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Buffy Needs a Break

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Summary: Buffy decides to see her brother. (No Buffy Bashing.) Not Complete!

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Anita Blake > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: AshertoowhiteprincessFR157798,5704217205,34427 May 0912 Mar 14No

Chapter One

Summary: Buffy decides to see her brother. (No Buffy Bashing.)

Disclaimer: I do not own the Buffy characters or any of the crossover characters. I do not own Anita Blake.

Sunnydale is no more. Buffy decides she needs a break and goes to her brother’s home to spend some time away from everyone.

(Yes, I know that Buffy does not have a brother in the series.)

FaithUnbreakable and mmooch have helped me correct some of my errors for this chapter.


Chapter One

Every night, Buffy did the same thing:

Research demons
Kill vampires
Maybe, kill demon
Save someone from warehouse
Save everyone

“There is no need to fear, 'Super Buffy' is here.” All 'Super Buffy' needed was be a cape then she could find a spell to get the hell away from her problems.

Why didn’t she take the easy way out like all the rest of the slayers? They died early, never had to deal with what the world around them thought. They never had to save the world. They only fought vampires. Slayers killed vampires, end of story. However, 'Super Buffy' was supposed to protect everyone from every single evil thing out there in Sunnydale. Was that fair to expect so much from her? When could she just be 'Buffy'?

Where was the girl who just wanted to be cheer captain? Dead. Buffy killed her like she killed all of her dreams. No, ‘Super-Buffy’ killed her. Well, it was time for ‘Super-Buffy’ to take a break or a time-out.

Buffy had had enough of the world. Slaying vampires made her want to puke. The dust from the exploding vampires destroyed her clothing. How her mom could afford her clothing, she would never know.

Every time they died, her heart cried for them. What would their parents think of their child becoming a vampire? Their children had a future. There were no real poor in Sunnydale.

Even with her mother dead, she could have gone to school if it was not for the ‘saving everyone’ part of her life. Other young men and woman were not made or forced to save the world.

Buffy crossed her arms, “Let’s all become vampires and kill everyone. That sounds like the best plan in the world.” She did not say this out loud. The other Slayers might think she was insane.

How could anyone condone seeing their children die a second time? She could not stand all the hate mail that came flooding into her email box about her killing children. Rogue vampires needed to die. They had demons’ souls but did the parents care?


“My son was alive again. He tried to kill us but he was alive again.”

Dumb asses, Buffy cursed to herself. Some parents needed to get professional help.

Then, there was the matter of Dawn. How would she feel if Dawn was vamped? Dawn did not seem to have a realistic outlook on the future or reality. Who runs away every month anyway?

Buffy blamed herself for that one. She had left once.

Dawn stole from the mall. Willow stole books from Giles, often.

Dawn wanted to be part of the group. Xander did not act like a role model for Dawn or even try to keep her out of danger. As one of the researchers of the group he could have watched her more closely.

Dawn thought she could do what she liked. Why had she thought it wise to leave Spike to care for Dawn? Was she on crack at the time?

Buffy didn't want to see Anya's effect on Dawn. She didn't want to imagine Dawn being that tight with money or talking so candid about everything that came to her mind.

Who knew what other sorts of behavior Dawn had picked up from herself or the other Slayers? How did her mother make everything look so easy when raising the two of them?

Vampires loved to take girls like Dawn and rob what was good, leaving only an evil little bitch behind. It would be easy to say that Buffy could protect everyone. However, Dawn liked to sneak out at night. Someday, she would have to ensoul her own sister.

Her hands were more than ready to pull her blonde hair out from its roots. She fought against her inner self for hours at a time. Why didn’t Angel help her here in Sunnydale? Why didn’t he tell her that he could not live without her? Or, maybe he could live without her.

Now that Sunnydale was no longer an issue because it was a giant crater of dirt, bones, and…well whatever that didn’t survive, she needed a break. The other Slayers could handle themselves for the first few weeks. Giles could watch over Dawn.

Buffy pulled out her school bags from over the years from the bus that held all the clothing that she could scrounge up.

Where would she go? She wanted to go some else. Did she have to play teacher to a bunch of teenagers? Would anyone ever accept the super-human girls in normal society?

Her father had a son from a previous marriage that had tried to ask her to visit on various occasions. Her brother had wanted to reconnect with family but did not want to meet the whole family at once. Buffy, not being much of a people person, found sort of kindred spirit. She didn’t want to meet any more people either.

Giles would drop her off at his home and leave so that she could take a bus to catch up later. Besides, the girls wanted to spend some time meditating and training, in order to get used to their new powers. Buffy needed some time away from everyone. They deserved a little break, too.

Maybe, she would find someone in her brother’s town. Buffy would have to take Dawn along but at least she would be free of all the noise and constant drama. Or, she might be destined to be ‘Super-Buffy’ for the rest of her life. Buffy secretly hoped that this would be the end of ‘Super-Buffy’.

She told Giles of her intentions weeks before the start of the apocalypse. At least, she did not have to pack a second time.

In, any case, Buffy needed some time to get to know her brother. At least he had made a small effort to get to know her.

Buffy wanted to scream at everyone for making her life so difficult. She needed this break or she might decide to slay herself.
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