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Trekking through space

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Summary: Buffy ends up on future Spock’s ship after jumping into the energy vortex to save Dawn and the rest of Earth.

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Star Trek > Star Trek 2009 > Buffy-CenteredDarkPhoenixFR181018,0001113545,37527 May 093 Nov 09No


Trekking through space

Summary: Buffy ends up on future Spock’s ship after jumping into the energy vortex to save Dawn and the rest of Earth.
Timeline: Post ‘The Gift’ for Buffy, Star Trek AU movie timeline.
Pairing: Buffy/Jim Kirk.
Disclaimer: Don’t own Buffy or Star Trek
Note: Jim Kirk 25 years old, Buffy 20 years old.
Note2: The art can be found HERE

Note3: Many thanks to my new beta RevDorothyL for beta-ing this fic! You're a life-saver :D

Trekking Through Space


Buffy-verse, Sunnydale, tower, 2001

“Be brave, live… for me.” Buffy told her sister, running a hand through her hair and placing a kiss on her forehead. She then looked at her sister one last time before turning around and running over the ramp until reaching the edge. Jumping, she spread her arms.

Giles watched with sad eyes as his Slayer jumped into the energy vortex. The relief he felt that the world wouldn’t end was overshadowed by the pain of loss of the girl -- no, woman -- who was like a daughter to him.

The energy vortex swallowed in upon itself until there was nothing left: no hellish creatures, no energy, no Buffy. Nothing.


Star Trek-verse, somewhere in space near Vulcan, future Spock’s ship, star-date 2258,

Maneuvering the ship through the vortex, Spock almost jumped when an energy blast hit his ship. Surprisingly it was undamaged, but he nearly did a double-take when his eyes spotted the human-looking young blonde female who appeared inside his ship.

Spock didn’t have any more time to think about how she got here and who she was as his ship alerted him to hostile fire. ‘Nero,’ Spock realized as he saw the large ship loom before him.


Somewhere in space near Vulcan, onboard the Romulan ship,

“Ambassador Spock.” Captain Nero spoke with anger in his voice; then he seemed to notice the woman with Spock. “Who is that?”

Buffy groaned, “Note to self: don’t fight truck; truck will win.” She slowly opened her eyes and looked around at the ‘demons’ surrounding her. “Don’t suppose any of you got its license plate?”

“What is your companion talking about?” Nero demanded to know.

“Never mind. Where am I?” Buffy asked. Then the memories flooded back. “Did it close, did it work?”

“If you are referring to the anomaly, yes it did,” Spock answered. “As to where you are, we are aboard a Romulan ship.”

Buffy let out a breath of relief, then looked confused. “Romulan ship? It doesn’t feel like we’re on water.”

Spock studied her carefully. “We are not on water, we are in space.”

“Oh,” Buffy replied, as she let it sink in.

“Enough, who are you!?” Nero demanded to know once more.

“Didn’t your mother teach you it’s rude to interrupt other people’s conversation? Shame on you,” Buffy scolded him.

“I will not ask again,” Nero informed her.

“Good for you,” Buffy replied casually before turning to Spock once more. “So we’re in space, on a spaceship. So I’m guessing you’re not demons but… aliens?” At his nod, she continued, “Okay, having a real Dorothy moment…”

A Romulan lunged at her, but without looking Buffy stepped aside and he crashed to the floor. “…Which doesn’t mean you can jump me, you know. You’re not Toto.”

“Get her!” Nero ordered, and Buffy soon found herself dodging multiple attacks from multiple assailants.

One Romulan grabbed her by the sweater and it tore some. Buffy’s eyes narrowed and she elbowed him, hard. The Romulan stumbled backwards, his hands holding his injured nose. “To quote a friend of mine, ‘that’s me favorite shirt. That’s me only shirt!’”

Spock watched in shock as the tiny human female began to fight back, as opposed to merely blocking and dodging as she had been doing previously. What was more amazing was that she was actually winning. She moved with a deadly grace he had never seen before in a human. The corner of his eye caught Nero raising his weapon at her. “Watch out!” he called out, but it was too late. The beam hit the blonde woman and she stumbled slightly, but amazingly remained on her feet.

Buffy glared as she fought against whatever the hell just hit her. She dodged a second blast and used another Romulan as shield to block a third. Buffy picked the stunned Romulan up and was about to throw him at the Romulan in charge when another blast hit her in her back. She stumbled forwards and dropped the Romulan. She turned to see another Romulan with a weird gun of some kind in his hand. Buffy let out a small smile as her hand moved with inhuman speed. A moment later the Romulan dropped dead before her, a knife sticking out of his forehead.

“Enough!” a voice boomed, and Buffy turned her head towards the voice. The alien in charge had a gun pointed at the old alien who had answered her questions. “Stop this fighting, or he will die.”

“Using an old man as a hostage, you must feel so proud,” Buffy spat out.

“Quiet!” Nero ordered.

“Or what, you’ll shoot him? You kill him, you’re next,” Buffy replied.

“What are you!?” Nero demanded to know.

“Human, Capricorn,” Buffy replied casually.

“No mere human can fight the way you did. Who are you?” another Romulan inquired.

“I’m Buffy, but except for the old guy you can call me Slayer,” Buffy instructed them.

“Where did you come from?” Nero questioned.

“Hell,” Buffy answered simply, a smile quirking on her lips as she watched the frustration build on his face.

“I wonder how brave you’ll be when I’ve destroyed your Earth?” Nero informed her.

Buffy’s smile fell. “You come near Earth and I’ll end you.”

Nero laughed and Buffy moved to lunge at him. Pain shot through her as she felt something hit her back, then everything turned black.

Spock watched as the blonde got hit by three stun beams. Nero turned to meet his eyes. “You will live, if only to watch your world die, as you made me watch mine.”

“She will be trouble for you if you keep her here. Why not make her watch with me, to have her envision how Earth will end in the same manner, unable to stop it from far away?” Spock proposed.

“You know what, I think I like that,” Nero replied and motioned for his underlings to pick the blonde up. “I have just the place for you to watch, Ambassador Spock.”
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