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The Savage Beast

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Summary: Music tames the savage beast. In this story, it also describes him. (Victor Creed)

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > GeneralElvenBookwyrmFR1354,825293,55126 May 0927 May 09Yes


I do not own X-Men: Origins or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and am making no profit.

Victor woke up in a garden. He didn't know how he had gotten there, but his memory was back, and his arms weren't cold anymore, so he was grateful. He cautiously sat up and looked around. The garden he was in was in the back yard of some giant mansion - not the Westchester X-Mansion, a different one. The redheaded girl with Mei Li's sword was nowhere to be seen.

They hadn't cleaned him up at all. He supposed he was a little grateful, but he wanted new clothes... and he really wanted to cut off all of this hair. Not only was it disgusting, it made him more likely to be recognized as Sabretooth.

There was a question he wanted answered. If that Vi girl (and whoever she worked for) wanted to find him, why didn't they know who he was?

He was going to have to go inside to find out, he knew instinctively.

The door he went in led to a room full of weapons, with five or six mannequins spaced around. These weapons, though, didn't look like they were used very often. There were lances and flintlock pistols, scimitars and bo staffs. Each of them had a placard with a name on it. Each name was a woman's name.

A rifle from the first world war caught his attention. It had a flower carved into the handle, and a wooden bayonet attached to the barrel. "Harry," muttered Victor, carressing the flower he had carved. The name under the gun was Harriet Glengarry. He turned, and there was the coat that had belonged to Nikki, after Randy, whoever he was. Apparently it had belonged to some guy named Spike after her.

"Willow said you would wake up soon. I guess I owe her five bucks," said a voice behind him. He whirled around, saw the eyepatch, and for one, confused second, thought, Fury? Of course, the guy in the doorway behind him was far too young to be Nick Fury, unless some weird mystical shit had happened to him. "So," said the guy. "You're Sabretooth, huh?"

"I think I prefer Victor, now that I have my memory back," Victor said.

"Fair enough," said the man. "I guess it makes it easier to seperate the insane psycho from the... relatively stable person if you give them different names." He looked at Victor again. "So, you're Victor, huh?"

"Yeah, Victor Creed," he said.

"I'm Xander," said the Nick Fury wannabe. "Xander Harris. I bet you're wondering... well, a bunch of stuff."

"Yeah," Victor said. "Stuff like, who are you people? Why were you looking for me? How come you've got Nikki's coat, and Harry's gun, and Mei Li's sword? Not to mention, I want to know how you got my memory back, and how I lost it in the first place."

"I can help you with some of that, anyway," said Xander. "We're the New Watcher's Council - the old one got blown up by terrorists so..." Xander shrugged. "We help the Slayer kill demons, basically. That's why we have the weapons on the wall... the ones that survived, anyway. The rest got blown up with the old Council, and while I say good riddance to the Council, I kind of wish their stuff hadn't gotten blown up with them but not really if there's demons listening since, you know, the old Council had some cool stuff. Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Sorry, it's just... you kind of remind me of somebody I used to know." Poor Wade. For all that he was a pain in the neck he hadn't deserved what Stryker had done to him. None of them had. "He's dead now. I think."

"Did you see the body?"

"No, but my brother cut his head off."

"No body, no confirmation. Ninety percent of the time they're still out there. But I'm getting off track. Who's Harry?"

Victor pointed. "The girl who owned that gun. We all knew she was a woman but no one said anything because we didn't want to lose her. Lost her in the trenches anyway."

"Huh," said Xander. "Well, we have their weapons because they were Slayers, back in the day when Slayers only came one at a time. As for the memory thing, I'm guessing you were fighting some demons that looked like big blue teddy bears with black marbles for eyes?"

Victor thought back and, yes, that described the demons he'd been killing in Central Park thirty years ago. He nodded.

"So, yeah, those were Netyana demons. Their blood mixes with yours and, poof, instant amnesia. Then you freeze to death in a year unless you get someone to counteract it. Blood gets harmless once it hits the ground, though. Except, you've been under the influence for way longer than a year, right? Near as we could guess, it was thirty years."

Victor shrugged. "I guess it's the healing factor. Mutant and all." He tensed a little, waiting for the backlash, but it never came.

"Yeah, I guess so," said Xander. "Anyway, Willow got it all out, and... you're giving me that look again."

"You don't care? That I'm a mutant?"

"No. Should I?" said Xander, mystified. "I mean, I guess I only got the Pro-Mutant side, what with Willow growing up Jewish like Magneto and Giles totally going fanboy over Dr. Grey's research, but... Really, we've got enough on our plate with hormonal teenagers and world-ending demons. Adding hate for people who mostly just want to be left alone seems stupid." He smiled. "Besides, what with my kind-of neice being green and scaly, hating mutants would mean hating family." The smile dropped. "I got enough of that as a kid."

"Don't even start with that 'pity me' crap, Xan," said a woman in leather pants. She had a dagger sheathed on her hip and was holding a green scaly baby who was gumming on a Blackjack. She looked Victor up and down appraisingly. "So this is the guy Lucy's got a crush on?"

"You didn't tell her he was here, did you?" said Xander, pained. Leather-Pants looked at him innocently. "You did! Faith!"

"I tried to stop her," said a black guy, coming up and taking the green baby from Faith. "But she looked out the window rather pointedly. Lucy might have brought out a camera."

Xander sighed. "I'll go find it," he griped on his way out. "Oh," he said, pausing at the door. "Victor Creed, Robin Wood, Faith Wood, Josey Wood. Have fun, kids." And then he stomped off with a snarl of, "Hormonal teenage girls!"

"So, I'm Robin," the black guy said, a little nervously. "Nikki was my mother."

"Huh," said Victor. "I met your mother once. She was cool."

"Yeah, 'met' her," said Faith, rolling her eyes. "Look, Victor, we all know you got jiggy with her, because otherwise, Robin wouldn't be here." Victor looked at her blankly. Slowly, pointing at Robin, she said, "Congratulations, Daddy, it's a boy."

"Huh," said Victor. Now that he looked at Robin again, he did see the resemblance, both to Nikki and to himself. "Never had a kid before. That I knew about, anyway. So that's my granddaughter? She's cute."

"That's our little Empress Josephine," said Robin with a relieved smile.

"Yeah, so family reunion over and done," said Faith. "Look, there's this prophecy. Do you got a brother that's hanging around somewhere?"

The End

You have reached the end of "The Savage Beast". This story is complete.

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