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Buffy Needs a Break

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Summary: Buffy decides to see her brother. (No Buffy Bashing.) Not Complete!

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Anita Blake > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: AshertoowhiteprincessFR157798,5704217205,34427 May 0912 Mar 14No

Chapter 72

I don't own BTVS or the Anita Blake series. I have had writer's block but always wanted to write more to this story.

Chapter 72

Buffy refused to answer any questions until she was cleaned up. Harmony had already complained to her about Drusilla being treated better. So, Buffy decided as a joke to say that Harmony could call her mom. Harmony took it seriously. Buffy never planned being a mother of two vampires.

After her 'daughters' washed up she watched as her brother and Nathaniel entered the circus. She wanted to talk to them about something. She promised them that it would not be bad news.

Nathaniel stayed close to Jason acting as if none of what might happen bothered him. His life was getting way too weird for even him. Buffy could turn into a soul sucking feen from beyond the grave for all he knew about her. She should talk more to him. He wondered how she ever got herself into such strange situation.

Jason spoke first, "What do you want to speak about?" His sister had been dragging everyone into her life for the past month. What did she have to say for herself?

Dru and Harmony. How would she tell them about the two vampires that she let join her group? Drusilla was not just any vampire. She had killed a member of her team ... best not to tell him about that until hell froze over. Ok, here she went with the explainy. "Housing arrangements. I have two new members of my team joining me. One will be staying on the basement floor and the other on the main floor. Them being here will hopefully save me time."

Housing arrangements? She was kidnapped ... could have died. However, all she wanted to do was talk about housing arrangements. What if she died? He wanted to see her more often. If she died, where would that leave him? Where would that leave his little sister? He knew Buffy had custody for some reason. Would her father take Dawn? "That is what this is about?"

"Also, they feel the need to call me, Mommy. This may be not convent for you." Mommy. The whole thing sounded like a chore to her but it would help in a way that the two vampires would not try to kill anyone in the town.

Jason didn't know what to expect from his sister but two women calling her mother was some strange bdsm stuff that he didn't want to know about. Sure, he had his habits but long-term games took up too much of his time.

She had not spoken up about being kidnapped. It happened. His sister should be distraught or at least crying. "I don't think that will be a problem for me."

"Nathaniel? Do you think that might be a problem?" Buffy knew that the Were would be worrisome about the two but she wanted to make him as comfortable about the idea as possible.

"No." Yes. He didn't want extra people inside the home. They could hurt him. He knew that saying, 'No,' to anyone was close to impossible. Sure, he tried to say it. It frighten him to speak up.

"I will introduce you." Buffy grabs his hand then pulls him along with her. She didn't notice him staring at her hand as if Buffy was leading him to his impending doom. "Just this way."

Jason fallowed only smirking at him. His sister was driving Nathaniel crazy. Jason wanted to speak up on Nathaniel's behalf but had always wanted ... just one time ... to hear Nathaniel say something.

Buffy tried to awake the sleeping Drusilla but she was already in her death sleep. "She will fallow you during the night so that you are safe. I thought she would not be asleep but Drusilla has been injured."

"Are you sure?" Nathaniel stared at the sleeping vampire. The female vampire looked so innocent just lying there but they all looked innocent that way. He didn't know her that was what scared him the most.

"Yes, she will be less conspicuous than Spike in that strip club. You will need to talk to her about her wardrobe."

There was no way he was going to talk to the vampire about her wardrobe. Nathaniel would not know where to began to ask someone to change their choice in clothing.

From behind them they hear someone enter the room.

"Summers? Aren't you going to introduce me?" Harmony observed the two noticing that Drusilla had already fallen to sleep. At least, someone could sleep. She had tried to no avail.

The Weres jumped at the sound of a foreign vampire in the room. They turned toward the blonde vampire.

Buffy didn't miss a beat as she said, "This is my brother Jason and Nathaniel. Nathaniel will be living with me. They both work the same place. You will be seeing them often"

She put her hand out to Buffy's brother for him to shake. "Harmony. I am new to her team."

Jason didn't take her hand. "How does my sister know you?"

"High school we graduated together. Now, I will be staying on the first floor making sure the Weres keep their appointments." Harmony took Jason's hand than proceeded to shake it. All the while she wondered if Jason had some sort of handicap. Maybe, the Were was hard-of -hearing. So, she spoke louder and slower, "IT HAS BEEN A PLEASURE MEETING YOU."

Buffy shook her head. "That was a long time ago. And, Harmony, he can hear just fine."
Harmony doubted that the poor Were was alright. People like her. She was people person. Harmony had social skills. Yes, there must be something wrong with the no hand-shaking at first Were named Jason.
They left the room only to run into Jean Claude and Asher. "We would like to know if you are keeping any secrets from us," Jean Claude inquired.

"About?" Buffy had many secrets.

"The man that kidnapped us knew you, Summers. And, they said that you where going to go back to live as Angelus human servant." Jean Claude didn't think much about that comment at first. The vampire was hateful asshole way back in past. How loving could the bastard get over all those years?

Harmony laughed, "Summers? Summers a human servant?" She had to laugh at that one.

They didn't laugh ... they only stared at Buffy.

"I was once but I found a loophole. That was a life time ago. I can barely remember the person I once was." It was hurtful to remember the past. She once wanted to be with Angel forever. Too bad forever didn't last very long. The night that Angel and Buffy slept together ... everything changed.

"I can. All that hand holding and staring into each others eyes made me want to yak." Harmony rolled her eyes. "Most likely, he two of you where humping like bunnies the entire time." She never wanted to see that from Summers ever again. Angel had been Harmony's boss. Harmony didn't want to see her boss kissing anyone: ever.

"I was not." Ok, they held hands and kissed a few times. It couldn't have been that bad.

She nodded then patted her on the arm. "I understand. The holier than thou Summers wants to pretend that she didn't do anything. Well, I don't believe that for one second."

"What you are talking about happened long ago." If Harmony wanted to dig up the past Buffy would hit her in the head with it. "I don't think that talking about it will help what happened in that relationship."

They looked directly at Harmony. Asher asked, "Is she still with this Angelus?"

"No. Summers has moved on." She shrugs the glances over at Buffy. Moved on to ... unfortunately Spike. Oh well. "I knew your brother would be good looking. Huh, Dru is much better at that whole mommy thing so I will just get my cue from her."

"Ok." Buffy didn't want to talk about that time in her life. Good thing Harmony backed down from that conversation.

"See you later, Mother." Harmony laughed as she walked away. She didn't want to stay close to those old vampires. Eww. Much too old for her.

"Night, Harmony." Buffy didn't enjoy Harmony saying anything about her past relationship. Now, everyone would want to know.

"Night." Harmony stopped thinking about Buffy. Her mind quickly wondered to Dave. He seemed alright to date. ... not like her last dates who wanted to use her then leave her. Dave might be the one for her. She didn't have clue what to do if he wanted a long-term relationship.

Buffy could not help but think that that was awkward. She had forgotten about being Angel's human servant. F-en watchers needed to keep their pie-holes shut.

Please Review: I want to know if I should put more sex in the story or should I have more talking. All help is very much appreciated.
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