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The Last Sandworm

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This story is No. 3 in the series "The Slayers of Dune Book I". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Events force the Slayers of Dune to come to terms with their true nature.

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Chapter One

All characters from the Dune Universe are property of the Frank Herbert Estate. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me. This is the last story in the "Slayers of Dune" series.

There is in all things a pattern that is part of our universe. It has symmetry, elegance, and grace -- those qualities you find always in that which the true artist captures. You can find it in the turning of the seasons, in the way the sand trails along a ridge, in the branch clusters of the creosote bush or the pattern of its leaves. We try to copy these patterns in our lives and our society, seeking the rhythms, the dances, the forms that comfort. Yet it is possible to see the peril in the finding of ultimate perfection. It is clear that the ultimate pattern contains its own fixity. In such perfection, all things move toward death.

"The Collected Sayings of Muad'Dib" by the Princess Irulan

Something wasn’t right.

Surayya could feel it right after she got back from Arrakis. She floated in free fall, tethered to the “Leit Kynes”. She watched Arrakis slowly turn beneath her as she defocused her mind and let it roam free. She had been trained in the Bene Gesserit ways by Leto II as well as surviving the spice agony at Tailos Three. Her mentat training pricked her mind. She spent hours reviewing the events of the last week in detail but something deep in her slayer mind nagged at her. Something didn’t fit and she would not rest until she found out what it was.

She went over the facts again. After detecting an increase in vacuum energy that threatened life in the galaxy she was guided by her dreams to the “Slayer of Slayers” on Arrakis. The “Slayer of Slayers” was Spike. He was still alive after all these years. His mystical connection to the amulet he wore at the battle of Sunnydale had turned him into a being of pure light with an unbroken temporal and spatial connection to everything he had ever touched. Spikes flesh had long ago faded away. What was trapped on Arrakis was his living sprit and demon soul. For over ten thousand years his Human soul had been chained to a vampire. Surayya had broken that chain and set his soul free to ascend his final reward. She hoped He would meet Buffy there.

Still, something wasn’t right.

Spike told her that he came to Arrakis because then it was a barren out of the way planet. Spike said his presence on Arrakis changed the eco-system. The light from his being contained information that was captured and encoded by the plant life of Arrakis. From there it passed to the sandtrout and then the sandworms and finally the spice. All of elements of life were already on Arrakis, but without Him spice would have never acquired its ability to allow the Human mind to transcend the barriers of space and time. Surayya accepted all of that and was awed.

“We owe you everything, Spike.” She thought. “Without Spike, there would have been no Bene Gesserit or Kwisatz Haderach. Without Spike, Motorria would have never been able to acquire enough of a memory of Willow Rosenberg to get the magic necessary to defeat the Old Ones at Tailos Three and the Human Universe would have been cast into an eternity of brutal suffering. Out of gratitude, Surayya offered up the old freman prayer for Spike.

"Bless the Maker and all His Works. Bless the coming and going of Him. May His passing cleanse the world"

She spoke her words to the brown planet before her and the black space beyond.

Still, something wasn’t right.

Beneath Sunnydale, two profound acts of magic occurred. One resulted in the awakening of the Potentials. The other resulted in Spike’s death. Spike mentioned that he was still connected to everything he had ever touched. Before he died, he touched Buffy Summers in the cave beneath Sunnydale. Surayya remembered that their hands were aflame as well as their hearts.

She felt a part of the pressure in her mind ease. She was on track to solving the puzzle that had kept her awake for last three days.

“So, are you going to be out there much longer?” She heard a voice say over her suit radio. It was Motorria.

“Have you been watching me this whole time?” Surayya asked.

“No. We’ve been taking turns. You know, me, your loyal crew and Fish Speaker Command.”

Surayya began to reel herself back to the station.

“I think I know what has been bothering me.” Surayya said as she reached the airlock.

Surayya waited until the airlock cycled and then she removed her helmet. Before her a small crowd of Slayers and Fish Speakers had assembled. She recognized the look of reverential awe on their faces. It was dangerously close to religious zeal. Word of what had happened at Tailos Three and Arrakis had gotten out. No doubt the stories had gotten wilder with every telling. Suddenly, monsters had returned to Leto’s age of reason. People found this thrilling.

“Be very careful.” The memories of Paul Maud ‘dib said. “This is how religions start. The Bene Gesserit will be very eager to use your legends for their own ends. They are not beyond resurrecting the church of the universal mother, or turning your slayers into matriarchs.”

“I’ll take care.” Surayya answered internally.

Surayya signaled Lisa and Motorria to follow her. After they broke away from the crowd Surayya began to speak.

“We forgot something on Arrakis” she said. “We were so busy trying to save the world we didn’t understand what Spike was telling us.

Surayya pulled Lisa and Motorria close to her and spoke in a whispered voice.

“It’s down there, the thing that made all of us possible at the same time, the thing that ended the loneliness of the Slayer and no longer made her the one girl in the entire world.”

Motorria slapped her hand to her mouth shocked by what Surayya was saying.

They all knew what it was. It was a shaft sharpened to a point on one end with a red metal blade on the other.

“We’re going back to Arrakis to find the Scythe.”
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