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Life without warning

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Summary: Logan warns Tara off Rogue

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Tara-CenteredNetgirlFR131506172,7613 Oct 033 Oct 03Yes
Life without warning.

At first Logan had loathed the Big Brother role he'd been forced into playing to Rogue, seeing it as a chain that kept him tied to her, later he'd grown to accept it, eventually going about with a relish that drove Rogue to the point of insanity.

Tonight Logan prowled the halls of the school looking for the one other person he knew would be awake; as he searched he mentally practiced what he would do, roll of his shoulders, flex of his hands, low growl and 'If you ever hurt her I will...' Logan paused considering what the most effective threat would be.

He'd made his overprotective mock threats twice before, and although Rogue had gone to great lengths to assure Bobby, and later Remy, that Wolverine would never really harm them, both young men had stepped very carefully around Logan.

The only light on in the mansion was coming from the kitchen, where he found her wearing a scarlet nightdress and eating from a tub of strawberry ice cream, obviously waiting for him. He'd never had to make this particular threat to a woman before; the whole thing had taken a lot of getting used to. He supposed Rogue and Tara made a strange kind of sense; after all it would be a little difficult for Rogue to suck the life out of a girl who was already dead.

"Do you want some?" Tara politely offered the tub of ice cream to Logan, who choked back the courteous refusal that almost escaped him. He was here for a purpose, a purpose he intended to fulfil, no matter how polite and female Rogue's latest love interest was.

"If you ever-" Logan's voice was a low growl as he loomed menacingly over Tara, he noticed with some satisfaction that her eyes flickered down to his knuckles briefly, "-ever hurt Rogue I swear I will personally-"

"I won't, I promise." Tara cut in causing Logan to pause with shock; not only had the usually timid girl interrupted him, she didn't seem intimidated by him at all. "It's very sweet that you worry about her but there's really no need."

'Sweet!' Logan's offended brain cried, mortified. He watched Tara place the lid back on the ice cream carton and pad round the kitchen in silence placing the carton back in the freezer, then wash and place back the spoon she'd been using. "Right," Logan straightened his back, regaining most of his pride, "Well I'm glad we're all clear on where we stand."

Tara nodded, hooking her light brown hair behind her ear, "Well I'd better get back to bed."

"I thought dead people didn't need to sleep."

"I don't, but Marie notices if I'm gone." In the doorway Tara turned back to him, smiling a lopsided smile. "I'm glad we talked Logan, I almost feel I should warn you not to hurt Dr Grey or something," before Logan could think of any response to that she turned and disappeared down the hallway towards Rogues room.

The End

You have reached the end of "Life without warning". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking