.

“Bye boys. We’ll miss you,” the two women said to the warden and Brody as they walked out of the office.

“Hey Summers! Lehane! We’re gonna miss you ladies. Though maybe not all those fights you got into,” one of the others guards laughed as the four adults walked out of the prison. For the first time in four years the girls didn’t feel caged in like animals and their Slayers weren’t warring to get out.

“Oh shush Eddy. You know those were not our fault,” Buffy smiled as she walked out the gate.

“Well most of them,” Faith corrected her with a smirk, when she saw Eddy’s amusement and disbelief.

“Bye boys!” the girls shouted to the guards on the wall as they waved and got into the car. The guards waved back as the car drove away, knowing that those two women were meant for something great, they just didn’t know how great.
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