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Things to Do When the Universe Ends

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This story is No. 1 in the series "A Girl and Her Time Lord". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The Doctor's had odd companions before. Still, it's not every day you pick up an anthromorphic embodiment of a principle sitting around at the end of the Universe, is it? Now, if only he could get over the feeling that SHE picked up HIM.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Dawn-CenteredMoragMacPherson + 1 otherFR15147,79397537,41927 May 096 Jun 09Yes

Part 14 – In Which Dawn Does Not Get Claws by Booster

The Doctor stared at Dawn for a bit longer, and tapped the side of his head. “I can feel you now,” he breathed, “Deep in the back of my brain, I can feel someone there again. Another of my people… another Time Lord. Once again, I’m no longer the last of the Time Lords.”

Dawn waved her hand in front of his face. “Hellooooo? Anyone in there? Whereas I’m glad you’re so glad about not being the only Time Person around, what good is this second heart to me again?”

The Doctor waved a hand dismissively. “Oh you know, minor stuff like speeding the flow of blood round the body, increased cardiac capability, the ability to run a lot faster and further – which does come in handy I grant you…”

He continued staring at Dawn’s chest, which only increased Dawn’s desire to hit him over the head with Emort’s hamster ball. “What’s worrying me,” he said slowly, “Is whether you’ve picked up another of my people’s little genetic tricks….”

Dawn quirked her eyebrow, and made encouraging noises as he hesitated. “…Regeneration,” he said eventually, still regarding her with a certain awe.

“Regeneration?” said Dawn blankly. “You mean, I’m gonna be like Wolverine, with the instant healing and the claws and the berserker rage?!? Eww! Hugh Jackman is hot and all that, but too much hair! Ewww! No! No no no!”

Clark coughed politely from where he was leaning against the console. “What I think the Doctor ith thaying ith that hith whole body changeth from time to time. Firtht time I met him, he wath all good solid teeth and curly hair and a long tharf. Next time, light hair, different face and walking around with a root vegetable on hith chetht.”

Dawn looked at the Doctor, who just nodded. “You mean no Wolverine hair and claws, right?”

“Nyttha and Tegan were good enough to explain it to me,” shrugged Clark, “Otherwithe, I doubt I’d have believed it mythelf.”

Dawn frowned. “Damn. Because the healing part would have been pretty damn cool. I get so bored of all the hey, lets kidnap Dawn today and then make shallow cuts all over her to get at her blood type days.”

The Doctor finally stopped staring at her chest, and stood up, a small smile quirking at the side of his mouth. “Tuesdays?” he inquired gently.

“Tuesdays,” agreed Dawn, the same small smile playing across her face.

He moved to the console and started flicking switches, altering settings, but still watching Dawn with an almost worshipful look in his eyes. “I never seem to do well on Saturdays,” he observed. “Now, how about we drop Clark off on his odd shaped world and then we take you for a thorough physical?”

This time, Dawn did throw Emort at his head, muttering her apologies to him as she did.

“Ewww again! No! There will be no getting physical with me, even if I can apparently only drink one pint of beer in this body without getting totally pissed, and by the way, if that wasn’t a flarelit tip-off that this body wasn’t 100% human then I don’t know what is,” she ranted. “Just because I’m all Time Lady this and Time Lady that now, doesn’t not mean there will be any kind of breeding and producing all new Time Babies to be re-populating your race, buster! No way! No how! I don’t care where or when we are in the universe, my sister would still find a way to kick that well-shaped ass of yours!”

There was silence in the TARDIS for a moment after that. Then a small white handkerchief tied onto the end of an umbrella slowly emerged into view from behind the console. Just as carefully, Clark and the Doctor’s heads followed it. Even Emort’s hamster ball slowly edged into view.

“Um, what I meant was seeing a medical professional just to see what other changes you might be going through,” the Doctor said, exchanging a wary glance with Clark.

Dawn swallowed. “It’s possible that I may have over-reacted a little there,” she conceded. “There may have been a few instances in my past where my breeding brand new races may have been strongly suggested.”

The Doctor beamed, suddenly jumped to his feet, and began fiddling with the TARDIS controls again. “Well, that’s okay then! Shall we be off?”

Clark looked at the Doctor. Dawn looked at the Doctor. “What?” the Doctor said. “This is no time to sit around in the TARDIS and mope – there’s a great big universe out there to explore, places to see, people to meet, authority noses to tweak.”

Dawn felt a wide grin spreading across her face. “Places to run to, places to run from?”

“Foodstuffs of exceedingly rare and precious vintages, sunrises over the largest mountains in the galaxy, planetary governors to be reported at the nearest IRS sector headquarters.”

“More barth to be kicked out oth?”

“Lost and forgotten ruins from the depths of time?”

The Doctor grinned broadly. “All that, and a bagful of chips!”

Dawn crossed the space till all three of them were standing at the TARDIS console. Placing her hand on top of the Doctors, the two of them pressed down together on the activator. “Let’s see what’s out there.”

And they did.


The End

You have reached the end of "Things to Do When the Universe Ends". This story is complete.

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