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By Request

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Summary: Ficlets written for a drabble request at my LJ. Fandoms include Terminator:SCC/X-Men, Terminator:SCC/SPN.

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In the Beginning

Title: In the Beginning
Summary: John Connor wasn't always the savior of mankind. In the beginning he was just a normal college student.
Rating: FR13
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters of Supernatural, they belong to Kripke, the WB, the CW, etc. The characters of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles belong to Fox, etc. The ideas and concepts in this story are mine entirely. Please do not copy or take this story without my permission.
Notes: This story is based off the idea the original John Connor was a normal guy until the first Judgment Day. I’m messing with the original Judgment Day to push it back it 2003, and making both Sam and John the same age, born in 1983.
Written for Jelloh0530


John was certain that his mother was never going to leave. There were other parents still helping, but his mom was done and was now just hanging around because she wanted to meet his new roommate and his family.

“Mom,” John tried to control his whine as he spoke his mother’s name, but he was unsuccessful.

“Johnny,” his mother whined back and reached out to ruffle his hair. He tried to duck away but she was faster. Her fingers slid through his hair, long enough that it was hanging down in his eyes, but he refused to cut it no matter how hard his mother protested to the long hair.

“Look, you’ll have plenty of other opportunities to meet Sam and his family.”

“I know you think I’ll embarrass you, but trust me John, this is going to be fine. I’m not the only parent still milling about.”

John let out a sign and looked away from his mother. “He said he’d be here shortly,” John said and let out a defeated sigh.


Sam Winchester was tall, taller than John’d been expecting. To be fair he wasn’t exactly sure what he’d been expecting, probably a small nerdy pimple-faced kid. But this tall, good-looking guy didn’t fit with his mental image of the ridiculously smart kid that was here on a full academic ride. Full rides were hard to come by, he knew from his own hard-earned one.
He was carrying a single cardboard box and wearing a backpack.

“Hey,” John greeted him when Sam paused in the doorway.

Sam’s eyes took in John and his mom before returning to John.

“Hey,” Sam answered. He headed over to the unmade bed and set his box down.

“Are your parents out back? I can help with your stuff,” John offered as he hopped down from the bed he’d chosen. His mother had raised him right, besides he knew she’d be volunteering him to help if he didn’t immediately offer.

“No, I uh…this is it,” Sam answered and cleared his throat as he ducked his head.

John immediately snuck a glance over at his mother and wasn’t surprised to see her already moving into her worried mother hen mode. Poor Sam Winchester wouldn’t know what hit him.

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