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Marked For Death

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Summary: When Angelus is released in Season 2, events take a terrible and disastrous spiral for the Sunnydale Slayer. Now Buffy is determined to take him down, if she can only manage to evade her own pursuers…

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yakobaFR15529,1550115,31622 May 0915 Mar 11No

Prologue: Angelus unleashed

Summary: When Angelus is released in Season 2, events take a terrible and disastrous spiral for the Sunnydale Slayer. Now Buffy is determined to take him down, if she can only manage to evade her own pursuers…

Disclaimer: I do not own/claim to own, or am making financial profit from this story. Buffy the vampire slayer and all related characters therein belong to Joss Whedon and co. Bourne Trilogy belong to Robert Ludum, tony Gilroy and Universal pictures. U.S. Marshals belongs to Roy Huggins and Warner Bros. (this is for fun, not for money!)

Verse timelines: Just after the episode ‘Surprise’ in season two for Buffy; a few years after the events of U.S. Marshals; and a few weeks after the events of Bourne Supremacy.

Date and cannon changes: I’m gonna say this story is set in…2006. What the hell, right? Events and character ages are consistent with respective cannons, just shifted a few years into the future for Buffy and U.S. Marshals.

For the sake of this story, Kendra never came to Sunnydale.

Angelus finally broke the embrace, letting the hooker’s body crumple lifelessly to the slick tarmac. Exhaling the cigarette smoke he had drawn from her lungs, he grinned, licking her taste from his lips.

He paused for a moment, relishing the feeling of fresh blood slowly spreading within; coursing through hardened veins, circulated not by organs –those had long since stilled- but by that same mysterious power that enabled his very existence, reanimated his flesh and drove him to feed.

Angelus’ gaze swept over the empty street, taking in the darkened alleyways and crumbling apartments surrounding him. Shadows danced lightly under the harsh, swinging glare of the streetlight above. He glanced up as a fine drizzle of rain began to pour from the gloomy clouds rolling across the night sky.

Everything felt familiar, and yet at the same time…different.

The sights and sounds were sharper; the dank scent of waste being washed away by the fresh rain more pronounced. It was as if the very night itself had been refashioned and refined.

But somehow, the vampire intrinsically knew, could feel, that it was he who had been born anew.

Perhaps it was the feeding. He always did feel more alert, more whole, after a good bite, something he hadn’t been allowed to forget for even a moment over the last century.

Ah yes. He mused, The guilt.

He remembered its crushing presence so very well.

The unending torment of guilt, the wrenching anguish and self-loathing, coiled upon his shoulders like a thousand tons of iron chain…the curse of a guilty conscience. The curse of a human soul.

And yet, here he was, death on his hands and his belly full of blood, and somehow he felt…energized. No crippling despair, no hand-wringing greif...

The vampire gave a baffled snort, bringing his fingers up to wipe the blood from his mouth, when he suddenly caught her scent.


His eyes flew wide as a flood of memories and emotions instantly seized his mind.

He remembered watching her from afar, his interest and respect blossoming into affection and love, held back from revealing himself by overwhelming insecurity.

He remembered finally reaching out to warn her about the master, and over time, slowly growing closer to the slayer; first becoming allies, then friends, and then something far more intimate.

The events of this very night finally coalesced in his mind, and the vampire's jaw quirked in a disbelieving smirk.

Somehow, she had done this…Buffy had released him.

Angelus gave a bark of astonished laughter.

How ironic! A century of brooding like some rat in the gutters of Europe and America, filled with self-disgust and misery, and all he need to snap out of it was a good tumble…

The smirk melted into a snarl of revulsion at the thoughts and feelings of his souled self. What a pathetic worm he had been! A worthless, wretched creature, consumed with self-pity.

He growled, his hands curling into fists.

Buffy had actually loved that, that...mockery. That shame-filled shadow of his true self.

She would pay for that alone.

He could picture her now, sleeping soundly in his bed, so blissfully unaware. So vulnerable.
His stomach twinged in hunger, and a part of him wanted nothing more than to stalk back to his apartment, rip out her still beating heart, and drain her dry before she could even scream...

He turned back down the alley he had stumbled, taking a step forward before hesitating.

No. He shook his head.

This would be to easy. To quick.

To painless.

He had to focus, had to think everything through. He was in a unique position, a position he couldn't bare to waste so carelessly. Not with an opportunity to have so much more fun...

Angelus turned abruptly and strode away from his apartment. He would plan. Something to celebrate his return. She deserved that much, at least.

And Besides, he thought with a feral grin. He actually really liked the idea of making Buffy scream.


Angelus was almost on top of the group of vampires before they even realized he was there. He counted at least nine of them.

They had caught a couple of stoners, probably fresh from the Bronze. Angelus could practically smell the fear rolling off the two teens, almost as strong as their marijuana tinged sweat. The older one was desperately trying to negotiate their freedom, holding out a baggie of weed and a wad of cash with violently shaking hands. Both boys were almost as pale as the huge vampire that had his arms draped casually around their shoulders.

The group of vampires was too busy jeering, having some fun at their prey’s expense, waiting for their leader to make the first move. It would prove to be a fatal mistake.


Jack grinned hungrily at the trembling kid, batting the offered bribe from his outstretched hands. The bills fluttered to the dirty pavement, a few coins spilling across the street. Picking up the small bag of drugs, the vampire gave a long appreciative sniff. Not too bad, he conceded.

The kid looked a little hopeful at his interest. “H-hey man, I can get you a shit load more of that, just let me and my bro go get it. No charge, I swear!”

Jack laughed, tossing the baggie aside. Enough games. He was ready to eat. He signaled Lou, and the big vampire tightened his arms around their shoulders.

He was about to dig in when a large vampire, almost big as Lou, stepped from the shadows.

He looked at the struggling humans, then over to Jack, his lips in a thin smirk.

“Mind if I join the fun?’

Jack glowered. He didn’t recognize this guy, and he didn't appreciate the interruption.

“Who the fuck are you? Get lost. This is our kill.”

The smirk turned into a bemused grin, and the stranger took a step towards him.

The other vampires immediately edged closer, seeing that their boss was being challenged.

Lou, still holding the drug dealers in an iron grip, suddenly recognized the vampire, his eyes widening.

"Hey, I know know who you are!"

Angelus stood a little straighter, his ego swelling a bit. yes, tell them who I am. Angelus, the terrible Scourge of Eur-

"Yer' Angel, the Slayer's little bitch!"

Jack burst into surprised laughter as the new vampire’s smile vanished.

"So this is the dreaded lap-dog? Ha! shouldn't you be out saving kittens or some shit? Pathetic…"

His laughter faltered when he saw the darkening expression on Angel’s face, and suddenly realized the big vampire’s close proximity.

Angelus’s eyes burned with fury, his growled words thick with unveiled malice.

“Sorry lads, seems you have me mistaken with the wrong man."

His face shifted, revealing vampiric fangs and ridges, his yellow eyes on fire. He glanced over at the humans before looking the lead vampire dead in the eye.

"Too bad for you…I was willing to share and everything."

The last thing Jack the Vampire saw was a dark blur of fist flying towards his face.


Angelus dragged the last surviving vampire up by his hair, giving his entire body a violent shake.

"Remember to spread the word, whelp! Angelus is back in town."

Shoving the bloodied vampire away, he watched as it stumbled down the darkened alley, desperate to escape.

Hopefully the fledgling would tell his friends. The sooner he could regain his once respectable reputation, the better.

Angelus gave a satisfied sigh, glancing down the dust-strewn street. He had really needed that. He absently rubbed his stomach. Fighting sure worked up an appetite.

Reaching down, he caught hold of the two druggies, hefting them effortlessly over his shoulder. They were both still out cold from his earlier assault. Good thing, too. Passed out people were always easier to carry.

Glancing up at the slowly lightening skyline, Angelus bent down over the manhole, ripping the cover away.

Dropping into the sewer with a shallow splash, the vampire took off at a steady stride, his destination clear.

Time to make amends with some old friends.
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