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Dreams into Darkness Rising

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Summary: Willow moves to Colorado with Dawn after the end of Season 7 (complete summery inside)

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Stargate > Willow-Centered
Harry Potter > Willow-Centered
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DiDR: Info

Title: Dreams into Darkness Rising

Author: G.Zan(

Rating: PG-13

Summery: After the end of season 7, Willow is recruited into a secret military operation dealing with exploring different worlds by going through a device known as the Stargate. Becoming apart of an SG team designed to not only explore new worlds but to also research the ancient cultures that the Goa'uld, a parasitical race of beings who take humans as hosts and slaves, took from Earth and transeplanted onto a new world.

Crossover: BtVS/Stargate/HP

What you need to know: Okay!!! Firstly, I'd like to point out that this takes place after the end of BtVS; however, Spike is back/isn't dead… that type of thing (if you've watched A:tS, you know what I'm kind of talking about). However, Buffy didn't make it out of the Hellmouth in time before it collapsed, resulting in her death. About a week later, Xander and Willow got into a fight about her joining the SGC, resulting in Willow, taking Dawn with her (at Giles' request), moving to COlorado and joining the SGC. Dawn now goes to schoolwith Cassie Fraiser (whom is a recently activated Slayer (I might write that as a side story... dunno yet... :P)).

For Stargate SG-1: it takes place, basically,after Fallen/Homecoming in the 7th season, but I'm keeping Jonas because I think he's cool... But he's not apart of SG-1. But this IS NOT taking place in SG-1's 7th season!!! I haven't even seen the first two episodes of it and the only reason I know what's going on is because I went to and checked out the episode summeries. I know, kinda ruining it for myself, but what do you expect? I really like Jonas (as a character) and I really like Daniel and I wanted to know what happened!*calmly takes a deep breath*

For HP: It's a little bit of a future fic for this fandom... and before you all go screaming and ranting off, hear me out. The war with the Dark Lord ended in the Dream Team's seventh year, resulting in the final defeat of Voldemort and his followers. All of the Death Eaters were either killed in the final battle or sent to Azkaban. And as it turns out Ginny Weasley (whom is working as one of the ambassadors for the Ministry of Magic at the SGC) married Draco Malfoy at the end of the War after Ginny graduated from Hogwarts in 1999. In 2002, Aurthur Weasley (the new Minister of Magic since Fudge was killed in one of the many battles in the war) signed a treaty with the UN (United Nations (is that right?)) and exposing the Magical community in hopes of working together with the Muggle world. On agreement with the treaty, the Minister sent five ambassedors to the SGC to become apart of the negotiation teams, to learn and study some of the cultures. However, since Ginny showed great aptitude with Muggle technology, she became apart of Willow's team.

DISCLAMER!! Sadly enough, I don't own the characters, locations, situations, instances, yadda, yadda of Buffy the Vampire Slayer , Stargate SG-1 ,Harry Potter or any other people that may pop up along the way that are not my own creations., Twisting The Hellmouth, and anywhere else that wants to house it; just let me know before you put it up on your site, k?

Final Notes: Well... that was long winded, wasn't it? And before I scare you all off before you have a chance to read the story, I really would like to know what you think; should I go ahead and write it, since I have this lovely time line all nice and typed up and ready to go? Or should I just drop the subject and go back into hiding again? Anyway, I suppose that's the end of the 'intro' crap... DON'T FORGET TO REVIEW!!! :D
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